Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 20

: The Checkup

Serena made it back to her clothes and shifted into her human form before anyone saw her. She was
glad that Logan hadn‘t tried to pursue her. It was too complicated to face him alone when in her wolf
form. She went straight home and straight to bed, thoroughly tired from her run, as wonderful as it had
been! The twins were already awake when Serena got down to the kitchen in the morning. Dana had
made them breakfast and gotten them dressed. Serena had her stethoscope and was getting ready to
head off to work. “Morning, lovelies,” she said, moving to the table and kissing them each on the top of
their heads. “How was your run?” Dana asked, handing Serena a mug of coffee. “Wonderful,” she said.
“I‘m sorry I was later than I thought.” Dana

shrugged. “That‘s alright,” she said. “Would you like me to take the kids to daycare?” “That would be
great!” Serena said, smiling and sipping her coffee. “Do we have to go to daycare?” Olivia asked,
pouting. Serena looked at her children. Oliver didn‘t look excited about daycare either. “I thought you
both liked the daycare,” she said. “I want to see Logan again,” Oliver said. “Me too. I want to go
“touring‘ with him.‘ Olivia said. Serena sighed, setting her coffee aside. It broke her heart to see how
attached her kids were to Logan. How much they wanted to spend time with him. He‘d really made an
impact on them! “I know,” she said. “We can see if he can do that, but another day.” “Okay,” the twins
grumbled. Serena kissed them on the heads again. “I‘ll see you after work,” she said. “Love you.” “Love
you too,” they chorused back. Serena headed out the door, her heart aching at thinking of her kids
wanting a relationship with Logan.

There was a commotion in the street, a pack of teenage wolves in their wolf form running by. Olivia and
Oliver heard the noise, running out to the porch with Serena. “Wow!“. Olivia said, pointing at the pack.
“Are those wolves, mommy?” Oliver asked. Dana came rushing to the door.

“It is daytime,” Olivia said. “Wolves only come out at night.”

“Those are wolves!” Oliver argued. Serena glanced back at Dana. She hadn‘t told the kids of their
werewolf heritage yet. They wouldn‘t need to know until they started shifting, and she hadn‘t wanted
them to have to keep that secret in the human world when they were so young. “They are wolves,”
Serena said. “It is very strange. Goodbye, kiddos.” She waved and left them on the porch with Dana
before they could start asking more questions. When she got to the hospital, Serena went to check on
Carson first. He was the most critical patient, and Adriana was already working on the annual exams.
She had to wait to check in with her until she finished with her current patient.

To Serena‘s shock and dismay, Logan was sitting by Carson‘s bed. They were laughing and sharing
some kind of joke when she entered. “I‘m sorry to interrupt,” she said, keeping her eyes on Carson. “No
worries,” the Beta said. He sat up, hand on his side over the stitches. “How are you feeling?” she
asked. Logan leaned back in his chair, watching her. Serena didn‘t want to know what he was thinking,
his eyes making her uncomfortable. She couldn‘t help feeling like he had recognized her scent out in
the woods! “Fine,” Carson said. “I‘m healing quickly.” “Good,” Serena said, checking his vitals and
making notes in his chart. She opened his hospital gown to check the stitches. “How‘s it look?” Logan
asked. Serena glanced up at him, then back down at the stitches.

“No swelling, no bruising,” she said. “A little redness from irritation, but nothing that would indicate

“That‘s all good, right?” Logan asked. Serena nodded. “You shouldn‘t have to be here much longer,”
she said. Carson grinned. “Good, I am getting antsy,” he said. Serena rolled her eyes, fixing his gown
and the sheets on the bed. Adriana entered the room, her stethoscope in hand. “Good morning,
Serena,” she said. “I see you‘re already checking on the patient.” Serena nodded. “Everything looks
good,” she said. “Well, we might as well get their blood for the annual blood panel,” she suggested.
Serena nodded. “The room next door is free if you and Logan want to do the work there.” Again,
Serena nodded. “Come on,” she said, motioning for Logan to follow her. He grinned and obeyed, his
eye‘s still on her uncomfortably. Alone in the next room, Serena motioning for him to lie down on the

exam table. “I‘ll do a quick physical, and then get your blood,” she said. Logan nodded. He could never
figure out what it was that Serena was thinking. He pulled his shirt off and lay back on the table. Her
hands were warm as she poked and prodded various areas on his arms and chest. Her face was so
serious, but it was hard for him to be serious. He was curious about her, not only because she was new
to the pack, but also because she’d lived among humans. She‘d lied about her kids, even if it was
through omission, and he knew absolutely nothing about her!

Naturally curious, he wanted to know. He winced when she put her stethoscope against his chest, the
round pad cold compared to her pleasantly warm.

“Stay still,” she told him. Logan smirked at her, but she had her eyes closed. She checked his heart,
then had him sit up so she could listen to his lungs, taking deep breaths. She set her stethoscope aside
and opened Logan‘s medical folder, making notes.

“Well, Alpha, you are in peak health,” she said. She poked the end of her pen into the cut on his side
she‘d stitched up. It was already closed on its own. “Even with this injury.” He chuckled. “I told you I‘d
be fine,” he assured. “Let me get your blood,” she said. He nodded. She went to a cabinet and got a
tourniquet some cotton ballas, a band aid, a few vials and the syringe. Logan held his arm out for her
when she turned back to him. “You‘re so serious today,” he said, teasing her a little. Serena shrugged.
“I‘m working,” she pointed out. Logan sighed. It was good that she was professional on the job. The
antiseptic pad she used on his skin was cold, the rubber tourniquet pinched his skin. Serena drew his
blood, focused completely on the task. She filled two vials and set them aside. In years past, only one
vial was needed. He wondered what the second one was for, but he didn‘t ask. “How are the twins
settling in?” he asked. Serena blinked at him. The surprise on her face evident.”

“They‘re fine,” she said. “The house is bigger than what they are used to and my mother has supplied
them with more toys than they‘ll ever need.” Logan smiled, holding the cotton ball against the needle
prick while Serena labeled the blood vials. “I’m glad they‘re making themselves at home,” Logan said.

He wasn‘t sure if talking about the kids was something that would allow him to get to know her more.
He didn‘t think regular small talk would work with her. “You‘re concerned about my kids?” she asked,
raising an eyebrow at him. Logan shrugged. “I‘m sure they are a big part of your life. I just want to get
to know you more,” he admitted. Serena gave him a half smile. A small chink in the armor she wore. He
felt triumphant. When she leaned in to put the band aid on his harm, a soft scent wafted off her hair,
reminiscent of the mouthwatering scent he had encountered the night before. He was instantly
reminded of that encounter, thoughts of whether or not the faceless wolf had been his mate.

The scent had been so strong, he couldn‘t deny that he‘d never smelled anyone that appealing before!
It could have been his imagination, capturing a new scent. He hadn‘t realized it, but he‘d leaned in
slightly, getting closer to Serena‘s hair. The moment a did realize it, he pulled away. “I’m having a
dinner party at my house)” Logan told her. “You should come.” Serena stepped back, picking up his
medical file again. “I‘ll think about it,” she said. Logan sighed, shaking his head. He reached for his
shirt. “Don‘t think about it,” he implored. “It will be a good way to meet more pack members.” “I‘m
meeting everyone through these annual exams,” she pointed out with a cheeky grin. Logan chuckled.
“I‘m sure sticking pack members with needles is the best way to get to know them,” he teased. “I could
be wrong, you are the medical expert, after all.” Serena raised an eyebrow at him. “I‘ll think about it,”
she repeated pointedly. Logan nodded, leaving her to her job.

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