Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 11

: The Tour

“Serena, is something wrong?” Charlotte asked, opening the front door and coming out onto the porch.
“Luna Charlotte,” Logan said, recognizing Serena‘s mother. Serena winced, remembering that her
parents would know Logan because of their shared statuses! “Alpha Loga,” Charlotte said. She put her
hand on Serena‘s back. “You‘ve met my daughter.” “You‘re Alpha Thomas and Luna Charlotte‘s
daughter?” Logan asked, eyes on Serena again. She shrugged and gave humorless smile. “Yes,” she
said. “Huh,” Logan said crossing his arms again. “It seems like there is a lot you conveniently forgot to
tell me.” Serena chuckled and shrugged again. “Was any of this relevant to me doing my residency
here?” she asked. “I suppose not,” Logan said with a shrug. “As the daughter of an Alpha, though, it is
definitely my duty to escort you around.” Serena looked at the kids and then at her mother. “Can we
reschedule?” she asked. “My mom‘s here.” Charlotte shook her head.

“Go one, don‘t worry about me,” Charlotte said. “I‘m sure the kids would love to tag along.” Serena
sighed. She wasn‘t sure how safe it would be to have Logan and the twins interacting on a personal
level. Over time, he was bound to notice some similarities! “We don‘t have to go far,” Logan offered.
“You can make any excuse to leave any time.” Serena scoffed a light laugh. “Alright,” she said. “I
wanna go!” Olivia said. “Me too, me too!” Oliver spoke up, not willing to be outdone by his sister in front
of the Alpha. “Then it is decided,” Logan said, heading for the stairs. The twins followed after him.
“Mom, you‘ll be okay on your own?” Serena asked. Charlotte nodded. “I have some old friends I can
catch up with,” she assured. She leaned in closer to whisper. “That Alpha is pretty handsome.” She
winked. Serena rolled her eyes. “Mom!” she snapped. “He has a mate.” Charlotte shrugged one
shoulder. “Just think about it,” she said. “The kids really like him.” Serena shook her head. “I‘ll see you
later, Mom,” she said, rushing off the porch after her kids. It was almost preferrable to be uncomfortable
with Logan than have her mother drop inappropriate hints. . “How do you all like your new home?”
Logan asked conversationally.

“It is huge!” Olivia said, staying by Logan‘s side as they walked slightly ahead. Oliver took Serena‘s
hand and stayed close to her. “The house is great,” Serena said with Logan looked over his shoulder at
her. He flashed her a smile. “Good,” he said. “Oh, I‘ll show you the school. The kids will be starting
there soon, yes?” “Yes,” Serena said. Oliver groaned. “I don‘t wanna,” he said, looking at the ground
and kicking his foot at the grass. “I can‘t wait!” Olivia said. “School is so much fun. I want to meet new
friends and play games!” She was skipping to keep up with Logan. “You like school?” Logan asked her.
“Yes!” she said, singing the word and twirling around. Oliver groaned again. “I don‘t,” he grumbled.
“Why not?” Logan asked, slowing down so he was walking with Oliver between him and Serena. Olivia
ran around to his other side so she could stay close to him. “Everyone is loud and they make fun of me
for not talking,” he said moodily. Serena squeezed his hand.

“This is a new school, Oliver,” she reminded him as they walked by the building. “I‘m sure you‘ll make
new friends in no time.” Oliver shrugged, but he didn‘t say anything else. Serena shared a look with
Logan. “School was hard for me too,” Logan said. Serena didn‘t buy it, she figured he was just saying
that to make Oliver feel better. It worked, because Oliver looked up and smiled at Logan. Serena was
concerned about how quickly they were becoming attached to Logan. He was the first real male
influence they‘d ever had, other than her father and their uncle, and would be in their lives more
regularly being part of his pack. Serena didn‘t want them to get too attached or too comfortable with
him, it could raise too many questions, or be very disappointing for her kids.

