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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Renovation Plans Pt. 2

After a long day of running around and checking on patients, Serena headed home for a late lunch
break. She knew the kids were at daycare, Flo had offered to pick them up later. There was a part of
her that hoped Holly wouldn’t be around when she and Logan had their sit down. It was all business,
but she still wanted to be arounő him without feeling like she had to look over her shoulder or being
constantly distracted by the twins. She needed to create a good working relationship with the Alpha As
a doctor, she would be working closely with him, as was the case the night before at the hospital.
Fortunately, as a doctor, she did had have some authority over him since her work was about life and
death On some level, he did have to defer to her expertise and her knowledge, because she was the
voice that had control over medical decisions. It got complicated sometimes with an Alpha, but as she
had proved the night before, he would listen to reason Logan’s house was quiet when Serena got
there. No matter how long she stayed there, she was never going to be able to refer to it as her house.”
She found Logan in the kitchen with lunch prepared. Serena crossed her arms and raised and eyebrow
at him ‘It is a business lunch,” he said. “I figured since I was forcing you to spend time with me, I’d
spring for lunch’ Serena chuckled, shaking her head.

You don’t have to force me to spend time with you,” she said, sitting down at the table. Logan smirked,
taking a seat across from her. “Notedi” he said, sliding a drink across the table to her. Serena sipped
the tea and nodded in thanks “So, we’re here to tak about the hospital, right?” she asked. Logan
swallowed the bite of his sandwich he just took and nodded. “Yes, let’s talk about the hospital,” he said.
“I don’t want you to worry about expenses at all. The pack funds can afford whatever you decide it
necessary. Serena shook her head “Im not entirely comfortable with being in control of this operation,”
she admitted, setting her sandwich down. “There have to be more authoritative pack members
that would do a better job.” *Im sure there are the said. “But none of them have the outside human
world esperience that you do. Even Adriana isn’t familiar with modern medical technology “Alright,
alright, I get it,” she said ‘Is this why you agreed to bring me on as a doctor? Logan grinned

playfully “As intnguing as your human world erperience is that is not the reason I gave Adriana
permission to hire you,” he assured your skills as a doctor are what got you the job.”

Chapter 37 Renovation Plans P. 2

“Good to know.” Serena said with a smile. She couldn’t shake the insecurities she felt. Being someone
who had spent so much time in the human world, it always made her suspicious when people took an
interest in her.

“You can get what you need in regards to updated medical equipment. I’ll leave it in your hands to
broker the deals with the equipment companies,” he said. Serena grimaced.

“I’m not great with bargaining,” she admitted. Logan chuckled. “After your showdown with me last night,
I am confident you can get what you need and want when we want it,” he assured, winking at her from
across the table. Serena smiled, despite herself. “That was out of necessity,” she argued. “You were
getting in my way as a doctor.” “Well, use that same fire when you are updating medical equipment,” he
offered. Serena shook her head. “There is just one problem,” she said. “I don’t remember the exact
names and equipment brands.” “What do you need to get it?” Logan asked, raising an eyebrow at her.
Serena sipped her iced tea, thinking but trying to make it look like she wasn’t avoiding the question.
“I’m not sure yet,” she said. “I can do some online searching, but I’m not sure how many web pages are
constructed in the most current models of medical equipment.”

“So, go right to the source,” Logan suggested. Serena gave it some thought. If she went reached out to
the human world, she could contact her professors and the medical school she studied at. It hadn’t
been too long; they should still remember her.

They’d get her in touch with the companies that could supply her.

“That would mean contacting my professors in the human world,” she mused.

“Really?” Logan asked, his interested peaked. He sat up straight. “I still have connections. I can make a
few calls after lunch,” she offered. Logan nodded. “Please do,” Logan said. Serena finished her
sandwich and then headed out on the deck off the kitchen. She pulled her phone out and called the
number of the professor who had been most fond of her work. “Dr. Lynn,” she said. “Oh, is this
Serena?” she asked, her voice growing in excitement on the other line. “Yes, it is,” she said. “I told you I
would call when things got settled.” “I’m glad to hear that you’ve found work and are settling in,” she
said. Serena chuckled on the line. She hadn’t told many people in the human world about the twins,
and when she had, it was only out of necessity. “Well, the hospital I am working at is a little outdated on
its medical equipment” Serena explained. “I’m not the head doctor at all or anything, but they did put
me in



Chapter 37: Renovation Plans Pl. 2

charge of updating the medical equipment.” “That is a big responsibility,” Dr. Lynn said. “I know, it is,
and it wasn’t one that I was really expecting so early. I’m a little lost on what I am supposed to be
looking for wand what I am supposed to be doing,” she explained. Dr. Lynn chuckled on the other line.
“Yes, yes, I imagine it is a little overwhelming,” she said. “I have some resources for you.”

“Great” Serena said.

“My afternoon is a little booked, but if you could stop by my office in the next day or so, in the
afternoon, I can have everything you need ready to go,” she offered. Serena tapped her fingernails on
the deck rail. She hadn’t exactly planned to go back into the human world, but that seemed
unavoidable in the current state of things. “Umm…I wil…let me check my schedule,” she said. She
muted the phone and went back into the kitchen. “What’s the news?” Logan asked. Serena held up her

phone. “I have an old professor who is willing to help,” she said. “She wants me to come into her office,
though.” “Back in the human world?” Logan asked. “Next day or so?” she asked. Logan nodded, giving
her the go ahead. Serena mouthed a “thank you” and ducked back outside, unmuting her phone. “It
looks like I can get in there the day after tomorrow,” she said. “Great, Serena, I will see you then,” Dr.
Lynn said. “I’ve got to go!” she hastily hung up. Serena sighed, pocketing her phone again. She went
back inside to fill Logan in on her conversation. “Looks like I’m good to go the day after tomorrow,” she
said. “I knew you could make it work,” he said with confidence. “Mommy, you’re home!” Olivia’s voice
shouted down the hall. Her feet, and Oliver’s close behind, running down the hall. “We‘re back,” Flo
called through the house. Serena smiled and went to her kids. She hugged them both tightly. “How was
daycare?” she asked. “Good, I jumped rope longer than everyone else,” Olivia said. “Wow, Olivia,
you’re getting so strong,” Serena said. “I know!” she said excitedly, jumping up and down. Flo and
Serena both chuckled at her daughter’s antics. It struck Serena that Flo was her kids’ grandmother.
She shook her head quickly and turned to her son. Chapter 37: Renovation Plans Pt. 2

“What did you do, Oliver?” Serena asked. “I painted a picture,” he said. “It was still wet, though, so I’ll
bring it home tomorrow.” “I can’t wait to see it,” Serena said. She kissed Oliver’s head. “Thank you, Flo,
for bringing them back.”

“Any time,” Flo said, running her fingers through Olivia’s hair. Serena sent the kids up to their
temporary room to change out of their day clothes.

“Serena, do you want to leave the kids here when you go to the human world?” Logan asked, coming
into the hallway. Serena sighed. She hadn’t thought about that yet. “You’re going to the human world?”
Flo asked. “Just for a visit with an old doctor friend,” she said. Flo nodded. She looked back at Logan.
“Let me think about it.” He nodded. “They are welcome to stay here with us,” Flo offered. Serena
looked between Logan and his mother. The Alpha didn’t seem to be against the idea. Serena
shrugged. “I’ll think it over,” she said. “I need to get back to the hospital and finish my shift. Thank you
for lunch.” She waved goodbye and got her work things together again.

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