Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Moving Back In

As the boxes piled up, Logan realized he was going to miss Serena and the kids living with him. He
knew Serena had never felt comfortable there, but the twins had, and he had enjoyed having them all
there! Serena was a unique female, and with the twins, there was always something exciting going on.
He felt like he had really gotten to know them, especially on their excursions into the human city. They
wouldn’t be far away, but it was still enough distance that he wouldn’t be seeing the twins every day.
Box after box he carried to the moving truck, surprised they managed to salvage so much stuff from the
destroyed house. Most of it was clothes and toys for the twins, things that Serena’s parents had sent
after the storm. “Really, you don’t have to help,” Serena argued. Logan dismissed her. “I do,” he said. “I
want to.” She sighed. “Okay, I just feel bad,” she told him. “We‘ve been imposing on you for so long,
and now you’re still doing the heavy lifting.” Logan smiled. “This hasn’t been an imposition at all” he
assured her. “I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m going to miss having the kids around.” “I’m sure
they’d like to visit you too, once we are settled back in over there,” she told him, picking up another box
and sliding it onto the truck. Logan smirked at her. “Is that an open invitation?” he asked. Serena
blushed a little. Logan was surprised by her reaction, but pleased nonetheless. She had been acting
strangely around him, being friendly and warm one minute, then shying away and closing herself off the


Logan knew she still had secrets. He had wanted to know what they were. Having her at his house had
helped with that, a few phone calls he’d overheard here and there. It wasn’t the reason he wanted her
around, by any means. He knew now, he’d have to work harder to get to know her.

“I don’t know about ‘open,” Serena said. Logan smirked at her and she went off to find more boxes.

“Logan, how long are you going to be?” Holly asked from the front porch. Logan looked up to her. She
didn’t look pleased. “I’m going to help unload at their house,” he told her. Holly crossed her arms. “I

need your help with some things,” she said. Logan raised an eyebrow at her. That was code for she
didn’t want him to do what he was currently doing. “I’ll be done when I’m done,” Logan said. “If you
want things to go faster, you can help with the boxes.” Holly sneered, “No, she can’ı,“ Serena said,
“She’s pregnant, she shouldn’t be lifting more than Moving Back in twenty-five pounds.” Logan rolled
his eyes. Of course, Serena would take the stance of both a doctor and a mother. Holly gave Logan a
triumphant smile. “See, doctor’s orders,” she said. She turned and went back into the house. “Great,
now she isn’t going to help out around the house at all” Logan muttered. Serena smiled. “Does she
usually?” she asked. Logan laughed. “Well, you got me there,” he said with a smirk. “Hop in, I’ll drive us
over.” “The kids,” Serena said. “My mom is watching them,” Logan assured her. “Once everything is
unloaded, we’ll come back for them.”

“Shouldn’t we put out a public service announcement to the pack or something?” Serena asked
climbing into the passenger seat. Logan started the truck, which roared to life.

“It isn’t like you have that much stuff to move,” he pointed out, pulling away from his house. “Mostly just
clothes and toys.” “True,” Serena said. “Thank you for getting the house repairs done so quickly.” “You
don’t need to thank me for that,” Logan assured. “Most of the damage around the territory was minimal
in comparison. I did make sure to take down any other trees that were too close to your house.” Logan
chuckled and caught Serena’s eye roll. “Thank you, but I doubt my luck is that bad,” she said.

“Better safe than sorry,” Logan said. “Do you really want to crash with me every time there is a storm?”
Serena shook her head and Logan chuckled again. “No, but I think Oliver would appreciate having you
around during storms,” she admitted. Logan sighed, nodding. He didn’t know why it was so easy to be
there for the twins, but the thought of Holly having his baby still bothered him. Maybe it was because
the twins weren’t his, so he didn’t have a solid commitment to them. He felt like he did though. Not just
as Alpha, but as something else. They were such great kids, so much fun, and brilliant! Logan
wondered if he was so bothered with Holly’s pregnancy because he didn’t think he wanted a kid that

didn’t turn out just like the twins! Serena had rolled the genetic lottery and won completely! Whoever
their father was…he had to have come from a strong bloodline like hers.

Serena chose to unpack the boxes inside while Logan ferried them into the house. The back-and-forth
motion was automatic enough that he could think more about the twins and his conflicts with having his
own kid. It was a large commitment to take on a child. Logan knew that! He hadn’t been expecting it,
and he’d been hoping it would be a while longer before he had to. His

mother had reminded him that he needed a Luna and he did need to carry on his family’s bloodline and

Still, it was all so sudden! There was a part of him that wondered if he was putting so much focus on
the twins because he could have fun with them, and they were a distraction from the child he didn’t
want. “That’s all the boxes,” Logan said when he dropped the last one off. “Thanks, again,” Serena
said. She was pulling some clothes out of a box, folding them on the coffee table. “Everything looks
exactly the same.” “It was recently renovated before you arrived,” Logan reminded her, looking around
at how well his construction teams had put the house back together.

There were now seams or breaks that could be seen by the naked eyes. All the wall colors matched,
and there were no breaks in the molding. “I think they still had a lot of those materials in storage,” he
said. Serena nodded. “That makes sense,” she said. “The couch and coffee table aren’t the same.” “I’m
sure most of the furniture was replaced” Logan said. “You’ll probably need new linens and things like
curtains and dishes.” “Oh, right,” Serena muttered. Logan smiled. He went to stand across from her, the
coffee table between them. “Don’t worry,” he said, reaching out and touching her hand. She stopped
folding the shirt in her hands. “The pack will take care of it. Just get me a list of what you need.”
“Thanks,” she said, smiling weakly. Logan wished she would just accept the pack’s help without feeling
guilty or thinking she was undeserving. “We are all equal here,” he reminded her. “If one is in need, the
whole pack rises up for support. That’s the way things are around here.” “I know,” Serena said. “I
appreciate it.”

“Then smile,” Logan told her, grinning. Serena’s lips broke into a smile. Logan knew

she hadn’t seen Carson again, not since their first dinner together, so he had felt that twinge of betrayal
fade to the background. Still, there was something Serena wasn’t telling him. He could see it in her
eyes, in the way she hesitated to look at him and speak to him. He didn’t think he was particularly self-
centered, but the Alpha couldn’t shake the feeling that she was reacting to him specifically, not
something from her past or a memory. “If there’s anything on your mind, anything bothering you…” he
trailed off. He didn’t really know how to say what he wanted to say without sounding nosy or
inappropriate “Yes, you‘re the pack Alpha, you are here for me,” Serena said, “I know. There is nothing
wrong.” She pulled her hand from his and started to fold clothes again. “Serena, you‘ve changed;” he
said, pushing the matter gently. “At least, you’ve changed towards me.” Serena raised an eyebrow at

“As opposed to the time when you were recently giving me the brush off and then bounced back
quickly?” she asked. “I don’t pry into your personal thoughts and feelings.” Logan sighed, nodding.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention,” he said.

“We all have our moods,” she pointed out. “If there is anything you need to know, I will tell you.”

“Alright, if you say so,” he said with a shrug. “Ready to get the kids?”

“Yes, I think they will like having their rooms back,” Serena said. She dropped the clothes in her hand
and followed Logan back out to the truck. He watched her get into the passenger seat. More than ever,
he was determined to learn what she was hiding!

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