“What‘s that up there?” Olivia asked, running ahead a few paces and pointing at the next building they
were approaching. It was a multi–level building with floor to ceiling glass windows. “Wow” Oliver said.
“It is so shiny!” “That is the library,” Logan said. Serena looked the building up and down. “It is the
biggest library I‘ve seen in a long time,” she said. Logan chuckled. “I‘ve always loved books,” he said. “I
expand the library every few years, I have been since I was a teenager.” , “That‘s impressive,” Serena
admitted. “I love books,” Olivia said. “Mommy reads to me every night!” Logan smiled at Serena. She
shrugged innocently. “We‘ve read a lot of good ones, haven‘t we?” she asked. Olivia agreed. “Not
really,” Oliver said. Serena and Logan looked down at the boy. “I thought you liked the books we read,”

Serena said. Oliver shrugged. “They are too girly,” he said, looking over at his sister. “I don‘t want to
read girly books.”

“Do you want to go into the library and pick out some not–girly books?” Logan asked. Oliver shook his

“No,” he said. “Thank you for offering,” Serena said to Logan. He nodded. He continued the tour
showing them around the central town area and pointing to streets that led to other residential areas.
They walked by the medical center again, and Serena wondered how Carson was doing. She started to
focus on that, even as Logan was pointing things out in town that she would probably need to know
about later. It was a quaint town and a cute downtown area. Serena knew she‘d feel comfortable in the
village in no time! There were plenty of clothing retail outlets, a market for food, and some restaurants
and cafes. Serena made note of them all even as she kept thinking about Carson‘s recovery. Oliver
kept holding her hand, keeping her partially grounded to the situation. Olivia held Logan‘s attention by
dancing around and chatting his ear off. He really seemed to enjoy interacting with her, and Serena
wasn‘t sure if that was because he felt a familiarity towards her, or if he was just good with kids, or if he
wanted kids. Whatever the reason, part of her thought it was great to see, knowing that Logan would
be good with them, whether he found out they were his kids or not. On the other hand, she still worried
that he‘d be mad if he found out the truth, and the kids could end up getting hurt. He didn‘t seem like
the type of Alpha to have close relationships with all the kids in the pack. “Let‘s stop here,” Logan said,
getting Serena‘s attention. She stopped walking, thoughts leaving Carson behind. She‘d have to go
check on him soon. “What is it?” Serena asked, getting nervous again. “This is a great place to eat,” he
said, pointing to the café they were standing in front of. “Why don‘t we stop in and grab some lunch.”
“Yea, Mommy, can we!?” Olivia asked, jumping up and down. “I‘m not hungry,” Oliver argued. Serena
looked over the café. She glanced over her shoulder at the medical facility. Sighing, Serena met
Logan‘s greenish–yellow eyes. “I haven‘t gone to see Carson since the surgery,” she said. “I really
should check on him and make sure he is recovering.”

“You‘re not supposed to start work until next week,” Logan reminded her. Serena offered him a half
smile. “Yes, well, emergencies can change that,” she said. Logan smirked and chuckled. “You‘re going
to be a great doctor here,” he said. Serena smiled. “Thanks,” she said. “I take my work very seriously.“.
“I noticed that,” Logan said, patting his chest where she‘d stitched him up. “You didn‘t check on me.” He
gave her a playful look. Serena laughed. “You didn‘t even want my help,” she reminded him. “Besides,
your injury didn‘t require major surgery.” “Are you hurt!?” Olivia asked, tugging on the hem of Logan‘s
shirt. He smiled down at her. “Your mom made me all better,” he assured. Olivia smiled at Serena. “She
always fixes my boo boos too!” Olivia said. “Alright, we should head home so I can get ready to go into
work for a bit” Serena said. Olivia looked crestfallen, but Oliver squeezed Serena‘s hand and started
turning in the direction they‘d come from. “I can show you a few more places along the way,” Logan
offered. Serena nodded. “We don‘t mind the company,” she said. “Right?” “Not at all,” Olivia said,
dancing around again. ‘ “I don‘t mind,” Oliver said. Logan grinned and tagged along. For a moment,
Serena wondered what it would be like to be an actual family with him…he had so naturally filled that
void without even meaning to. It terrified her and gave her a sense of hope all at the same time. As
much as she didn‘t want to think about it, she couldn‘t help it. The Alpha had a mate! She couldn‘t even
think that he‘d ever be able to be a family with her and her kids, no matter how right it felt!

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