Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Apology

“Holly, why’d you do that?” Logan asked, grabbing Holly’s arm and pulling her inside. He didn’t want to
make a scene in front of the others, but his temper was at a tipping point. He grabbed her elbow hard,
until she winced with pain. “It was just a bit of fun,” Holly protested. Logan snarled, furious at her
actions. “We welcome new members of this pack, not humiliate them, or have you forgotten?” he threw
her away from him and raised an eyebrow at her as she flew across the kitchen.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” Holly said, her lower lip quivering. “Logan, I was just having fun.” She pouted, but
Logan was unimpressed. He crossed his arms disapprovingly. “When you and your friends came to this
pack, we welcomed you with open arms, treated you as equals,” he said vehemently. “That is how I
expect you to treat anyone new to this pack!”

“That was different, Logan,” Holly said, putting her hands on her hips. “We were refugees, we never
had no where to go, our pack went rogue!” “I don’t care what circumstances bring someone to this
pack. I don’t care if they are refugees or if they are just here for a job, everyone new is welcomed into
this pack,” he said through clenched teeth. “Logan, please, I’m sorry,” Holly said, crossing the kitchen
and trying to put her arms around Logan’s neck. The Alpha slapped her hands away, not amused. “I
was just trying to have fun.” “It stops now,” he said. He turned to leave. “Where are you going?” Holly
asked, grabbing for his arm. He shook her off. “To fix your mess,” Logan said, casting a disapproving
look over his shoulder. He left Holly alone in his kitchen. The party was winding down. Logan could
leave Holly to play with her friends. He wanted to make sure there was no permanent damage done to
Serena’s desire to be

in the pack. He headed off to her house, hoping that she wasn’t too mad to talk to him. Holly had
behaved entirely inappropriately! He was embarrassed about what she’d done. There was no logical
reason for Holly to be behaving that way. Logan was angered by it, and he just wanted her to be the
woman that he had grown so fond of. “Serena?” Logan called, knocking on her front door when he

arrived. He could hear the kids inside, but no one came to the door. He waited several minutes and
then knocked again.

The kids got quiet. He could hear a woman’s voice on the other side, but it wasn’t Serena’s. Another
few minutes went by before the door opened. Serena opened it just

an inch, looking out at him with sharp eyes She had showered and changed. There was still a scrape
on her cheek from the fall, and she was holding the arm she’d landed on. Logan sighed, tilting his head
to the


“Are you okay?” he asked his voice soft, Serena sighed, opening the door and stepping out onto the
porch. “I’m fine* she said. “A few bumps and bruises, but we heal fast.” Logan nodded, but he lifted his
hand and brought it to her cheek, his thumb touching the edge of the scrape. She gave a humorless
smile and tilted her head to the side slightly “Im sorry about what Holly did,” he said. Serena scoffed.

You don’t have to apologize for her,” she said. Logan rolled his eyes. Actually, I do,” he said. “I’m Alpha,
and I am responsible for the pack and the members in it. That means I am responsible for Holly’s
actions and I am also responsible for your wellbeing.” Tm okay,” she said, nodding. Logan still didn’t
believe it. He crossed his arms over his chest

Serena I don’t want you to question whether or not you should be here,” he told her. *This is your home
now. You have as much of a right to be here as she does.”

Logan, I appreciate the sentiment, but I’m fine, really,” she said. She walked past him to the edge of the
porch, looking out at the street. Logan turned and walked up beside her. *look I know that it isn’t easy
to relocate to a new pack,” he said. “Really, from all your experience?” Serena asked him playfully.
Logan chuckled. ‘I helped the refugees assimilate into this life,” he said. “I took responsibility for them
and made sure they acclimated.” “So, you witnessed first hand how hard it could be,” she said. Logan

nodded. “Please, don’t think that Holly’s actions reflect the rest of the pack’s opinion on you,” he said.
Serena scoffed and rolled her eyes. Logan didn’t like seeing her so detached. He didn’t always know
what others were thinking, least of all her, but he got the sense that she was one second away from
walking off pack territory with her kids, never to come back “I was an outsider in the human world,”
Serena told him, opening up for the first time. Logan was not going to interrupt her and risk her shutting
down again. “I’m no stranger to being looked at, laughed at, ridiculed.”

You‘re among your own kind now, you shouldn’t have to feel like that.” Logan said, reaching out and
placing his hand on Serena’s shoulder. He expected her to pull away, but she didn’t. She closed her
eyes, as if that brief moment of comfort was exactly


Chapter 24: The Apology

“Thank you,” she said with a nod. “I don’t know why Holly has fixated on you,” he said softly. “She acts
as though I’ve never spoken to another female before.” Serena shrugged. “Yes, and I seem to be the
least likely one that any male in this pack would be interested in,” she said, nodding back to the house.
“Apparently, single mothers aren’t…desirable.” Logan chuckled. “I think you’ll find your wrong about
that,” Logan said. Serena shook her head. “Don’t let Holly hear you saying that,” she teased, glancing
sideways at the Alpha. Logan smirked at her. “You know, I’m not just apologizing for what Holly did,” he
said. “I’m apologizing for the fact that your joining of the pack hasn’t been as smooth as it could have
been. I’m apologizing for not helping more with that.” Serena smiled. “You’ve done more than enough,
Logan,” she said. “Playing with the kids, taking me on a tour of the territory, taking an interest. I didn’t
expect this to be easy.” Logan sighed. She was more resilient than he was, and he admired that about
her. The y stood next to each other, looking out at the colorful sky. The sun was setting, making the sky
orange and purple. “Where does that come from?” Logan asked her. “Where did what come from?”
Serena asked. “Your strength and resilience?” he asked. Serena chuckled. “I was a werewolf living in

the human world raising twins on my own while in medical school, where do you think it came from?”
she asked, biting her bottom lip. Logan smiled.

“You know, you sort of remind me of someone I knew once,” he said. He hadn’t thought much about a
one night stand he’d had over five years ago. He’d been drunk and it had been fleeting. It had been a
good time, but he hadn’t pondered it much.

Sometimes, there were flashes in Serena’s personality that made him think of the woman he’d met that
night. He never thought about it for long, but he couldn’t help making the comparison now. Immediately,
the smile on Serena’s face faded. “Really?” she asked, stiffly. “I’m sorry if that was offensive,” Logan
said. “That was…that was rude of me.” Serena shrugged. “There is every chance we‘ve met before,”
she said. “We are from neighboring packs.” Logan shrugged. It was possible, but her scent wasn’t one
he was familiar with, until she’d come to the pack. “True,” he said. “Perhaps when we were kids.”
Serena nodded.

“Do you want to come in for a minute?” she asked. “I know the kids would like to see you again.”

“Sure,” Logan said, smiling and nodding. Serena opened the front door, and Logan followed her in.

“Logan!” Olivia shouted, jumping up from her play mat and running over to him. She threw her arms
around his leg almost knocking him back. Logan chuckled, bracing himself. The kids were always fun.

“Hi, Logan,” Oliver said, getting up more slowly. He didn’t hug Logan, but he smiled at him boyishly.

“Are you here to play with us?” Olivia asked, her eyes hopeful.

“I could play for a while,” Logan said, looking to Serena. She nodded her confirmation.

“Let’s go outside!” Oliver suggested. He grabbed Logan’s hand and started dragging him to the back
door. Olivia grabbed his other hand and pulled too. Logan smiled, letting himself be led away. He felt

Serena coming along behind him. Spending a little time with the kids would make him feel better about
what Holly had done.

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