Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 9

: Family

Charlotte hugged Serena fiercely, and they both clung to each other, tears in their eyes. Serena was so
happy that her mother was being supportive. She‘d been so afraid they‘d be mad at her, or reject her
children. “I’m home!” Serena heard Santino call through the house before he appeared in the living
room. Serena turned to look at him and he stared at his twin and mother hugging each other tearfully.
“Santino!” Serena said happily. “What did I miss?” he asked, motioning to Charlotte, who was still
weeping. Charlotte released Serena and rose to her feet, wiping her eyes. Serena sniffled and wiped
her own tears away. She stood up and approached her brother.

“It is good to see you again, brother,” she said, hugging him. Santino was a little reluctant to hug back.

“Seriously, what‘s going on?” he asked, wrapping his arms around her slowly. “Should I be worried?
You‘re not sick or anything, right?” Serena chuckled and shook her head. “No, no, nothing like that,”
she assured. “Everything is fine.” “It will be,” Thomas agreed, his voice softer and kinder now that he
knew the truth. Serena released her brother and smiled at her dad. “Thanks, Dad,” she said. He winked
at her. “Come on, Santino, l‘ve got someone I want you to meet.” She grabbed her twin‘s hand. He
didn‘t protest as she led him out the double doors and into the yard they‘d played in as a child. It hadn‘t
changed much. There was still an old swing set and jungle gym that the two of them had had swinging
contests and climbing contests on. Olivia and Oliver were already racing each other to the top. “Whose
kids are those?” Santino asked, Serena smiled, looking sideways at him.

“Mine,” she said. Santino did a double take at the kids and turned to gawk at his sister. “Twins, just like

“What!?” he asked. “No way! Since when?” Serena laughed, shaking her head. “I know, it is a bit of a
shock,” she said. “Does everyone else know?” Santino asked. “Were you just hiding them from me?”
“No,” Serena said, shaking her head and waving her hands back and forth. “I didn‘t tell anyone. I don‘t

exactly know who their father is.” Santino smirked, bouncing his eyebrows at her. “Oh, don‘t you?” he
teased. “Judging by their age, I‘m guessing it is that masked man you had a one–night stand with at the
graduation party.” Serena giared at her brother.

“Shh!” she hissed. “I still don‘t know his name, what he looks like, or what pack he belongs to. I was too
drunk to get a good scent on him.” She didn‘t like lying to her twin, but she couldn‘t tell him the truth
and risk him telling her parents. Not until she‘d figured out what it was, she was going to tell the kids or
Logan, or if she was going to tell him. “Well, I should say hi” Santino said. He ran off to the jungle gym
and skillfully climbed the bars to meet the kids at the top. Serena was slower to reach the structure, but
when she did, she called up to the kids. “Olivia, Oliver, say hello to your Uncle Santino,” she called up.
“Hi Uncle,” Olivia shouted! She giggled and ran to the nearest slide, plummeting down the steep slope.
She landed in the grass, rolling around and laughing. Oliver came down the slide after her. “Are you
trying to run away from me?” Santino shouted playfully. He jumped from the top of the jungle gym,
landing perfectly on his feet. Serena groaned. “Santino!” she snapped. “You can survive a jump like
that, but please don’t teach my kids bad habits!” Santino grinned at her. “Fine, fine,” he said. The kids
ran off again, playing a game of two–person tag. “They seem well adjusted.” “They are,” Serena
assured. “They remind me of us when we were their age.” Santino laughed. “I think Olivia is more like
me, and Oliver more like you,” he said.

nodded in agreement. “They really are great kids,” she said. “I love them so much, and I just want to do
what is best for them.”

“Is that why you‘ve made no effort to find out who their father is?” he asked. Serena sighed, walking in
the direction of where the kids had run. Santino walked beside her. It was a big yard, and she wanted
to keep an eye on them in case they needed her. She was about to lie to her brother again, and the
idea made her sick to her stomach. She couldn‘t come clean though! Having illegitimate children
belonging to an Alpha had a whole host of problems associated with it.

“I think if their father is meant to know them, then we will cross paths when the time is right,” she said.
Santino scoffed. “That is so lame,” he said. “Come on, sis, they should know where they come from.”
“That‘s why I brought them here,” Serena said, motioning to the house behind them. “I want them to
know their grandparents and their uncle.” Santino smiled. “I‘m okay with that,” he said. “Actually, I‘ll
treat them like they are my own kids. I could be a father figure to them.” “I‘d like that,” Serena said. “I
think they would too.“. “Mommy!” Oliver called, running over. Serena was surprised, her son never used
such a loud voice. “Come look what we found!” He grabbed her hand and began dragging her along.
Serena followed with Santino and found Olivia standing over a fallen baby bird. “Is it hurt?” Olivia
asked, looking up at me with tear filled eyes. “No, just too little to fly,” Serena said. She scooped the
baby bird up and put it back in its nest in the above tree. “See, his mom will come home and take care
of him soon. Let‘s get back to the house.” Charlotte and Thomas were ready for the twins with a snack.
Serena loved seeing her kids with their grandparents and uncle, getting along and getting to know each
other. “Olivia, Oliver, how would you like to stay with your grandparents while finish getting our house
set up?” she asked. Charlotte beamed with a smile at the idea. “We‘d love to have them!” she admitted,
looking at her mate. Serena smiled, hoping the kids would agree. She did have some work to do on the
house, but she also wanted them to be out of the house when Logan came to take her on the tour.

It would be easier to have them out if they were staying somewhere farther away. Besides, her parents‘
house and yard were bigger than their own, and already had a jungle gym to play on. It would be good
for them to have while she got a swing set and other backyard toys for them. Having Santino around
meant they‘d have a playmate too. “I want to stay!” Olivia said. “I like it here. They have good snacks.”
Serena smiled and wrinkled her nose. “If you need cooking lessons, sweetie,” Charlotte offered.
Serena scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Oliver, do you want to stay too?” she asked, needing approval from both the kids. Oliver took a sip of
his juice, swinging his legs back and forth as they dangled from his chair. “I can stay,” he said with a
nod. “I want to make sure the baby bird’s mom comes home.” Serena leaned forward and kissed her
son‘s head. He was so sweet and compassionate! Serena thought it would be best to get to know

Logan a little before decided whether or not she was going to tell him he had twins. He was an Alpha
and had responsibilities. He had a female in his life and Serena didn‘t know if she was his mate, or how
serious they were. Based on their brief interaction, Serena doubted she would be tolerant of illegitimate
children. She needed to know more about who he was and the people closest to him. Serena didn‘t
want to subject her kids to a jealous female that might want to be cruel to them, or worse, hurt them.
She didn‘t want to tell the Alpha about them if he wasn‘t going to accept them, or if he was going to
ignore them, or kick them out of the pack. It was a complicated situation, and Serena knew that if she
was hasty in revealing her kids to their father, it could end badly. She could handle it, but she didn‘t
want her children to get hurt, she‘d protect them from that at all costs. “Alright, I‘m going to go home. I‘ll
see you soon, loves,” Serena said. “Bye, bye, mommy,” Olivia said. “Bye,” Oliver echoed. “We‘ll see
you soon, darling,” Charlotte said. “And we‘ll take good care of the kiddos.” Serena nodded in thanks.
She kissed her kids goodbye and hugged her parents and brother before heading back to Night Sky.

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