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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Logan and Carson Band Together

When they came to the field in question, Logan growled under his breath. He started shedding his
clothes as he saw Moonshine rogues shifted into their wolf forms, tearing apart the field and attacking a
nearby shed. He shifted into his wolf form, Carson dropping to all fours at his side. Snarling, Logan ran
at the intruders, slamming full force into one. The wolf whimpered and tumbled to the ground. The rest
of the Night Sky warriors had gathered and were shifting into wolves too, attacking in form to drive out
the Moonshine rogues.

Logan separated, heading towards the shed where a few if the rogues were ransacking, trying to steal
supplies. He ran into the shed, biting the hind leg of the nearest rogue and pulling him right back out of
the shed. The wolf whimpered and whined, struggling against Logan’s powerful jaws! The Alpha didn’t
relent, dragging the pawing wolf across the grass before chomping even harder on his hind leg and
then tossing him aside. The broken, mangled limb was useless as the wolf tried to escape. Other
injured wolves from Moonshine were trying to escape, but Logan wasn’t going to let them.

Round up the injured, Logan told his warriors in the mental link. Carson howled, and the others formed
a new line, running around in a semi-circle to keep the Moonshine wolves from escaping.

Carson called some others to him, and they pursued the retreating wolves across the territory. Logan
returned to his clothes. The fight was quick, and it ended with minor injuries for Night Sky. Moonshine
on the other hand, hadn’t gotten off so easily. It was just a simple theft, but it could have been a lot

Logan shifted back to human and pulled his clothes on. He got his phone out of his pants, sending a
text to the medical staff, calling them out to the field. They needed to be prepared to treat the injured
and get all the Night Sky pack members back to the hospital. The Alpha sent out the message globally
to all medical staff. He returned to the field in human form. Most of the other wolves had also shifted

back to their human forms, carrying their injuries with them. He walked through the fields, cataloging
the injured members of Moonshine and Night Sky. There were more injured Moonshine wolves than
Night Sky wolves. That was a plus. It was clear that the operation had been disorganized. They were
desperate to steal some things, like food and basic supplies. Logan had already figured that Moonshine
was desperate. Such a poorly organized theft attempt confirmed his theories. It only took a few minutes
before a few vans and SUVs came driving off-road tearina

Chapter 34 Logan and Carson Band Together

through the field towards the injured wolves. Logan went to greet Adriana. “Prioritize those wolves,”
Logan said, motioning to the Night Sky members that were injured. “Anyone seriously wounded?” she
asked. Logan shook his head. “We’ll know more when Carson returns,” he said. “He ran down the ones
trying to escape. Adriana nodded.

“We’ll have to make a few trips,” she said. “I can leave some nurses here to tend to the Moonshine
wolves until we can transport them.”

“Leave them,” Logan said. “Take care of our own first. We can get them back to the medical facilities

“Very well,” Adriana said. She went to work. Logan saw Serena get out of one of the vans, but he didn’t
approach her or draw her attention. They both had their own jobs to do.

The Alpha joined the ring of pack members that were keeping the injured Moonshine rogues from
escaping. A few nurses were running around with pants and t-shirts so that they could all clothe
themselves. Water and snacks were also being passed around. Some of the pack members just had a
few minor cuts and scrapes. They were given band aids and ointment on the spot, but otherwise left to
do their jobs.

Logan continued to make the rounds, ensuring that everyone was doing what they were supposed to.
His pack was a complete unit. They all knew what was expected of them, and they didn’t need
micromanaging or additional direction to do what was needed.

Serena took the first SUV back with a load of passengers. She was so careful and precise in her
ministrations; it didn’t surprise Logan that she’d want to be there every step of the way with her
patients. A howl in the distance brought Logan to face the direction Carson had run off in. He watched
as the small band of Night Sky wolves returned. From the looks of it, they hadn’t caught up to the
rogues that had fled.

Carson and the others were panting. They stopped in front of Logan and began

shifting back. Nurses ran over with clothing and water. Carson put on a pair of pants, seating himself on
the ground. He was still breathing heavily, drinking water greedily before speaking. “What happened?”
Logan asked, demanding a report. “We chased them back across the territory border,” Carson said. “I
didn’t want to risk going further. “Good call,” Logan said. “It was just a simple theft attempt.”
“Disorganized,” Carson agreed, looking at the injured men scattered around. Logan had told Adriana
not to tend to any of the Moonshine wolves until they were

Chapter 34 Logan and Carson Band Together

the medical facilities. He would deny them medical care all together! They’d been foolish to try and
steal from him. They’d put themselves in danger, threatened his pack, his territory, and his resources.
No way was Logan going to waste more on them!

“Did you learn anything at the border?” he asked, his calm exterior the exact opposite of the raging
anger inside of him. “Nothing,” Carson said. “The moment they were across, they scattered.” Logan
sighed and nodded. It might have been sloppy, but it still didn’t give him much to go on. He could
interrogate some of the injured Moonshine rogues. What else was the point of keeping injured

prisoners? Logan smiled at the thought. A good interrogation could be very useful! “I’m taking the last
of the Night Sky wolves back to the hospital,” Adriana said, coming to Logan’s side. “I’ll send the vans
back for the rogues.” Logan nodded. “Do not give them special treatment. Leave them in the waiting
room until I decide what to do with them,” Logan ordered. Adriana looked at the injured men on the
ground. Logan could tell she didn’t like his order. “I think that is unwise, Alpha,” she said. “Then don’t
think about it,” he barked. “I will think about it!” Adriana nodded. “Very well” she said. She left Logan
and Carson alone together. Logan shook his head. He didn’t like taking out his anger on innocent
bystanders. The truth was, he had no outlet for his anger! Moonshine was untouchable, as long as he
was unwilling to go to war. In a simple theft attempt, he was still left with injured pack members. Maybe
not that many, and none that were seriously injured, but that was a best-case scenario in a simple
attack. All out war would be far more damaging. He didn’t want to put his pack in harm’s way. The
Federation had been designed to prosper with three interlinked packs. With Moonshine out of the loop,
it did lessen the resources and trade opportunities that Night Sky and Starseeker had. They did all
right, most of the time, and had established relations within the human world. The system was still
mildly dysfunctional with Moonshine running their own show. He had to be careful how whimsical he
was with his pack’s resources. Some of the things they relied on were harder to come by.

Money could always get the job done, but that didn’t account for time and availability of said resources.
The hole in the federation left by Moonshine was starting to take its toll on the rogue pack too,
otherwise they wouldn’t have resorted to petty larceny! It was too ridiculous for Logan to wrap his mind
around! Somehow, the illegitimate Alpha of Moonshine thought that it was better to engage in crime
sprees than just make amends and rejoin the Federation. Not that Logan particularly wanted to deal
with that Alpha after what he’d done to Holly’s family, or

any of the other refugees, but it would be better than the nonsense of attacking his territory!

Anger bubbled up inside again causing the Alpha to growl. He shook his head. He had to get out of the
field before he went to take on Moonshine himself! Every time he looked at the injured wolves, his

chest heaved with rage. He needed to be elsewhere to keep his cool.

“I’m going to go to the hospital.” Logan said. “I want to make sure Adriana follows my orders.”

“She’s a doctor,” Carson protested. “It isn’t in her nature to let anyone in pain suffer.”

“Well, this time, she is going to have to,” Logan said.

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