Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 16

: Ethics

The phone in Serena‘s kitchen was ringing. She had just gotten back after her rounds at the hospital,
and Dana was already back with the kids. She had them in the bathtub. It was a relief to Serena that
she didn‘t have to immediately jump into “mother” mode. She did rush to the kitchen without even
taking her shoes off, picking it up while tossing her keys onto the counter. “Hello?” she asked. “Serena,
it is Adriana,” the familiar voice on the other line said. “Adriana, hi, how are you?” she asked. For a
moment, she had the desire to question Adriana about hiring Dana, but she heard the kids laughing
and splashing in the bathroom, Dana‘s soft voice murmuring to them. She really was quite good with
them! “I‘m well, thank you,” Adriana said. “I take it you are settling in well, seeing as you came in for an
unscheduled shift today.” Serena chuckled. “I hope that‘s alright,” she said. “I wanted to check on
Carson, and once was there, I figured I‘d make myself useful.” “Any time,” Adriana said. “We can
always use more hands. The reason I‘m calling is because I‘d like you to come to my office tomorrow
morning so we can touch base and talk about what‘s next for the hospital.” “Tomorrow morning?”
Serena asked, thinking quickly about whether or not she‘d planned anything. She couldn‘t think of
anything off the top of her head. Technically, she was still supposed to be settling in, but she had
already started work on her own, so it made sense that Adriana would be giving her more work. “Yes,
how about, ten o‘clock?” Adriana asked. “I‘ll be there,” Serena assured, nodding even though Adriana
couldn‘t see her.

“Great, see you then. Have a good night,” the other doctor said. “Good night,” Serena repeated before
hanging up. She sighed, her shoulders relaxing. Serena went back to her front door, sliding her shoes
1/5 off and hanging her keys on a nearby hook. When she got upstairs, Dana already had the kids in
their pajamas. “Mommy, you‘re home!” Olivia said, jumping off the edge of the tub and hugging Serena.
She smiled, bending down to kiss her daughter‘s head, and holding out her arms to invite Oliver in for a
hug: “Did you have fun at daycare?” she asked. “I beat everyone else on the monkey bars,” Olivia said,
beaming proudly. Serena kissed her cheek. “You‘re so strong,” she said. “How about you, Oliver?” “I

drew with chalk,” he said. “That sounds like a lot of fun,” Serena said. “They were both on their best
behavior” Dana assured. Serena looked up at her and smiled. “Thank you,” she said. “I can put them to
bed if you‘d like to relax yourself,” she offered. Dana grinned. “I‘ll be downstairs if you need anything,”
she said. Serena put the twins to bed, reading them a book that Olivia let Oliver pick. It was rare that
Olivia let Oliver take the lead. She was the more dominant of the two. Their conversation about books
with the Alpha must have had an impact on her. Serena was pleased to see how perceptive her
children were, and she loved that, even with how different they were, they would still be kind to each

The next morning, Serena made sure her children were in the capable hands of Dana, and then she
left for the hospital. This time she had her stethoscope and lab coat, to look more official. Coffee in
hand, she headed to her first official day on the job. Adriana‘s office was on the first floor of the
hospital. Serena knocked on the glass paned door. Adriana looked up from the files on her desk and
waved her in. Serena took a seat across from Adriana‘s desk. “Good morning,” Adriana said. The two
piles of files on her desk were almost taller than Adriana when she was sitting in her desk chair. There
were another two piles on the floor next to the desk, just as tall, or taller.

“What‘s all this?” Serena asked, motioning to the piles of files. Adriana sighed and laughed. “This is
why I asked you to come in today,” she said. “Everyone in the pack gets a physical, annually. It
includes a full blood panel work and a physical exam. It takes several days to get through everyone,
even with all hands on déck.” Serena nodded. “I guess I chose a good time to come in,” Serena
muttered. Adriana laughed and nodded.

““We start with the Alpha, Beta, omegas, warriors, and their families,” Adriana said. She slid a stack of
file folders towards Serena. Serena took the files and held them on her lap. She opened the top folder
to see Logan‘s name printed at the top of the chart. She had been contemplating the likelihood that
Logan really was the father of her children. There were certain signs that pointed in that direction.
Though she hadn‘t slept with anyone between their one–night stand and when she found out she was

pregnant, it wasn‘t like she hadn‘t had some romantic encounters in her undergraduate program before
returning home.

With Logan‘s medical charts in hand, she had the opportunity to take a separate blood sample of his
and send it to a human lab for paternity testing against her twins. Ethically, and as a doctor, she knew it
was a bad decision. She was bound to do no harm. Lying to a patient, running a blood test based on
her own selfish needs…it wasn‘t ethical. It wasn‘t that selfish though. Her twins would need to know
who their father was, eventually. If it was Logan, he had the right to know too, and she didn‘t want to
make that confession without being absolutely sure. It wasn‘t the best idea, but it was the only way she
could be sure. If she didn‘t when she got around to telling Logan, he could demand a paternity test
anyway. She thought it would be a lot more horrific for her children to be subjected to paternity testing
by the male that was supposed to be their father. Especially if the results came back negative. They‘d
already grown fond of him. Serena had to know, for the sake of her kids. She made the decision to get
a sample of blood from Logan and run the test in a human lab.

“Ready to get started?” Adriana asked. Serena nodded. For the rest of the day, Serena shadowed
Adriana. The physicals and blood draws were done as available, and she didn‘t encounter anyone from
Logan‘s family on that first day. A few times, Adriana asked her to do some of the blood draws and
double check her findings on physical exams. It was good to get the hands–on practice, and annual
physicals seemed like the best way to go about getting her hands on as many patients as possible in a
short time! “You did great work today,” Adriana told her as they cleaned up for the day. “And we will do
it all again tomorrow,” Serena said with a chuckle. Adriana chuckled. “Great. I will see you tomorrow,”
she said. Serena waved and departed from the hospital. Dana had sent her a message saying that she
had brought Olivia and Oliver to daycare again. Serena headed to the daycare to pickup the kids. They
were happy to see her. Even Oliver seemed like he had really enjoyed his day at the daycare. Serena
was happy to see it. She‘d been worried Oliver would have trouble fitting in and making friends. He had
in the human world. Being around other werewolves seemed more natural to him though, and he was

already getting involved. It made Serena optimistic for when they would be starting school. When they
arrived home, Serena saw her mother standing on her front porch. “Grammy!” Olivia called, jumping
out of her car seat the moment Serena had unhooked her. Oliver was happy to run off and hug
Charlotte when he was free too. “It is good to see you, my little ones,” Charlotte said. Serena noticed
the pickup truck parked outside of her house, filled with boxes. “Mom, please tell me this isn’t your
truck, and all those boxes aren‘t for us,” she said, slowing walking up the porch steps. “It isn‘t my truck,”
Charlotte said, winking. “I rented it.” Serena groaned, shaking her head.

“Mom,” she said. “That is…a bit much.” Charlotte chuckled. “Besides, that stuff isn‘t for all of you. It is
just toys and new things for the kids,” she said. Again, Serena groaned, but she unlocked the door. “I
want my new toys!” Olivia insisted as she went inside. “Me too, me too,” Oliver said, following his sister.
Serena eyed her mother, but invited her inside. “Fine, but you can‘t do this all the time,” she said. “I‘m
just making up for the years I missed,” Charlotte said. Serena didn‘t think that was too unreasonable.

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