Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Resources

Logan made it to the hospital just as a van of the Moonshine wolves was showing up The nurses were
running back and forth, helping the injured rogues into the waiting room. They were being seated
around the waiting room, but none of the nurses were following up with care. The Alpha went in to spea
k with the nurse at reception. She was shuffling papers around and looked a little frazzled, trying to kee
p track of the number of Moonshine wolves that were being accepted into the hospital. Logan didn‘t car
e about the numbers or their files or charts. He just wanted them gone as soon as possible. “Where is
Adriana?” Logan asked the nurse at the reception desk. “She‘s in with the injured Night Sky members,”
the nurse said. “What‘s your name?” Logan heard Serena asking behind him. He growled in the back of
his throat.

“What are you doing?” he asked, moving to her side, without a backwards glance at the receptionist nur
se. “Helping my patients,” Serena said. Logan grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the waiting room
and down the hall. “Ow!” Serena hissed, pulling away from him. “What is your problem?” “You can‘t trea
t them,” he told her. “They are prisoners, they stole form us!” Serena rolled her eyes.

) MeD D


I‘m a doctor. I

atients. I took an oath, to do no harm. By not treating those that need it, I am neglecting my oath,” she
explained. Logan scoffed. “What kind of nonsense is that?” Logan asked. Serena sighed. “Human worl
d nonsense, apparently,” she said. Logan snorted a humorless laugh. “Serena, they came into my territ
ory, they attacked my field, raided my shed, tried to steal pack resources, and injured my pack member
s,” he laid out flatly. “I‘m not wasting resources on
them in return!” “Logan, that is just petty!” she snapped. Logan raised an eyebrow at her. Was it ironic t

hat she was calling him petty after he‘d mentally ranted about petty theft from Moonshine. “Maybe it is,”
he said, shaking his head. “I don‘t care. They do not get
treatment. None of them are fatally injured, and that means they will all survive. They don‘t get that plea
sure of our hospitality.” Serena rolled her eyes. “Logan,” he heard his mother say
at his side. She was coming from one of the rooms with Adriana.

“What are you doing here, mom?” Logan asked. Flo smiled at him, touching his cheek.

Chapter 5 Resources

“I‘m still Luna, and I still respond to pack emergencies,” she reminded him. “Fortunately, this isn‘t a very
big emergency.” “Right,” he said with a nod. Serena was still glaring at him. From Adriana‘s look, it was
clear they had heard the fight they were having. “Logan, it isn‘t the rogues‘ fault for following their Alph
a‘s orders,” Adriana said, “That is the whole point of a chain of command.” Logan scoffed, looking away
from the three woman that were ganging up on him. “Can I please do my work?” Serena asked, motion
ing out to the waiting room.

“No!” Logan snapped, grabbing her arm when she tried to move again.

“Logan, you‘re being a little strict,” Flo said. Logan growled at his mother.

“There is no reason to waste expensive medical supplies on prisoners who aren‘t in mortal dangers,” h
e said. “Why is that so hard to comprehend?” Serena rolled her eyes again. “Resources?” she asked. “
You don‘t lack
for money, so replacing the medical supplies won‘t be a problem.” Logan gritted his teeth. How could s
he be so infuriating! Serena stepped away from him. He tried to grab her again, but Flo caught his hand
. She pushed him away from Serena.

“Logan, look at me,” she demanded. Logan sighed, but he met his mother‘s eyes. She was using her al
l important ‘mom‘ voice. “What?” he asked sharply. “Stop redirecting your anger,” she told him. “You‘re

mad at Moonshine, not at Serena. You shouldn‘t take your anger out on her. You also shouldn‘t prevent
her from doing her job.”

Logan sighed, pulling his arm from his mom‘s grasp.

“Fine,” he snapped. Flo took a half step back.

“Your temper is going to be your downfall,” she told him firmly.

“I‘ve got to get back to work,” Adriana said heading back down the hospital hallway to another patient r
oom. “As for me, my dear son, I‘m going to go home and check on the twins,” she
said. “You left them there alone!?” Logan asked, getting fired up again. Flo laughed and shook her hea

“No, no,” she said, shaking her head. “Dana is with them. I should go relieve her.” Logan nodded, sighi
ng with relief. His other fear was that she left them alone with Holly. Not that he thought Holly would hur
t them, he just didn‘t think she‘d be a very attentive or effective sitter. “Good call, go,” he said, nodding f
or her to leave. Logan tracked down Serena who was cleaning out some leg wounds on the wolf



Logan had dragged
out of the shed, The Moonshine rogues hadn‘t been given clothing, at Logan‘s request. Instead, they‘d
been offered blankets so they didn‘t have to be entirely exposed, but he hadn‘t wanted them to be too c

“Serena, I‘m sorry for snapping at you,” Logan said. She was crouched down on the floor, working on th
e wound,

“Yes, I‘m reeling from that new experience,” Serena said sarcastically without ever looking up. Logan c
huckled to himself.

“You‘re right, the prisoners do deserve to be treated,” he said, following her to the next one after she ba
ndaged the bite marks on the prisoner‘s leg. “Thanks for the confirmation,” she said, the sarcasm still st
rong in her voice. Logan smirked at her, even though she wasn‘t looking at him.

“I guess it is a good thing that I have you and my mother around to talk some sense into me,” he
said. Serena finished with her patient and headed to the nurses‘ station, She took her gloves off and to
ssed out the bloodied wipes she‘d used to clean wounds.

“No one was seriously injured,” she said. “You were right about that. As a doctor and healer, if you ever o

Logan was taken aback by the harshness in her voice, by the threat that she made. He didn‘t doubt wha
all he could think about was the twins and never seeing them again. It was such a random thought to po

Serena was making notes on a chart. Logan reached out and put his hand over hers, forcing her to put h
the desire to protect your pack,” she said. “I understand the importance of preserving resources. But I am
can help.”

“I know,” he said. “You‘re a better person than I am, because
you can remain calm in a situation like this and do your job.” “You can ease off on the flattery,” she told h
him. “I‘ll see you at home.” Logan nodded as she walked away. He shook his head to himself. The way ‘

Logan turned to the waiting room, looking at the prisoners that were now
bandaged and being offered water and food. He wasn‘t particularly happy about it, but he


11 17

shoved those feelings aside. If he was going to beat Moonshine, he had to be better than their ruthless,
that Night Sky was the superior pack, the warmer, friendlier, more
supportive pack. What a pack should be!

He‘d accepted refugees before, and he would again if they truly
wanted to leave Moonshine. His territory was fortified. They would be safe there from Moonshine‘s illegit
oriented race. Perhaps Moonshine could be defeated without war. All it would take would be for enough
jump ship.

If the numbers dwindled, there wouldn’t be enough of a pack left
to protect their territory. It was a somewhat unrealistic
notion, but one that Logan wasn‘t ready to dismiss entirely. With new thoughts and plans formulating in h
hospital. Home, the twins and his mother were waiting for him. That was a good way to shed the
bad feelings of the attack.

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