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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Invitation

“You could be nicer to me,” Holly said, pulling her robe on. Logan hadn’t gotten out of bed yet. He was l
ying on his stomach, looking away from Holly so he didn‘t have to watch her. He was still attracted to h
er, but the cattier she became, the less interest he had in being around her.

“You could be nice to other members of the pack,” Cogan pointed out. Holly scoffed. He could hear her
pacing back and forth on the floor, but he had no interest in getting up and spending the day with her. T
he Alpha was secretly hoping for some excuse not to spend the day with her

Some kind of pack business could come up that would pull him away and require all his attention.

“Well, you aren‘t dating other pack members, you‘re dating me,” Holly said. He imagined her putting her
hands on her hips. “No, but I am Alpha, and the way you treat
other pack members reflects back on me,” he reminded her. He opened his eyes a little to look out at hi
s sunny back yard. From where he was lying, he could see the whole backyard. There were dark cloud
s curling in
the sky, the kind of clouds that could easily become a storm. “So, what are we going to do today?” Holl
y asked. Logan sighed, wrapping his strong arms around his pillow and burying his face in the downy s
oftness. “I‘m not doing anything,” he said. “Come on,” Holly said, hopping back on the bed and lying acr
oss his back. “I‘m bored and I want to do something.” Logan groaned, sighing heavily. He didn‘t want to
entertain her for
the day. After the party and the stunt she‘d pulled with Serena, he hadn‘t been wanting to spend much
social time with her. She still had her uses in his life, and he was still entertaining them, but it was gettin
g less fulfilling to have the other aspects of a relationship with her.

Before he had to answer there was a knock on the door. Logan could have laughed with joy! Sometime
s when he asked the universe for something, it delivered. “I should get

that,” he said, sitting up and forcing Holly off his back. “I‘ll get it,” Holly said, jumping up. “Just meet me
down there.” She left so Logan could get dressed.

Serena knocked on Logan‘s front door. Her taps were light at first, but then she put more force behind
her fist. There was an extra car in the drive way, one that probably belonged to Holly. Serena still wasn‘
t clear on whether or not Holly actually lived with Logan.

She hadn‘t seen much at the party, but it had seemed like Logan wasn‘t as friendly with her anymore. S
he had seen Logan practically drag her away after Holly had


. пе тоаlоh

shoved her down the stairs. When the door opened, it was Holly who answered it. She was
wearing a silk robe, nearly see–
through, very short around the hips and hardly pulled closed around her breasts. Serena averted her ey
es quickly. Clearly, whatever Logan was feeling for Holly wasn‘t that terrible. Serena swallowed into her
dry throat. “Is Alpha Logan
home?” she asked. Serena winced at her own question. Of course, the Alpha was home! Why else wou
ld Holly be half–
naked in the entryway? “He‘s here, what do you want?” the other female asked snidely. Serena sighed.
“My kids,” she said. “They…it is their birthday today, and they
wanted Logan to be there.” Holly rolled her eyes, but the stairs behind her shook as heavy steps
thudded down them. Logan appeared behind Holly. “Serena, what are you doing here?” he
asked. “Come in, you don‘t have to stand outside.” He grabbed Holly‘s arm and pulled her back so Ser
ena could step inside. “Logan, is someone at the door?” Flo called from the kitchen. She appeared at th
e end of the hall too.

Serena awkwardly stepped inside. The hallway was narrow, especially when Flo, Holly, and Logan
standing nearby. She leaned back against the furthest wall from them, trying not to feel so trapped. “We
lcome, Serena, you‘re out and about early,” Flo said. Serena nodded at the
Luna. “Good morning, Luna,” she said. “Today is my twins‘ birthday. They
made a special request to have Logan at their party.”

