Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Renovations in Action

Back in pack territory, Serena went back to her life and her routine. The kids continued to talk about
their journey for days, always bringing up the park and their trip to the zoo with Logan. The Alpha had
been a little concerned about all the animals in captivity, but he hadn’t made a scene or done anything
that was too suspicious.

With her newly acquired resources, Serena busied herself with making deals and getting the equipment
ready to update the hospital. Adriana was busy with handling the renovations of the rooms and offices,
all the interior work. The exterior had been repaired, the interior had been painted, and Adriana had
gotten the furniture and appliances in the lounges and offices updated. She was still trying to plan when
the lighting systems could be updated, which was harder to orchestrate. “These renovations are
interfering with every day patient care,” Adriana whined, coming up to the nurse’s station. Serena was
checking the boxes on yet another order form for updated monitors and lead lines. “It is more work,”
Serena admitted. “But the two of us can work it out.”

“You have practice, being a single mom and a med student and everything,” Adriana pointed out.
Serena chuckled. “Maybe, but you’re a doctor, used to the stress of emergencies,” she said. “You can
get it done.”

“You’re right, you’re right,” Adriana said. “Speaking of the renovations, how was your trip to the human
world, with the Alpha?” Serena rolled her eyes, dropping the order form in the delivery box. “It was
fine,” Serena said. Adriana gave Serena a sharp look. “Uh-huh,” she said teasingly. Serena rolled her
eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?” she asked. Adriana shrugged. “You don’t do a weekend away
with the Alpha and your kids without something happening,” Adriana pried. Serena gave a humorless
laugh. She was being honest when she said nothing happened. She couldn’t tell Adriana that the
weekend had felt like a family vacation. “Look, the kids love Logan,” she said. “They call him their
‘uncle’ sometimes. He loves them too, and his mother has been so great at helping out while we’ve

been waiting for my house to get fixed.” “I think there is more to it than that,” Adriana said. Serena
shook her head. “You’re seeing things that aren’t there,” she said, grabbing her clip board and heading
down the hall to a patient she needed to check on. Adriana followed her. “Come on,” she said. “Please
give me the details on what happened while you were in

a hotel with him.” Serena rolled her eyes again, stopping with her hand on the doorknob to a patient
room. She turned around to smile at her friend. “Adriana, nothing happened,” she said. “We went to a
zoo to look at captive animals, which Logan didn’t understand as a human past time, and the kids had
fun. I showed him about delivery food and fed him fried dough. He was very confused when we got

Adriana laughed, shaking her head.

“You’re talking about him like he is another one of your children,” she said. “I know Logan has gone out
of his way to be nice to you, but you’ve been so resistant.” “What are you trying to say?” Serena asked,
raising an eyebrow. “Do you have some kind of history with the Alpha?” she asked straightforward.
Serena sighed heavily, looking at her patient’s room door again. “We crossed paths a few times at pack
parties when we were younger,” she said. “Nothing worth bringing up.” She hated lying to Adriana, but
her friend was already asking prying questions. She didn’t want to let it get too far.

“Well, I can’t deny that you and the Alpha have some kind of chemistry,” Adriana said. “We work
together,” she said. “So, can I do my job?” Adriana laughed and nodded. Serena went into the room to
look at her patient. She checked the patient’s vitals and bandages. Nothing needed to be changed or
altered, so she made notes in the chart and moved on.

Back that the nurse’s station, Serena sat at a computer and pulled up an order form for new computers
with updated operating systems and new medical programs. She was also ordering scanners and
copiers to help digitize everything. Serena spent her days checking on patients and doing routine
exams, and then quickly filling out order forms and followed up on deliveries. A couple delivery men

came in and headed to the reception desk. “We have a delivery,” they said, handing the nurse at
reception a delivery form. Serena jumped up and went to intervene. “How big of a delivery is it?” she
asked, taking the order form and scanning what equipment was coming in. It was a shipment of new
hospital beds and mattresses, the kind of beds that were adjustable with a remote control. “Pretty big,”
one of the delivery men said. “We can get it all in, but it will take a few trips.” “Can you bring it in around
back?” Serena asked, signing the delivery form. “There is a service entrance back there.” “Yea, we’ll
bring the truck around,” the delivery man said.

“Great, thank you,” Serena said with a nod. “I’ll meet you back there.” Serena grabbed her own folder
of renovation plans, which was so thick she’d need to transfer it to a binder soon, and took off to meet
the drivers around back. They were already unloading the beds through the service entrance. “Please,
just push them up against the walls, here,” Serena said, directing them to put the boxes to one side of
the hallway. Adriana joined her, checking the box stickers to make sure they were the right products.
“This is really great,” she said. “It is going to be fun scheduling a shift in all the beds and patients to get
these things unpackaged and situated in every room.” “This isn’t the first big overhaul we‘ve done,”
Serena pointed out. “Remember when the painters were here?” Adriana laughed, shaking her head.
“Oh, yea,” she said.

Getting the bed delivery squared away was just another step to getting the hospital renovated. As
much as Serena liked seeing her facilities get updated, she was working long hours and she was
completely ragged by the time she got home. Olivia and Oliver were happy at daycare and happy with
Flo and Logan, but Serena felt like she was missing time with them. She was looking forward to when
the renovations would be done and she could relax a little bit! “Come on, let’s grab some lunch before
we have to get back to work,” Adriana said, taking Serena’s hand and leading her in the direction of the
cafeteria. It wasn’t the best food, but at least it was quick. “Fortunately, that is the biggest delivery this
week,” Serena said, grabbing a salad and some soup for herself while Adriana got a large sandwich
and a cookie. Serena, having second thoughts, grabbed herself a slice of pie too. “Yes, I feel the pie,”
Adriana said, trading her cookie in for pie. Serena chuckled. “At least, once it is done, this hospital will

be completely sate of the art,” she said. Adriana nodded. They got themselves seats in the cafeteria;
Serena set her phone on the table so she could see if any urgent texts came in. “Enjoy this moment
with me,” Adriana said. “At least, when I get home, I get to rest.” Serena chuckled.

“My kids have so much fun without me around,” she said, shaking her head. “They are kept busy. I
miss having time with them though.” “Well, I know you are already putting so much time into this
project, but we’ve hit another snag,” Adriana said. Serena paused in chewing her salad. “What now?”
she asked. She’d been meticulous with her ordering and monitoring the deliveries. If something had hit
a bump, she hoped it was something that was easily


“So, some of the nurses and other medical staff aren’t very versed with using the new equipment,”
Adriana said. “Do you think you could…help teach them how to use the new stuff?” Adriana batted her
eyelashes hopefully. Serena laughed and shook her head.

“Yes, I can put in some extra time and teach them how to use the new stuff,” she said. “Though, the
new computers, I’ll have to brush up on my skills with those too. The software has been updated since I
left school.”

“Oh, this will be fun,” Adriana said slightly sarcastically. Serena rolled her eyes. Her phone began to
vibrate as she was polishing off her salad.

“Oh, I’ve got to run,” she said. “I have a patient who needs an abscess drained.” Adriana cringed, but
nodded. Serena grabbed her phone and her files and took off to get back to work. With a deep breath,
she composed herself. Teaching nurses and medical staff was a new experience, but she would do it if
it meant the hospital would get back to full operation sooner.

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