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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Return to the Human World

When Serena finished her shift and got home from the hospital Flo still had the kids up. It wasn’t too
late, and they were already in their pajamas. She was sitting in the living room with them, Oliver was
drawing and Olivia was playing with some carved wooden wolves that Serena had never seen before.

They were being quiet and on their best behavior. Serena was impressed. Flo wasn’t even keeping a
sharp eye on them. She was sitting on the couch and reading a book. Olivia and Oliver were masters at
sneaking away and causing trouble when they thought no one was watching. “Are those new toys?”
she asked, kneeling down by Olivia. “Flo gave them to me,” Olivia said, smiling at the Luna. “Leant
them to you,” Flo corrected, leaning forward on the couch. Olivia nodded and went back to her game.
“They are beautiful.” Serena said, looking at Flo. “Carved by my father and given to me to play with
when I was their age,” Flo explained. “The detail is amazing,” Serena said, picking up one of the
wooden carvings. The wolves had lines for fur, and each one had unique facial features. “My father was
good with his hands,” Flo said.

“Did you two have fun with Flo this afternoon?” she asked. The twins nodded, but Oliver was focused
on his painting and Olivia was too immersed in her game.

“We all got along just fine,” Flo assured. Serena stood up and took a seat on the couch beside Flo.

“I was thinking about having my kids stay with their grandparents in Star Seeker while I am back in the
human world,” she said. “Charlotte and Thomas will look after them. “Are you sure?” Flo asked. “It
would be my pleasure to watch them.” “I know it would,” Serena said. “You are so great with them, and
I appreciate all your help.”

“I loved being a mother,” Flo said. “It was always my greatest regret that I never had more children.”
Serena chuckled and looked at her own kids. “Perhaps your sentiment would be different if you’d had
twins,” she said. Flo laughed and shook her head.

“You do amazing with them, especially without a mate,” Flo said. Serena nodded, appreciating the

“My parents would love to have some quality time with the kids.” Serena said. “Charlotte dotes on
them, and they will probably come back with more clothes than

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Chapter 38. Return to the Human World they can wear before they outgrow them.” She laughed. Flo
laughed too. “A grandmother’s duty,” she said. “Mommy, why do we have to go stay with grandma and
grandpa?” Olivia asked, looking up from her game. It got Oliver’s attention too. “We like it here,” Oliver

“I have to go on a little trip, back to the human world,” Serena told them. “Your grandparents would love
to watch you while I’m gone for a few days.” “Back to our old home?” Olivia asked, jumping up. She ran
to her mother’s legs, and threw herself across her lap. “I want to go back!” Oliver looked up from his


“Me too!” he insisted. “I’ve been thinking about it, Serena,” Logan said, coming into the living room.
“Perhaps I should tag along on this venture to the human world.” Serena raised an eyebrow at him.
“That could be a good idea,” Flo said, looking between Logan and Serena. “Do you even know how to
pass as human in the human world?” Serena challenged. Logan shrugged.

“You can teach me,” he said.

“If Logan goes, I want to go too,” Olivia insisted. Serena raised a questioning eyebrow at Logan. “It isn’t
up to me,” he said, drawing from their conversation about parental authority previously. “Though, I
wouldn’t mind the added company.”

“Yes!” Olivia said, jumping up and running around the living room. “Can we see our old house?” Oliver
asked, rolling his picture up and carefully putting his pencils back in the pencil box. “I’m not sure,”
Serena said. “It depends on what we have time for. I’m meeting a friend, and that could take up a lot of
our time.” “We‘ll see what we can get into with the time we have,” Logan said. “I guess we should start
packing,” Serena said. She got up from the house and headed upstairs. Olivia and Oliver followed her,
rushing to their room to start packing. She knew their backs would end up stuffed with toys instead of
clothes. Serena knew she’d have to go and repack their bags. While she was working through her own
clothing and travel necessities, Logan appeared in her doorway. “Do I need to buy new clothes for this
adventure?” he asked coyly. Serena looked over her shoulder, tossing a few shirts into her open
suitcase on her bed. “Your clothes are fine,” she said laughing. “The human world isn’t that different.”
“Ņo?” he asked. “You were so concerned that I wouldn’t blend in.”


Chapter 38: Return to the Human World

“I’m still concerned about that,” she admitted. “It is more about your behavior than your appearance.
Although, you can’t run around as a wolf, at all.”

“At all?” he asked. Serena shook her head.

“If you do, you might end up getting shot,” she admitted. Logan let out a long breath, shaking his head.
“I wasn’t prepared for that bit of news,” he confessed. “They don’t have wolves out in the human

“Oh, they have wolves, but they don’t really live in cities or around people. They can’t turn into people,
and when they get too close to people, the humans get nervous and kill them before they can attack
anyone,” she explained. Logan shook his head. “Wolves attacking people,” he said. “Wild animals,” she
corrected. “Not all humans accept that animals can be…self-aware, and in the wild, there aren’t a lot of

animals that can differentiate between a human and a meal.” “That’s unfortunate,” Logan said. “But
you’re sure we’ll be safe?” “As long as you don’t sniff people out, don’t transform into a wolf, don’t take
your clothes off randomly, or do anything else wolfish, we will be fine,” she assured. “Besides, there are
some very strange humans in the human world.”

“Strange humans?” Logan asked. Serena nodded, walking to her dresser and pulling out a few pairs of
pants. “I can’t explain it all in detail,” she said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get a full experience where we are
going. Big cities are rife with strange humans.” “Good,” Logan said. “I’ll go pack. We can head out early
tomorrow.” “Great,” Serena said. Logan headed off down the hall. Serena finished packing her own
bags and she went to the twins’ room. They had a suitcase open, toys tossed in and a few pieces of
clothing. Serena chuckled, going to their suitcase and sorting through the mess that they had piled onto

“I can’t wait to see the old house,” Oliver said. Serena shook her head. They hadn’t. lived in a house,
they’d lived in a tiny apartment three floors up. It wasn’t far from the medical school, so Serena knew
they could swing around and see it. She didn’t know if anyone was living there anymore though. “While
I’m with my doctor friend, will the two of you be able to show Logan around?” she asked.

“Yea, that sounds like fun!” Olivia said. “We can take him to the park,” Oliver said, referencing the park
with the playground that was less than a block away from where they’d lived. Serena had taken them
there every day it was nice when she had a break from work and classes.



Chapter 38 Return to the Human World

“That sounds like a good idea,” Serena said. “I bet he’d like to see the park.” She put her suitcase and
the kids’ suitcase by the front door when things were all packed. It was getting late, so she put the

twins to bed. They were excited, but exhausted enough to go to sleep quickly. On her way to her own
room, Serena ran into Logan again. “Quick question,” Serena said. “How does Holly feel about this
impromptu trip with me and my kids?” “I didn’t know you cared about that?” he said. Serena shrugged.
“I don’t want any delays,” she admitted. “I also don’t want to be accosted upon our return.” Logan
chuckled. “I’ll handle Holly” he assured. “See you in the morning.” She nodded. He gave her a soft
smile, and Serena felt her stomach drop. She was getting in too deep! It wasn’t good. Going away for a
few days with Logan and her kids might be too much. She’d have to make sure she didn’t let anything
go too far. “Good night,” she said, waving at Logan as he disappeared into his room. She sighed
heavily and went to her own bed. They were going to have a long drive ahead of them tomorrow.
Serena wanted to be well rested. Her kids could be a pain in the car, and she didn’t want that to lead to
any squabbles or discomfort. Returning to the human world came with enough uncertainty!

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