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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Holly and Serena

Serena winced as Matt scoffed and stood up, walking away. Shaking her head, Serena looked back at
Holly who had a triumphant smirk on her lips. “Don’t worry, I’m sure there are some desperate males
around that would love to have a female and her bastard children,” Holly said. Serena shook her head.
“I’m not looking,” Serena said. Holly shrugged. “How are the kids, anyway?” she asked. “You never did
tell me who their father is.” “I didn’t know you were interested,” Serena said, shifting uncomfortably.
“Oh, I’m very interested,” Holly said, flicking her eyes to Flo. Had Logan’s mother talked to Holly about
how much Oliver looked like Logan as a child? “He’s not around” Serena said, looking down at her lap.
Behind her, Holly’s friends giggled and rolled their eyes. Logan was finishing the next round of burgers
on the grill when he heard Holly’s friends laughing in a way that meant they were teasing someone.
Sometimes, Holly’s friends could get catty. He turned to see Holly standing in front of Serena. “That is
too bad” Holly was saying, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “I guess not all females can have good
sense when choosing the father of their kids.” Logan could see how uncomfortable Serena was. For
once, she wasn’t hiding what she was feeling. Her body was rigid, eyes in her lap as she leaned away
from Holly. “My kids mean everything to me,” Serena told Holly. “It doesn’t matter whether their father is
around or not.” Holly laughed, shaking her head. Logan growled under his breath, flipping the burgers
on the grill. “This party might get interesting after all,” his mother said, chuckling and slipping away from
him. Logan rolled his eyes. He wanted the meat to cook faster so he could stop Holly before she made
a big scene. He still listened to what was being said so he could gauge whether or not he’d have to
jump in quickly. “Don’t you feel all alone?” Holly asked. “Raising twins by yourself, not having anyone
there to support or comfort you?” Logan shook his head. What was Holly doing!?

“I have the pack,” Serena said. “That is all the support I need.”

Logan piled the cooked burgers on a plate and set his spatula down. He headed over to the women, a
plate with a fresh burger on it in hand. “Have you eaten yet?” he asked Serena. He stood next to Holly,

who immediately wrapped her arm around his, attempting to pull him away. He shook his head at her
and she pouted.

“Uhm, no, thank you.” Serena said, taking the plate with a grateful nod. Logan smiled..

at her.

“Come on, let me show you around,” he said, holding his hand out to her. Serena looked at his offered
hand suspiciously. “Logan, don’t you want to spend time with me and my friends?” Holly asked. Logan
glanced sideways at her. “I’ve got to be a good host,” he said. Holly groaned and rolled her eyes. “You
can be a host to my friends,” Holly said, pouting. Logan shook his head. “I’ll have plenty of time for you
and your friends,” he said, keeping himself calm and collected. A short temper was one thing that he
had never been able to control, and Holly’s nagging had been bringing it out more and more. “But,
Logan, it is our party,” Holly said. “We should be playing host and hostess together,” she said. Logan
disengaged his arm from Holly’s. “I’ll find you soon,” he said. Holly glared at Serena. Logan arched an
eyebrow at her, and Serena just shrugged. She was a rock, and Logan admired that about her. “Fine,
fine,” she said, waving him away dismissively. She went back to her friends. Logan smiled, sitting
beside Serena on the bench. “Thanks for that,” she mumbled, picking at the burger on her plate “She
can be really sweet,” Logan said. “I don’t know why she has been like this to you.” “Logan, I am no
stranger to the competitive ways of female werewolves,” she pointed out. He smiled, nodding. “I know
being a single mom has its challenges,” he offered. Serena raised an eyebrow at him, setting her plate
aside. “Do you?” she asked, grinning. Logan sighed, shaking his head. “No, I guess I don’t, know,” he
admitted. “I just mean, I know it can’t be easy. If you need anything…” “I’m not looking for trouble,”
Serena said, casting her eyes towards Holly. “Well, as Alpha, I have a responsibility to you and your
kids. You’re all part of my pack,” he reminded her. “If Holly doesn’t understand that then…well, she will
have to. The pack comes first, regardless of what relationship I have with her.” “You’re only offering as
the Alpha?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Logan chewed on the inside of his lip. It was a good

question. He could use the Alpha excuse all he wanted, but there was a curiosity he had about her that
went beyond his responsibilities as Alpha.

“I won’t deny my curiosity about who you are,” he admitted. “I know nothing about you. As Alpha, I
should know. You’re past has greatly eluded me.” Serena smiled. “There is a reason for that,” she said.
Holly walked back over. Logan looked up at her. She had a softer expression on her

face now. Logan nodded at her, hoping she would be willing to bury the hatchet. “I’m sorry, Serena”
Holly said. “I shouldn’t have butted in on your conversation.” Serena looked up, her expression void of
emotion. Logan didn’t like that. He wanted her to be happy and feel welcomed in the pack. It was her
pack now, here home, and she should feel safe and wanted! “Thank you,” Serena said with a nod. “I’m
not here to cause trouble. I understand we all have difficult pasts, and my intention is not to cause
friction or undermine your position here.” Holly sighed, glancing at Logan quickly. Logan nodded
encouragingly towards her, hoping she would continue with her apology and make peace. “I
understand,” Holly said with a nod. “Thank you.” Her ‘thanks’ was a little stiff, but she smiled and then
headed back to her friends. “See, she can be sweet,” Logan said, smiling at Serena. “I’m not the only
one that has had a colorful past” she said. “You’re right, Holly and her friends have had it rough,” Logan
said, looking at Holly. She was very dressed up for the party, and he liked to see her long legs on
display and her cherry red lips pouting out. He swore she did that just for him! “You let them take refuge
in your pack,” Serena said. It wasn’t a question. “I did,” Logan said with a nod. “Moonshine’s retraction
from the Federation was…complicated. I couldn’t let anyone who sought refuge be left alone.” “That is
very noble of you,” Serena said. Logan smiled, even though she wasn’t looking at him.

“Serena, I am so sorry, I got held up,” Adriana said, appearing in front of them. She handed Serena a
drink. “No worries,” Serena said. Logan stood up, giving Adriana her seat back. The two women began
talking again, and Logan went to Holly’s side, as he had promised he would

“That took long enough,” Holly said snidely. “It is a little disrespectful to me, your mate, sitting on a
bench with and chatting up another female.”

“Holly, I’m Alpha,” Logan told her, slipping his arm around her waist. She bit her lower lip, her friends all
giggling. “I have responsibilities to the pack as a whole, and to the individuals.

“I know. I just wish…weren’t so open and public about it,” she said. Logan suppressed an eye role.
“You wanted my attention,” he said. “I’m here.” “Oh, I wanted you to keep the girls company for me,
being a good host and all” Holly said. She stepped away from Logan, disappearing. Logan had a bad
feeling about it, but Holly was gone, and he was left with her friends. If they reported to Holly

that he had left them alone after she requested, he entertain them…he didn’t want to upset her more.
“How are you ladies enjoying the party?” Logan asked. They all started chattering and gushing over
each other and the party. Logan tuned most of it out, glancing over at Serena and Adriana several
times. He tried to be discreet, nodding and making the appropriate sounds to emulate listening to what
Holly’s friends were saying. It was all mindless chatter he didn’t care for. Despite Holly’s friction with
Serena, he didn’t want to give into her insistence that he stay away from her. If he stayed away from all
the females in the pack, then he wouldn’t be a very good Alpha. If he ostracized one-member, other
pack members would do the same. Serena would become an outcast, and her kids would be too. He
didn’t want that for any of them!

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