Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 12

: Seeing Ghosts

Oliver broke away from Serena as they turned down a new street, walking past several houses. He ran
ahead with his sister, leaving Serena to walk beside Logan.

“I don‘t understand why you wouldn‘t tell me about the kids,” he said. Serena shrugged “We haven‘t
known each other that long,” she reminded him with a chuckle. “I‘ve been completely on my own with
them for so long. I‘m just used to things like that.” She felt like she was being just vague enough to
keep the Alpha satisfied without prying deeper. “Understandable,” he said calmy. Serena watched her
kids skipping along hand in hand. Every now and then, Oliver would pause and bend his knees. Serena
thought he looked like he was doing a pee dance. She looked around, but all the shops and public
buildings were behind them.

“Here, let me show you my house,” Logan said, touching Serena‘s arm, and nodding down another
side street. Serena looked down at his hand on her arm, surprised by the contact. “Kids!” she called
ahead. “We are going this way.” Olivia and Oliver turned around and ran back to catch up with their
mother. The Alpha lived down a dead–end street in the neighborhood, a house that was larger than
almost all the others. Serena wasn‘t surprised to see that. It had a long, private driveway up a slight hill,
and Logan‘s house was at the peak of the hill. “I grew up in that house,” he said as they headed up the
driveway. “It is nice that I never had to move.”

“It is an impressive house,” Serena said. “It‘s a little big for you not to have a family.” Logan sighed,
shaking his head. “There‘s time for that,” he said. Serena nodded. So, the Alpha wasn‘t ready to settle
down and have a family. He was great with kids, but he didn‘t want them yet. That definitely gave her
enough reason not to tell him that Olivia and Oliver were his.

The house had a large front yard with a garden, and in the back, Serena could see a fenced off back
yard. There weren‘t any other houses or roads behind Logan‘s house. It seemed isolated, compared to

the close–knit areas of the neighborhood. A big, lonely house, with no family. Serena felt sorry for
Logan suddenly. He had his mate, but two people in a house that large…one that was far away from
the neighbors. “Mommy,” Oliver said, running up to Serena when they reached the porch steps. He was
dancing back and forth from foot to foot. “What is it, honey?” Serena asked. “I really gotta pee!” Oliver
said, hopping up and down. “You can go inside,” Logan said, pointing to his house before Serene could
say anything. “There is a bathroom under the stairs in the front hall.” Oliver ran off without even saying
thank you! “Thank you,” Serena said to Logan. He smiled at her. “No worries,” he said. “As Alpha, I‘m
prepared for anything.” He winked at her. Serena rolled her eyes. She seriously doubted he‘d say that if
she ever told him the twins were his kids! From inside the house, a shrill scream echoed out through
the door Oliver had left open. “Mom!” Logan said, urgently running into the house. Serena grabbed
Olivia‘s hand and ran after him. A scream like that meant someone could be hurt! Logan‘s mother was
still technically Luna of Night Sky pack. She would be until Logan took an official mate. She was
important to the pack, and important to Logan. Serena hoped she wasn‘t injured or anything. They
found Logan‘s mother, Luna Florence, standing in a doorway off the hall. She was clutching her chest,
breathing hard, staring at Oliver. “I‘m sorry I scared the lady,” Oliver said before disappearing into the
bathroom. He slammed the door behind him. Logan was at his mother‘s side, touching her shoulder for
comfort. “Are you alright, mom?” he asked, his face full of warmth and compassion. Serena let up her
grip on Olivia‘s wrist. He was great with kids and compassionate towards his mother! As much as she
hated to admit it, the more she learned about Logan, the more she was starting to like him. “I‘m alright,”
Florence said. “I don‘t expect kids running through the house anymore. Least of all ones that look like
you.” Serena swallowed as Florence turned motherly eyes on Logan. She hadn‘t considered how much
her kids might look like Logan, especially when he was their age! She hadn‘t thought it would be a
probiem, because who in their age bracket would remember such detail about Logan when he was a
kid. Of course, his own mother would remember! Serena clasped one wrist in her other hand, gripping
tightly and worrying her lower lip. “I thought I was seeing a ghost of your childhood,” the Luna said,
laughing and shaking her head: “My age is catching up to me.” Serena gave a nervous smile when
Florence looked at her. “Mom, this is Serena, the new pack doctor,” Logan said. “Serena, it is lovely to

meet you. You can call me Flo,” she said, holding out her hand to shake. Serena accepted it. “It is nice
to meet you too,” she said. “My children, Olivia, and you met Oliver. I am sorry he scared you.” “Please,
there‘s no need to apologize,” she assured, shaking her head and holding a hand up. Oliver emerged
from the bathroom, and Flo looked at him again, gasping. “Really, he does look so much like you,” she
said, looking at her son again.

“Mom, you say that about all the kids,” Logan said, glancing at Serena and rolling her eyes. She
smiled, stifling her own giggle. “I am not just being nostalgic,” Flo insisted. “Come here.” She motioned
for them all to follow her into the living room. Serena held her children‘s‘ hands, keeping them from
wandering off or touching things that didn‘t belong to them. Flo was at a built–in bookshelf. It was clear
that the house had been occupied by the same family for generations. Not only was the décor
bordering on antique, but there were pictures on the wall spanning from recent color photos to black
and whites, and even painted portraits. “Here, take a look,” Flo said, pulling a photo album off the shelf
and flipping to a page. She held the book out for Serena to see. Schooling her features so she wouldn‘t
react, Serena looked at the picture. It was Logan when he was five, but it the image hadn‘t been worn
from age, Serena would have sworn it was Oliver!

“Wow,” Logan said. “I guess you aren‘t just being old.” He teased his mother, and she shook her head,
snatching the photo album back. Serena ran her hand through Oliver‘s long hair. She‘d have to cut it, or
others might notice how similar he looked to Logan. “That is…odd,” Serena said as Flo put the photo
album away. She hadn‘t been prepared for anyone to make the connection of their similarities,

and Serena‘s bones were still shaking under her skin as she worried Flo or Logan might discover the
truth. “Thank you, mother, for that trip down memory lane,” Logan said, ushering Serena and the
children out of the living room. “We better go before she starts getting out the home movies.” Serena
chuckled under her breath, glad to follow Logan out. “It was nice meeting you,” Serena called to Flo.
“You too, dear!” The Luna called after her. When they were outside again, Serena felt like she could
breathe again. She let go of the twins and they went right back to holding hands and skipping back

down the driveway, counting their steps. “Thank you for showing us around” Serena said as they
walked several paces behind the twins. “I hope your mother recovers her fright.” “She will be fine,”
Logan assured. “I bet you‘ll be like her one day, wishing your kids would go back to being five.” Serena
laughed and shook her head. “I‘ve got a while before I get there,” she said. “Alright, let‘s get you home,”
Logan said. Serena nodded and followed his lead. Logan cut through several side streets that they
hadn’t walked on while touring the neighborhood, showing Serena a shortcut from his house to hers.
While it saved time on their walk back, she couldn‘t help but feel like he wanted her to know the fastest
way from her house to his. He didn‘t have to say anything, but there were subtle looks and glances she
felt from him, like he was trying to figure her out, or trying to find out her secrets. It made her
uncomfortable, but she also liked the way it made her stomach squirm. She tried to keep her eyes on
the kids, but every now and then, she couldn‘t help but glance sideways at the Alpha. His presence
was comfortable. At first, he‘d come on strong, now he was just there with her, and it wasn‘t a bad

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