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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Werewolves

Out in the yard, the kids were dragging Logan around and showing him all the things that they had to
play with. A lot of it was stuff Serena’s mom had sent. She enjoyed seeing how excited they were, and
she also liked seeing Logan playing with them. Everything that had happened at the barbeque had
bothered her, but now she could see her kids having fun. She did appreciate Logan’s attempt to
apologize, but his reference to her reminding him of someone had shut her down quickly. She didn’t
want him being reminded of her! “We saw a pack of wolves running through the streets this morning.”
Olivia told Logan. “It was so cool!” “Wolves, really?” Logan asked, looking up at Serena. “The kids have
never seen wolves before,” she said. “It is something new to them.” She hoped Logan understood her
implication. “Is that so?” he asked. “Well, maybe they need a lesson about wolves.” “Yea, mommy,
please?” Olivia asked.

“I want to know about the wolves,” Oliver agreed. Serena sighed, thinking it over. She had hidden the
truth from them because she didn’t want them to say the wrong thing to the wrong person in the human

“Alright, let’s talk about wolves,” Serena said. “Logan, why don’t you show them?” she asked. She
didn’t want to shift herself, because she didn’t want Logan to smell her in her wolf form. “Why don’t
you?” he asked. “Someone has to explain things to them,” she said. “Fine, fine,” Logan said. He
disappeared behind the nearest tree.

“What are you doing, Logan?” Olivia asked trying to peak around the tree. Serena ran forward and
grabbed her daughter. “Wait back here with me,” she said. She beckoned Oliver over and he obliged.
Logan tossed his clothes out from behind the tree. The kids started laughing. “He’s getting naked!”
Olivia screamed, pointing towards the tree. Serena laughed. “He has to,” Serena explained. “He’s
going to turn into a wolf.” “Really?” Oliver asked, amazing. He looked up at his mother, eyes wide as
saucers. “Really,” Serena confirmed with a nod. A few moments later, Logan appeared from behind the

tree, in his wolf form. Serena sniffed, Logan’s strong scent almost overpowering her. He was definitely
the wolf she’d nearly encountered the other night!

When he walked out from behind the tree, the kids ran away from Serena, rounding

the tree and looking at Logan’s pile of clothes. “Woe!” Olivia said. “He turned into a wolf!” “Yes, he did,”
Serena said. She laughed and went over to her kids. Logan was standing nearby, watching the kids
and Serena. He had his head tilted slightly, ears perked up, his eyes shining in the setting sun. “Can I
go touch him?” Olivia asked. Serena looked at Logan. He made a sound of approval.

“Go on,” she said ushering her kids in the direction of the wolf. They ran to him, petting his soft fur and
running their fingers along his sides. Serena watched how excited the kids were about the wolf. She let
them pet Logan for a while, and then she motioned him back behind the tree. “Come here, kiddos,” she
said, going to where they couldn’t see Logan again. “We can do that?” Olivia asked. “Someday,”
Serena said. “You are werewolves, just like me, just like Logan.” “We are?” Oliver asked. Serena
nodded. “I want to be a wolf!” Olivia shouted, jumping up and down. Serena chuckled, patting her
daughter’s head. “You will be, some day. You’ll be able to shift whenever you want,” she
explained. “Are there other werewolves?” Olivia asked. “The whole pack is made up of werewolves,”
she explained. “You grandparents are werewolves too, so are Dana and Adriana.” “Wow,” Olivia
muttered. Logan came out from behind the tree, fully dressed. “I can’t believe you never told your kids
about werewolves,” he said, approaching Serena “I want to be a wolf,” Olivia said. She ran off and
Oliver ran with her. Serena turned to Logan. “I was in the human world,” she reminded him. “You think
that toddlers can keep that kind of secret.” Logan shrugged. “Do you think that anyone would believe
them?” he countered. Serena giggled. She glanced over at her kids. They’d shed their clothing and
were running around on their hands and knees, barking and howling. “I’m glad that they will be able to
know who they are now and be part of a pack growing up,” she told the Alpha. “For the longest time, I
thought that they would be better off in the human world. But now, seeing them as part of the pack,
seeing them curious about wolves, I know they belong here.” “You do too,” Logan said. Serena smile.

