Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Holly’s Confession

When Logan came down for breakfast the next morning, Serena and the twins were already in the
living room. Oliver was painting with fingerpaints. Serena had covered the rug with newspapers so he
wouldn’t get paint on anything. Olivia was on the couch with her mother and Serena was reading to her.
She looked up and smiled at Logan when he came down. He narrowed his eyes at her, still unsure
what he felt about her date the night before.

Holly was in the kitchen making him breakfast. It was an unusual treat, so he smiled when she handed
him his coffee. “What’s the occasion?” he asked sitting down at the table. Holly bit her lip coyly. “I can’t
just dote on my mate?” she asked. Logan chuckled. “Why were you out so late last night?” he asked.
Holly shrugged, putting pancakes on a plate for him. She set them in front of Logan and then got
himself some too. She sat across from him. “I was with a friend,” she said. “We had a lot to talk about.”
“A friend?” Logan asked, raising an eyebrow at her. There was the suspicious jealousy he’d been
missing last night! Holly shook her head and laughed, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Natalia,” she said. Logan nodded, biting into a pancake. “It was just a girl’s night.” “Is everything
alright?” Logan asked, realizing that he’d have to show some interest in ‘girl’s night’ now that Holly had
confirmed it wasn’t anything for him to worry about. Holly sighed, looking down at her pancakes. * think
so,” she said. “You think?” Logan asked. “Is there anything Natalia needs?” Holly shook her head. “It
isn’t Natalia,” she said. “I mean, she was there for me last night. I was the one who needed someone to
talk to.” Holly was being so kind and pleasant. Logan set his fork down, a new suspicion flooding
through him. She was usually only so nice and pleasant when she thought he was going to be mad at
her. “The pancakes?” he asked. “Are they to put me in a good mood?” Holly sighed, wrapping her arms
around her waist. “Logan, please, this is serious,” she said. That made Logan even more suspicious.
Holly was rarely ever serious about anything. “So, are you going to tell me what is going on?” Logan

asked, his voice rising in volume. “I don’t think I’m ready yet,” Holly said. “Not ready?” he asked through
gritted teeth. “Holly, what affects you affects me too!”

“I know, I know,” Holly said looking up with wide eyes. “I just need more time.” Logan shook his head.
He pushed his chair back, leaving a half-eaten breakfast at the table. He headed to the living room,
sitting down with Oliver on the floor. “What are you painting, Buddy?” he asked. “A flower,” Oliver said.
“Want to paint with me?” Logan nodded, grabbing a blank page and sticking his pointer finger into the
blue paint. “You really want to know what is going on!?” Holly snapped, her tone full of anger as she
appeared in the living room. Logan looked up at her. She had her hands on her hips, her eyes glowing
cruelly as she took in Serena and the twins in the living room. “I don’t think now is the right time,” Logan
said. “As you pointed out earlier.” “You’re such a jerk, Logan!” she hissed, throwing her hands in the air.
“You always have to have your way. Well, you wanted to know what was wrong, so I’ll tell you. I’m

The room became completely silent. Oliver stopped painting, Serena stopped reading. Everyone stared
at Holly and Logan just blinked at her. He laughed and shook his head.

“No you’re not,” he said. “You’re on birth control.” “Okay,” Serena said standing up. “Oliver, can you go
upstairs and wash your hands, please? Olivia, go with him and make sure he doesn’t touch anything
until his hands are clean.” With reluctant sighs, the twins got up. “Please play in your room until I come
get you,” she said. They nodded. Logan hated to see them go, because he knew Holly would just get
more worked up. “Tactful,” Logan said. “You really don’t know how to behave around kids. There is no
way you are pregnant.” “Oh, I’m sorry,” Holly said. “I must just be imagining all the things that are
happening in my body.” She crossed her arms. “I don’t think I should be here for this conversation,”
Serena said. “Do you think the two of you could at least keep it down? There are curious five year old
twins in the house.”

“She’s right, we don’t need to have this conversation now,” Logan said. Serena rolled her eyes at him.
He didn’t know what he’d said to make her angry.

“That’s not what I said,” Serena snapped. “But if neither of you can censor yourselves with
impressionable ears around, how can either of you ever hope to be parents?” Holly scoffed.

“You‘re already going to give me parenting advice. The dysfunction queen thinks ! need her wisdom?”
she asked rudely. Logan growled at Holly. He would have grabbed 2/6


her and dragged her away, but if she really was pregnant, he couldn’t do that. “You know what, the two
of you deserve each other and whatever and all the misery you bring each other. Don’t be selfish and
force your own child into that!” she shook her head and fled from the room. Logan glared at Holly.
“We’ll talk about this later,” he said. “I want to see the proof, because you told me you were on birth
control.” “Accidents happen,” Holly said with a dismissive shrug. Logan swallowed another growl. He
had to get away from Holly. Whatever he was feeling wouldn’t be good to unleash around her,
especially if she was telling the truth. Even if she wasn’t, his anger would only fuel hers and they’d go
back and forth forever. Logan followed Serena. She was right. If that was how Holly was going to act,
then she wasn’t ready to be a mother. She didn’t know how to behave around kids at all, which was
obvious based on her outburst. She’d been completely inappropriate. What bothered Logan more was
that Serena was right about him too! He’d spent a lot of time with her kids, deluding himself into
thinking he could be a positive influence on them. Yet, he was still with a woman who had no ability to
relate to them, who was selfish and unnecessarily competitive and cruel. He wasn’t ready to be a
father. The only difference was, if Holly was telling the truth, he would do everything he needed in order
to get ready to be a father. He wasn’t sure Holly would do the same. He had trouble imagining her
being a good, selfless, attentive mother. Serena had gone out into the yard through the kitchen. Logan
followed her steps, staying out of her sight though. She was on the phone and her voice was urgent.
He wanted to know what urgency had been sparked by the announcement that his girlfriend was
pregnant. “Yes, can I speak to Dr. Maverick, RedEx Labs, please,” Logan heard her say. It wasn’t a lab
or last name he was familiar with. It had to be a connection of hers in the human world. It was odd, her

using a human lab for some kind of test. All he could think was that it meant it was a lab result or test
that she didn’t want anyone in the pack to know she had run. A result she didn’t want anyone else in
the pack to find out. He could think of a few obvious tests, including paternity for her children, which
would make sense with a new pregnancy announcement. Logan had no idea what he was even
thinking! His knowledge of medical technology wasn’t enough to form any opinions. *I sent the blood
and swabs in a while ago,” Serena said on the phone. Logan quieted his mind to hear more of her
conversation. There was a long pause. He saw Serena nod her head several times. “Okay, please let
me know as soon as you get the results,” she said. “The situation has become urgent” She hung up the
phone and pocketed it. Logan watched her sigh and look up at the sky.

She seemed more aggravated by Holly’s confession than he was. There was a part of him that still
wasn’t convinced. Whether he was in shock, denial, or actually thought Holly was capable of making
something like that up…

Sighing, Logan went back inside. He wanted to know what Serena was up to. Why did she feel like she
had to go outside the pack to run lab tests? What was she hiding? He didn’t know nearly enough about
her past to actually put the pieces together. He was determined to find out though, and it would be a
welcome distraction!

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