Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Carson and Serena

Carson wasn’t badly injured after the most recent Moonshine attack, but Serena had patched him up
when he’d come into the hospital and supplied him with fluids. Since then, he had stopped by every
day to see her while the hospital renovations had been in progress.

Always with an excuse, like checking in for the Alpha, but Serena was starting to suspect there was
more to his visits. “I see you go the new hospital beds installed,” Carson said when Serena entered an
unoccupied room to restock medical supplies. Starting, she whipped around to see Carson sitting on
the new bed, bouncing up and down to test the mattress. Serena sighed and smiled at him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. “Daily progress report,” he said dismissively. “I really doubt
that,” Serena said, going to the medical cabinet and putting the new stock of supplies away. “That
hurts,” Carson said. “You really don’t believe me?” “No, I don’t,” Serena said, glancing over her
shoulder and smirking at him. Carson grinned. “You don’t think I have an honest face?” he asked,
giving her an innocent smile. Serena rolled her eyes, but laughed. He was entertaining, and she found
herself flirting right back with all his antics! “See this folder?” she asked, holding up the file in her hand.
Carson nodded. “The Alpha has me making daily reports on my progress. I send them directly to his
office after each one of my shifts. He wouldn’t need you to come in an check on my progress.” Carson
pursed his lips. “Alright, you caught me,” he said jokingly. “I just like the hospital. Something
about new medical equipment and the smell of sterility is a real turn on.” He hopped off the bed and
bounced his eyebrows. Serena giggled. “Yea, I‘m sure it is,” she said. “I’ve still got a lot of work to do
today. If this really is going to be a daily event, do you mind if we pick it up again tomorrow?” she
asked. “Oh, are you inviting me to come visit again?” he asked coyly. Serena rolled her eyes. She liked
how flirtatious and goofy he was. It allowed her to feel like she could iet go of her own control
sometimes. Carson was a great Beta, a strong leader, and he wasn’t afraid to go great lengths to

protect the pack. She had treated him twice after attacks from their rival pack! Serena was a little out of
practice when it came to flirting, but Carson had made it easy for

“I didn’t realize that the Beta needed my permission for anything,” Serena teased. Carson shrugged,
grinning. “In that case, I’ll see you for dinner tonight,” he said, winking at her. Serena scoffed and shook
her head. “Are you asking me out to dinner?” she asked. Carson smirked. “You said I didn’t need to ask
your permission, so I’m telling you that I will see you for dinner,” he informer her. Serena sighed. “Well,
I walked right into that one, didn’t l?” she asked. Carson laughed. “If you don’t want to, I’ll understand,”
he said. Serena shook her head. She thought about it for a moment. The only other male she’d had a
chance to really talk to since she’d come to the pack, other than Logan, had spurned her the moment
he found out that she had kids. Carson was charming, funny, and nice. She didn’t want to get her
hopes up though, and then have him react the same way the guy at the party had. “You know I have
kids, right?” she asked. “That I’m a single mom?” Carson raised an eyebrow at her. “Um, yes,” he said.
“Did you want to bring them to dinner too?” Serena smiled lightly. “No, I was just making sure,” she said
with a nod. “Why would that bother me?” Carson asked. Serena shrugged. She scooped her folder up
under her arm, seeing the time and realizing she had to get back to her rounds. “I have no idea,” she
admitted. “It seems to bother some pack members.” Carson

growled under his breath. “Then they aren’t worth your time,” he informed her, crossing his arms over
his chest. “Thanks for the pep talk,” she said. “Now, I do need to get back to my rounds.” “Does that
mean I’ll be seeing you for dinner?” Carson asked as she headed for the door of the room they were in.
Serena smirked, glancing at him over her shoulder. “I thought you weren’t asking permission,” she said.
Carson smiled broadly. “Good, my place then, tonight,” he said. Serena nodded and left the room. As
she was walking to the next room she had to check on, her steps faltered. She’d just agreed to going to
Beta Carson’s house for dinner! The idea was so strange to her. She hadn’t gone on a date with
anyone since the twins were born. Now, the Beta was asking her out!

Her thoughts became conflicted when she thought about Logan. Carson and Logan were best friends.
Logan was likely the father of her kids. What kind of problems could that cause? She didn’t know, but
for the first time since coming to Night Sky.

she didn’t care. Carson was a lot of fun to be around, and Serena wanted some more adult fun time.
She wanted to go on a date with him, and it was the first time, as a single mom, where she was able to
make the choice to do something for herself. “What is with the pep in your step?” Adriana asked her
when she made it to the nurse’s station. “I’m going to dinner with Beta Carson,” she said, unable to
hide her smile. “Huh,” Adriana said. “Honestly not what I expected, but good for you.” “Thanks,” Serena
said. “I’m so out of practice. I have no idea what to do.” Adriana laughed. “Just show up, look pretty,
and laugh at his jokes,” she said. Serena chuckled. “That’s easy enough. Speaking of, can I get off a
little early so I can make sure the kids are fed and Dana can watch them?” she asked. “Sure, just,
leave enough time to get yourself dolled up too,” Adriana said. Serena smiled. She finished filing her
paperwork and then headed to pick the kids up from daycare. Dana wasn’t at the daycare, and Serena
was told that Dana was sick. When she got them back to Logan’s, she made a quick snack for them
and then called Carson. “Hey, I’m sorry to have a last-minute change, but the sitter is sick,” she said.
“There’s no one to watch the kids. Luna Flo is overseeing more renovation plans at the hospital.” “Oh,
that’s really too bad,” Carson said. “But, if that is the only thing stopping you, just bring them along to
my house. I’m sure we can keep them entertained.” Serena hesitated. She had actually been
disappointed when she learned Dana was sick and the kids had no sitter. Another part of her had been
relieved though, and she was glad for the excuse not to go. Now, Carson was removing her excuses.
He wasn’t going to make it easy for her. She appreciated that as much as it made her uncomfortable.
“Alright,” she said slowly. “If you’re sure you’re okay with two rambunctious twins in your house..” she
trailed off. Carson laughed. “According to Logan, they are great kids,” he said. Serena rolled her eyes
even though Carson couldn’t see her. The Alpha would say that! “They are,” she assured. “Give me a
bit to get them ready and make myself presentable. Oh, they’re a little picky about food, so I can just
make something.” “That sounds lovely.” Carson said. Serena hung up. She showered while the kids ate

their snack. She dressed herself in a casual dressy outfit, did her hair and even put on a little makeup.
When she felt like she was presentable, she got the kids into clean outfits and packed a back with
some of their

toys and games to help keep them occupied. “Where are we going?” Olivia asked as they headed out
the front door. “We are going to my friend’s house for dinner,” she said. “You have a friend?” Olivia
asked. Serena chuckled. “Yes, I can make friends too, you know,” she teased. Olivia smiled. “What is
her name?” Oliver asked. “His name is Carson,” she told them. “He is Beta of the pack, second to
Logan.” “Is he a kissing friend?” Olivia asked, making a face. Serena laughed, shaking her head. “No,
he isn’t a kissing friend” she said. “We are just having dinner together. And he wants to meet the two of
you, so be on your best behavior.”

“Yea, yea,” Olivia said with an eye roll. She was developing too much of an attitude! Serena filed that
away as something to work on later. At least Oliver was docile enough to make a good first impression.

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