She liked what he said sometimes. Olivia pounced on Oliver and growled, tackling him to the ground.
Serena shook here

head. Naked five–year-olds in their own backyard wasn’t a problem, and as long as they didn’t hurt
each other, she didn’t care that they were acting like wolves. “Thank you for showing them,” she said. “I
hope that wasn’t in any way weird. “Not at all,” Logan said. “They’ll need to know more about where
they come from and who they are. Also, what they will become.” He looked over at them and Serena
followed his gave. Olivia was biting Oliver’s neck. “Werewolves, honey,” Serena said. “Not vampires.”
Logan chuckled as the kids went back to tackling each other in the grass. She watched them play
together, remember how she and her brother used to play. She had run wild with Santino a lot, and he
had always been her best friend and playmate. She missed having him around regularly, but she did
like seeing her own kids acting just like she and her twin had. “I can answer their questions,” Serena
assured. “Can you?” Logan asked. “Knowing about only one side of their heritage will leave a lot of
open-ended questions.” Serena sighed and looked away from Logan. He had a point, but she didn’t
want to think about that. She hoped he wasn’t saying it because he felt some fatherly connection to
them. “Well, when they start to ask questions about their father…then I will worry about it,” she
assured. Logan smirked.

“You made it sound like you don’t know who he is,” he pointed out. She shrugged.

“You don’t know all my secrets,” Serena reminded him, biting her lip. She was flirting! That wasn’t good.
Olivia howled loudly, and then Oliver started howling too. Serena laughed, walking over to collect their

“Come on, guys, let’s get inside,” she called to the kids, waving their clothes in her hand. The sun was
setting faster and it was almost dark. Serena didn’t want to lose track of the kids in the dark.

“Olivia, Oliver, it was fun playing with you today,” Logan said when they were back inside. He was
saying goodbye to the kids. Serena piled the kids clothes up on the couch while they said their
goodbyes. “Will we see you again soon?” Olivia asked. “I’d like that,” Logan said. “Then, can we be
wolves too?” Oliver asked. Logan chuckled. “It will happen, and when it does, we can all run together,”
he promised. Serena hated how close they were getting. At the same time, she loved seeing the kids
have a positive, strong male influence in their life. The fact that he might be their father complicated
matters, but it was still good to see. “Thank you for stopping by, Logan” Serena said, walking with him
to the door. Dana

came up from her basement apartment and started getting the kids upstairs to get them cleaned up
and changed for bed. “It always seems to be a good time,” Logan said smiling. Serena opened the front
door for him. “Also, I accept your apology,” she added with a grin. Logan nodded. “Good,” he said
before leaving. Serena shut the door and sighed. She was happy to have her house to herself again.
Though, educating the kids on werewolves had been exciting. She could hear them splashing around
in the bathtub, howling as Dana tried to caim them down. Serena went upstairs and stood in the
doorway of the bathroom. “That’s enough,” she said. “Settled down and let Dana give you your bath.”
The twins grumbled, but they stopped splashing and howling. “I guess you two just learned that you’ll
be able to shift into wolves someday,” Dana said.

“That’s right,” Serena said. “I’ll go get your pajamas.” She went to their rooms and picked out matching
pajamas, something she used to do with Santino. Dana was drying them off when she got back to the
bathroom. Serena helped them into their pajamas and settled them down for bed. She laid down
herself, still feeling a little sore from her fall earlier. Her arm was bruised, but it didn’t hurt as much as it
had earlier. After a good night’s sleep, she thought that she would be feeling much better. The
excitement of the day was passed, and she fell into her bed happily.

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