Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 15

: An unknown Past

Logan walked with Holly out of the daycare. He paused long enough to look back and watch Serena
exit shortly after them. She didn‘t see him as she headed towards the hospital. She must have gotten
the kids settled already. Logan had really liked spending time with her kids. They were great! “Are we
going to do something today?” Holly asked, reminding Logan she was still there. He shook his head,
Serena disappearing from view. Turning to face Holly, she was looking at him with wide, hopeful eyes.
“I can‘t,” he said, starting to walk away from the daycare. “Why not?” she asked, pouting and crossing
her arms. Logan smirked, lifting his thumb to her pouting lip. “Last night’s attack,” he reminded her. I‘ve
got to track down all the reports, write a few of my own, and with Carson in the hospital, I‘ve got to do
all the leg work myself.” Holly sighed, “Okay, fine,” she grumbled. “You can keep me company on the
way to my office,” he offered. Holly smiled, looping her arm through his. “You know I will,” she teased,
winking at him. They headed down the road in the direction of his office. Logan wasn‘t really looking
forward to his busy day. He would have rather gone out and had a good time with Holly “Carson seems
to be recovering well,” Logan said conversationally. “Serena is a good doctor.” “So, I‘ve heard,” Holly
said with a long sigh. “Did she really spend like five years in the human world?” “That‘s what I‘ve
heard,” he said. “I asked her about it, but she was a little vague with the details. She was in medical
school. That takes a while.” “It is just so weird that she was gone that long,” Holly commented. “I mean,
she has twins that are about five which means she was alone, in school, and raising twins. No pack, no
family…” Holly trailed off. Logan nodded, looking ahead down the sidewalk.

It was true, she must have been a wolf of great strength and character to survive that on her own. To
come out of it being such a skilled doctor and have such great kids! “I mean, one kid would be hard
enough” Holly continued. “But…twins?” she asked. Logan chuckled. He knew he‘d have kids someday,
but Holly seemed too immature for kids. They were still young. She‘d mature and become more
maternal over time. Of that, he was sure. “I suppose that says something about her strength of
character and resolve,” Logan said. Holly sniffed, turning her nose up. “It doesn‘t say that much,” she

argued. “Other than she might be insane.” “Her insanity saved my life, and Carson‘s,” Logan pointed
out, chuckling. Holly rolled her eyes. He smiled, enjoying her jealousy at the moment. While he didn‘t
always, sometimes it reminded him just how much she loved him. He liked that feeling. It was a good
reminder that they were good together, even if he wasn‘t convinced, she was his mate. “She‘s a good
doctor, that can‘t be disputed,” Holly admitted. Logan respected Holly‘s ability to acknowledge Serena‘s
value. Even if she had problems with the other female, that Logan didn‘t understand, she could be

“Yes, she is,” Logan said, unconsciously touching his side where she‘d stitched him up.

“I just… I mean, she was with the humans for so long, what do we really know about her?” Holly asked.
They‘d reached Logan‘s office. He unlocked the door and let himself in, Holly following close behind.
Her question was one that made Logan think.

He really didn‘t know anything about Serena. All he knew was that she was a doctor that had lived with
humans and had a pair of twins whose father wasn‘t around. He had no idea how Adriana had found
her or what had convinced her to come back to werewolf society after so long.

Serena hadn‘t been the most forthcoming when it came to telling him anything about her past. She
hadn‘t even told him she had kids until she had to! He couldn‘t deny that she was an intriguing female,
and he wanted to know about her past.

He made a mental note to ask Adriana about how she and Serena had gotten into contact the next time
he saw her. He doubted Serena would tell him anything detailed. Going around to the other side of his
desk, he took a seat. Holly, in her usual manner, sat on the edge of his desk. She picked up a letter
opener and ran the tip along the table calendar that Logan had covering the majority of the desk top.
“You know, if you‘re into doctors, i can put on one of this lab coats, with nothing underneath it,” Holly
offered with a sultry smile. Logan smirked, his lids dropping as he watched Holly lick her lips. “Who
says I am into doctors?” he asked, arching an eyebrow at her. Holly bit her lower lip and shrugged

coyly. “I‘m just looking for ways to keep things interest,” she said winking. Logan chuckled, shaking his
head. . “Have things gotten dull or boring?” he asked, leaning forward in his chair. Holly laughed,
tossing her hair back over her head. “As if” she said. “I know Alphas, though, and they need a lot of…
stimulation.” Logan growled. He stood up and rounded the desk so he could be closer to Holly. She
dropped the letter opener, twisting to face him. Logan stepped closer to her, and she wrapped her legs
around his waist, keeping him from pulling away. He brought his hand to her hair, running his fingers
through the strands while he placed the other on her hip. “You don‘t need costumes or props to keep
my attention,” he assured her. His hand left her hair, moving to her cheek, and he ran his thumb across
her bottom lip. “Your lips do that on their own.” Holly smirked, putting her hands on Logan‘s shoulders.
Leaning in, Logan captured Holly‘s glossy, red lips with his. She sighed, kissing him fervently. Her legs
tightened around him, and Logan felt heat rise in his abdomen. He placed his hands on the desk,
forcing Holly to lean back as he leaned over her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, one hand on
the back of his head, lips moving hungrily against his. She pulled him close, leaning all the way back
until her back was flat on the desk.

Logan gave a pleased grunt, pressing his weight on her and moving his lips to her neck. She moaned,
arching her back into him as he nipped and kissed at her neck. Her body writhed under him, and that
urged Logan to press his hips against hers, biting at her skin a little harder. Holly‘s fingers turned into
claws, digging into his back and breaking his skin. Logan gasped, smiling against her neck. He wanted
her! A knock on his office door pulled them apart. Logan groaned in frustration as he stood and
straightened his clothing. Holly sat up on the desk, fixing her hair. The Alpha motioned for her to get off
his desk. She hopped down, fixing her clothes as she did. Logan went back around the other side of his
desk, fixing some of the things that had been knocked around. “Come in,” he called. A gamma entered
his office, eyes widening when he saw Holly standing there, running her pointer finger around the edge
of her lips, fixing the gloss. “Alpha, I‘m here with a report on last night‘s attack,” he said, holding up a
file in his hand. Logan motioned him over, the movement of his arm causing the nail marks on his back
to sting. He cast a sideways glance at Holly and she bit her lip. She knew exactly what she did to him!

Logan opened the file and looked over the paperwork, making sure it was all in order. “You didn’t
include your position in the convoy,” he said, handing the file back.

“I wasn‘t in the convoy,” the gamma said. “I was part of the rescue team.” Logan raised an eyebrow at
the younger male. “Write that in, then,” he said. “And what your role was on the rescue team. Include
details about what you witnessed and how you participated in the rescue mission.” He tossed the file
back onto his desk, the folder sliding across to where the gamma stood. He swallowed and nodded,
collecting the file. “Thank you, Alpha,” the gamma said, nodding again and then bending forward in an
awkward bow. Logan looked at Holly again, who rolled her eyes. He smiled at her. “Is there anything
else?” he asked the gamma.

“No, sir,” he said, shaking his head. The gamma backed towards the office door and departed, almost
tripping over the door frame. Logan chuckled and shook his head when his office door was closed. “I‘ve
got work to do,” he told Holly when she looked at him seductively. She pouted, but he wasn‘t relenting
this time.

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