Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Party

When they all got back to the house, Olivia and Oliver immediately ran to greet Logan, abandoning the
game of twister with Santino. “Logan!” Olivia called out to him happily. Serena winced at Holly‘s sharp g
lare at her kids. They were hugging Logan‘s legs and tugging at his shirt. Santino jumped up. “Hey, you
left the game unfinished,” he argued. “Let me introduce everyone,” Serena said. “Luna Flo, this is my
mother and father, Luna Charlotte and Alpha Thomas.” Her parents greeted the other Luna. “It is nice t
o meet you,” Flo said, shaking their hands. “This is Alpha Logan,” she continued. “My brother Santino,
and Adriana, my boss.” Everyone shook hands and said hello. “Also, Holly.” Serena wasn‘t sure what to
call her, but no one really seemed to mind.

came in from the kitchen with drinks to pass around to everyone. Serena got herself a glass of the offer
ed iced tea.

“Now that everyone knows each other, the party can really get going,” Santino said. “The twins and I w
ere enjoying a game of twister. Want to join Logan?” “I‘d love to,” Logan said, passing his iced tea to
his mother. Flo, Charlotte and Thomas were talking pack politics, which Serena didn‘t think had any pla
ce at a children‘s birthday party, but there weren‘t a lot of other kids around “Your kids haven‘t
made a lot of friends,” Holly said, coming up beside Serena. “This is a lame party.” “As opposed to the
party you planned just to humiliate me?” Serena asked back. Holly laughed, sipping her drink through a
straw.. “That wasn‘t just to humiliate you,” she said. “Though, you made it all too easy.” Serena sipped
her own drink, watching her kids‘ smaller limbs getting tangled with Santino and Logan‘s. They really di
d seem to like that game. “I‘ll go get the candles lit
on the cake,” Dana said. “Now that we are all here, we can get to
the good parts of the party.” Serena nodded. “That sounds great,” she said. “Excuse me, Holly, I want t
o play with my children.” Serena set her drink down and went to join in the game of twister. “Spin the w

heel, Serena” Santino teased her. Serena spun the wheel. “Hurry mom, I‘m going to fall!” Olivia told
her. “Alright, it looks like left foot on green,” she said. She put her foot down on the designated color. In
a shifting mass
of limbs and grunts of strain, the mass of bodies on the twister matt started to move. Serena smiled, lau
ghing as she used her toe to spin it again.

11:11 D


Chapter 28: The Party “My arms hurt,” Oliver said, giggling delightedly. “Okay, everyone, put your
right hand
on yellow,” Serena said. “I can‘t reach!” Olivia protested. Serena bent over the tangle masses, trying to
put her hand in the right position. A little foot kicked her leg when one of the twins lost balance, and Ser
ena fell forward, landing on Santino and Logan. “Oh no!” Santino cried as they all toppled onto the floor.
The twins screamed and laughed, and Serena was dragged down onto the pile. She laughed too, una
ble to control herself once she hit the floor. “You‘re horrible at this game,” Logan said. Serena hadn‘t re
alized how close she was to him until his voice sounded right near her ear. She sat up quickly, scooting
away from them. “I came in late,” she argued, but she favored the Alpha with a smile. He smirked back
. Dana appeared in the doorway with the cake, candles lit. She had started singing “Happy Birthday.” E
veryone stood up and they all came together, singing the song. Oliver and Olivia ran over to Dana, jum
up and down to try and catch a glimpse of the cake. She set the cake down on the coffee table, and the
twins crowded around.

“Wait until the song is over before blowing the candles out,” Serena said, catching Olivia‘s fingers as sh
e tried to grab a candle. “Happy birthday, twins,” Charlotte said, clapping. Everyone else started clappin
g too. Serena nodded to Olivia and Oliver letting them know they could blow the candles out.

“Don‘t forget
to make a wish,” Logan said, touching Oliver‘s back. He nodded and then took a deep breath to blow o
ut the candles. Not to be out down, Olivia blew a big breath on the candles too.

Serena couldn‘t stop smiling at her kids. They were really enjoying their party, even though there weren
‘t any kids to play with. Dana cut up the cake and started passing pieces around. Holly went over to Lo
gan and was starting to flirt with him. Serena wanted to keep her kids from watching
them or making comments.
“I think it is time to open presents,” Santino said, coming to the coffee table with an armful of packages.
“Presents!” Olivia shrieked, leaving her half-
eaten cake behind and jumping up to take a wrapped box. Serena laughed, shaking her head. “You did
great for them, today,” Logan told Serena, coming up behind her. “They‘re my kids,” she told him. “Why
wouldn‘t I make this day great?” “Good point,” he said. “You know, I do appreciate the invite.” Serena w
atched her kids tear into the paper of the next present. Everyone was watching with awe, making all 2/4


Chapter 28: The Party

the right sounds of excitement when they opened up a new toy, some kind of new clothes, or a fun game
of the coffee table from Logan and Serena. Serena did not miss how her eyes kept darting to Logan, wh
could make it,” Serena said. “Otherwise, I‘d have two disappointed children.”

“I know,” he said, his lips too close to her ear. Serena shuddered, keeping
her eyes on her kids. She couldn‘t shake the feeling that he was trying to play some twisted game with h
she was trying not to read into it too much. “Mommy, look at this,” Olivia said, holding up a new toy. “Wo

The windows darkened with clouds, and Serena glanced out at the changing sky. Rain was imminent. S
a storm coming, baby,” she said, putting her hand on Oliver‘s head. His eyes widened further, and he loo

terrified. “I want the party to be over, now,” Oliver said softly. Serena nodded. “Alright, honey,” she said.

eyes. The storm was bothering him. “Sounds like the party is wrapping up,” Charlotte said. “I think the ki
and wrappings while Dana took care of the food and cake.

“Oliver, Olivia, can you guys start putting your toys away?” Serena asked. The twins did as they
were told, but Serena could tell that Oliver was scared. He was staying so close to his sister with each
step. Logan started to help clean up too.
“Logan, you don‘t have to help,” Serena said. “Why don‘t you get your mother and Holly home before the
it is going to be a bad one.” “The wind has hardly picked up,” Logan said. “We contributed to the mess, I
called back. Adriana bid Serena farewell too. Holly was waiting for Logan, but Flo was with Dana in the
kitchen. “Well, thank you,” Serena said. A huge clap of thunder caused the whole house to shake, even
Serena jumped and Holly screamed.

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