“That‘s so cute,” Holly said sarcastically. “As if the Alpha doesn‘t have better things to do than go to so
me child‘s birthday party.” Serena looked down at the floor. “Holly, don‘t be
so crude,” Flo chastised. “Olivia and Oliver are special twins.” Serena looked up quickly, wondering wh
at Flo meant by that! Had she
made the connection of who their father was? She was the one who said that Oliver looked like Logan!
“Special?” Serena gulped out. Flo smiled. “They aren‘t accustomed to pack life,” she said. “It is importa
nt to make them feel welcome.” Serena sighed with relief, nodding. “They are still getting used to it,” sh
e admitted. “Sometimes, they
still act as though the entire world is made just for them.” She glanced at Logan when he smirked.

“Good qualities for an Alpha,” he said. Again, Serena winced at his statement. It could so easily be take
n the wrong way, like he was admitting that he thought Oliver and
Olivia were descended from his Alpha bloodline. “Well, then, I guess we have to cater to their delicate n
eeds;” Holly said snidely. Flo cleared her throat. “Holly, that is just
about enough,” she said. Serena looked at Logan.

“I‘m sure you have other plans today,” she said. “If you could stop by, even for a couple minutes, it woul
d mean a lot to them.” Logan smiled at her over Holly‘s
head. “I can make time,” he said. Silence descended on them. Serena wanted to leave, but a stiff awkw
ardness had taken over. She looked at Flo who was smiling at her and Holly who had her arms crossed

. “Um… Flo, Holly, you are welcome to come too,” she threw in, hoping it broke the awkwardness. It did

“That sounds great,” Flo said, nudging her son in the ribs. “Fine,” Holly
said, sighing. “I‘ll go get dressed.” She ran up the stairs, her robe hardly covering her butt as she disap
peared. Serena made sure to look away. “Let me just grab my shoes and my jacket,” Flo said, running
back to the kitchen. “Serena, you really
didn‘t have to invite them,” Logan said. She shrugged. “It seemed better than standing here awkwardly,
” she said. Logan chuckled. “I can‘t believe your kids want me there on their birthday,” he
said. “This is the first party they‘ve ever had,” she admitted. “And, the first party as part of a pack.” “I gu
ess, I feel honored then, that they want me to be there,” he said. Flo returned from the kitchen. “I haven
‘t been to a birthday party in ages,” she said happily. “Your kids are just so adorable. I can‘t wait to see t
hem again.” Serena couldn‘t help but smile. She was so proud of her kids, and any time anyone wante
d to praise them or was excited to see them, it made her happy. “Come on, Holly,” Logan called. “This i
sn‘t an event you have to get all dressed up for. If you don‘t hurry, we‘ll leave without you.” Serena glar
ed at Logan. “Don‘t be mean” she warned. “Holly already hates me enough. Don‘t give her more of a re
ason.” Logan smirked at her, shrugging with one arm. “I‘ll be right there,” Holly called down.

When Holly appeared, Serena was a little concerned about her choice of outfit. It wasn‘t entirely approp
riate for a birthday party for five–year–old
twins. She clearly . didn‘t have much experience with kids. It bothered Serena to know that she had to l
et her come, but she was hoping Holly
would be on her best behavior. It wasn‘t just Logan and Flo there that she’d have to behave around. Ch
arlotte and Thomas were an Alpha and Luna of another pack, and they would keep Holly in check. Besi
des, Santino would never let anyone harm the twins or her, or
just be mean to them. “Ready,” Holly said, placing her hand seductively on the back of Logan‘s neck. “
Alright, let‘s get going,” Serena said, heading out the front door and taking a deep breath of fresh air.




Flo, Logan, and Holly followed her out. Holly was holding
Logan‘s hand, marking her territory. Serena refused to look at them, not wanting to give Holly the satisfa

“Oh, I don‘t have a present for the kids,” Flo said as they headed to Serena‘s house.

“Don‘t worry, they‘ve got plenty of presents from their grandparents and uncle,” she assured.

“It is still the pack‘s responsibility to pamper them and support them,” Flo said. “They are our future.”

“But we‘re just stopping by for a minute, right?” Holly asked.

“I don‘t want to disappoint the kids,” Logan said. Serena looked over just to see Logan wink at her. Sere

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