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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Renovation Plans Pt. 1

When Logan went to check on the Moonshine rogues the next morning, he found that Serena had
moved them all to private rooms. He’d already told himself he wasn’t going to argue with her this time.
He was just going to let her do her job as a doctor. “Alpha, you’re here early,” Adriana said, coming
over from the nurse’s station. She had her stethoscope around her neck and a clip board in hand. “How
are the patients?” he asked, a folder of his own in hand. “Serena is taking good care of them. I hope
that doesn’t put you in a temper,” she said, jabbing him with a pen. Logan shook his head. “That’s not
why I’m here,” Logan said, holding up the folder he had in his hands. “While it wasn’t damaged as
badly, the hospital took a hit in the storm. We‘ve been out of date on equipment for a while, so I want to
go over renovation and modernizing ideas.”

“Great,” Adriana said. “I’m busy right now, but when Serena is done with her rounds, she can help.”
“Serena?” Logan asked, raising an eyebrow. Adriana was making notes on her clipboard “She’s been
in the human world. She knows about modern medical equipment,” she reminded him. Logan nodded.
He wasn’t keen on confronting her again. She’d been at the hospital all night treating prisoner patients
he’d told her not to treat.

Logan took a seat in the waiting room. When Serena was done with her rounds, she’d return to the
nurse’s station, and he could talk to her then. He did admire her conviction to her work and her
forcefulness when he confronted her. She was a rare breed, standing up to him, making threats..

A powerful female was always good to have in the pack, especially one in a position of authority. Logan
shook his head to push those thoughts away. His mother was the best Luna for the pack currently.
Logan wasn’t sure Holly could be a Luna, but she was insistent that they were mates, so he continued
with their relationship.

It seemed strange, that an Alpha’s mate would be one that didn’t have the qualifications to be Luna.
Logan tortured himself with a few more round about thoughts until Serena appeared and went to the
nurse’s station. He strode over to her, standing beside her and leaning against the desk. He set the
folder down on top of her charts. “What’s this?” Serena asked, tapping the folder with her pen.
“Renovation plans,” he said. “The hospital was hit by the storm. I want to renovate and modernize.”

“That’s ambitious,” she said. “This isn’t a small facility.” Logan nodded in agreement. 1/4


“Money isn’t an issue,” he assured. “However, I need someone with knowledge of modern medical
equipment to give me ideas on what needs to be updated”

“You want me to tell you what equipment needs to be updated in the hospital?” Serena asked Logan
smiled and nodded.

“Yes,” he said. Serena scoffed.

“Everything,” she said. Logan creased his brow

“Everything?” he asked in confirmation. She nodded.

“Look, I don’t know when your last doctor was in medical school out there, but things have definitely
changed,” she said, “I can’t give you a whole list of all the machinery and equipment you have and
what the modern versions of them are right now.”

“No, I know, you’re busy,” Logan said. Serena pushed his folder off the chart she was making notes on
“I am busy,” she said, “Leave the file, and I will make a list for you.” “Thank you,” Logan said. Serena
flashed him a smile and he backed off. He was going to track Adriana down again to see who she had
in mind for other renovations.

Logan found Adriana in the doctor’s lounge making herself some coffee.

“Would you like some?” she asked. Logan shook his head and held up his hand.

“No, I’m fine, thank you,” Logan said. “Serena is taking care of the equipment updates, but I need your
input on interior renovations.” “Oh, sure,” she said taking a seat on the couch. She nodded to the
cushion beside her and Logan sat down. “The ICU rooms and inpatient rooms could use a good
update. I mean heating systems, linens, air conditioning, showers and sinks.” Logan grabbed a pen
and a nearby pad of paper. He started making notes on what Adriana was telling him.

“Lighting across the entire hospital should be updated,” she went on. “This lounge could use some new
furniture, and the personal doctors’ offices are a little dated.”

“Wow, that is a longer list than I anticipated” Logan said, frowning slightly.

“Logan, a natural disaster is a good excuse as any to make changes around here,” Adriana said.

“Thank you, Adriana,” he told her, ripping the page from the notebook and tucking it into his pocket. “If
you have any special requests, any specifics on furniture and anything else, just let me know.” “I’ll think
some things up,” she assured. “What about paint, new color schemes, something not so bright and
plain?” he asked. Adriana chuckled.

“I’m not sure patients would appreciate bright, sunny colors in their rooms,” she said. “False cheer and


Chapter 36: Renovation Plans Pl. 1

“I understand,” Logan said with a nod. “I can still put a fresh paint of coat around” “Oh, actually, Logan,
the windows on the second and third floor need updating,” she said. “They aren’t well insulated, and
some of those rooms are where long-term inpatients live. Drafts aren’t good for them in the winter.”

“Yes, good,” he said, grabbing his page again and making more notes. “Those windows too, for
whatever reason, are so small and don’t let any natural light into the rooms,” she elaborated. “Rather
than sunny colors on the walls, I think real sunlight is the best option for health and wellbeing.”

“You make a good point,” Logan said. “I’ll see what I can do about those things.” “I’ll let you know if I
come up with anything else,” she said. Logan nodded, getting up and leaving Adriana to her coffee.
Looking back, the couch she was sitting on was shabby, the chairs around the table had torn cushions,
and the table itself was sagging and scratched. When he was passing back through the waiting room,
Serena caught up to him. “Logan, wait!” she called, her rushed footsteps echoing down the hallway
behind him. He turned to her, raising an eyebrow. “Did you come up with something?” he asked.
Serena handed him his folder back. “I have a few ideas,” she said. “But this isn’t a good time. We can
have a sit down about this later and go over all the details.” “Sure,” Logan said, taking the folder back
from her. “I’ll meet up with you later, back at the house?” she asked. Logan smirked at her, but she
rolled her eyes. “Sounds good,” Logan said, keeping his voice light. He nodded to her and then let her
get back to work. From the outside of the hospital there wasn’t much to see. The damage wasn’t that
bad, mostly a few shingles and some siding scraped off by a few branches that had been blown around
in the wind. The exterior had been recently renovated, but Logan hadn’t had the time or expertise to
renovate the entire interior and update everything. Now he had two experts that could give him the
feedback he needed to make sure the facilities were up to date. As much as he wanted to avoid a war
with Moonshine, there was still the possibility of it in the future. Not to mention the raids and attacks
always brought back wounded pack members. Carson had been severely injured, and he wasn’t the
first one! Logan wanted the best, most current equipment to ensure that his pack members were well
looked after and had what they needed to recover from injuries and attacks. Logan pulled his notes
from Adriana out of his pocket. He smoothed the wrinkles out and tucked it into the folder he had on

renovation plans and work orders for the hospital. The exterior had already been repaired and was
getting a fresh coat of paint.

was time to turn his attention to the interior.


His hospital was large enough that he could accommodate spillover from Starseeker pack too, if their
facilities couldn’t handle and influx of wounded pack members. If he was going to be partially
responsible for the recovery of members for another pack, even if they were currently prisoners, they
still needed to best care. He had the best doctors, now he needed to give them the equipment to allow
them to do their jobs.

Although he didn’t want to feel excited about a one-on-one with Serena, he couldn’t help the feeling
welling in his chest. He inwardly hoped that Holly wouldn’t be around that afternoon. He so rarely got to
speak with Serena when she wasn’t working or when Holly wasn’t watching their every move.

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