Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Hide and Seek

When Serena and Logan got back to Logan’s house, Serena was ready to get the kids and head home.
She was happy to have a home again, and happy to get some space from the Alpha. Knowing he was
her kids’ father, knowing that another female was pregnant with his child, it made everything too
complicated. She went to the room they’d been staying in. Flo followed her, wanting to say goodbye.
When Serena opened the door, she found the carved wooden wolf toys on the floor, but the twins
weren’t there. “I didn’t hear them come downstairs,” Flo muttered. Serena sighed. “They are just
playing a hiding game,” she assured. Flo and Serena went around the whole house, looking for the
kids. They weren’t anywhere! Panic began to rise in Serena’s chest. “I know they couldn’t have gotten
outside,” Flo assured. Serena nodded, but she couldn’t help worry that the kids had gotten into one of
their hiding places and were hurt or trapped! “Olivia, Oliver, where are you?” Serena called. There was
no answer.

“What’s happening?” Logan asked, joining Flo and Serena in the living room. “The twins have done a
vanishing act,” Flo said. Serena winced. “I hope they’re okay,” she said, going to a wall and pressing
her ear to it. There wasn’t any sound coming from inside.

“I’m sure they are fine,” Logan assured. “I know all the hiding places in this house. Trust me, I used to
use them too.” Flo chuckled and tousled her son’s hair, even though he was taller than her. “Yes, you
were good at giving your father and I scares,” she said. “Something the twins are good at too!” Serena
stared at Flo for a moment. She worried Flo was implying something she shouldn’t know! Serena had
made sure no one else would see the lab results confirming Logan’s paternity. “Come on, I’ve got a few
ideas of where to look,” Logan said. “Olivia, Oliver,” Serena called as she followed Logan back upstairs.
“It is time to go back to our house!” “We don’t want to go!” Olivia screamed from inside the walls. Logan
chuckled, pointing to the closet in his room. Serena nodded. “Sounds like they’ve gotten quite
comfortable here,” he muttered. “I think they like the hiding places, where they can cause trouble

without me seeing.” Hide and Seek she said. Logan smiled at her and opened his closet door. “I’m
probably not going to fit through here, but you are slender enough to get in there enough to talk to
them,” Logan said, pushing a panel aside in the wall. It revealed an old crawl space.

The space was narrow and dark. It smelled musty. Serena wasn’t too keen on crawling in there on her

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right here and I’ll pull you out if you get stuck,” Logan assured. Serena scoffed and
shook her head.

“I’ll be fine,” she said. Serena dropped down on her hands and knees. She lowered onto her stomach
and used her elbows to crawl into the space as far as she could go, until her hips hit the sides.

Olivia and Oliver were in the crawl space, tucked away against the back of the wall. They were hugging
each other. Serena couldn’t quite reach them, even with her arms stretched out all the way. “What
are you two doing?” she asked, propping herself up on her elbows so she could look at them. “We don’t
want to leave, Mommy.” Olivia said. “Yea, it is fun here,” Oliver said. “Don’t you want to go back home?”
Serena asked. “Our real home where you have all your toys and you each have your own room?” “No!”
Olivia snapped. “We like it here.” Serena sighed. “I know, baby,” she said. “This is an old house with
lots of fun places to hide and lots of fun toys to play with.” “Yea, so, can we stay?” Olivia asked. “This
isn’t our home,” Serena said. “We are just guests here. We‘ve got to go to our real home.” “But Uncle
Logan likes us,” Oliver said. “Yea, we could stay here with him, and you can go home,” Oliver said.
Serena chuckled, though her heart hurt thinking her kids wanted to stay with Logan instead of her. “As
much fun as that sounds,” she said with a note of sarcasm, “Logan has his own life and his own family.”
“It’s not fair!” Olivia wailed. “I want to stay here!” “Just because we are going home doesn’t mean we
won’t ever come back,” Serena assured them, “Logan will come visit you at our home, and I’m sure
he’d love to have you visit here. And, I’m sure there will be times when Flo will take care of you when I
can’t or when Dana can’t.” Hide and Seek “Do you promise?” Olivia asked. Serena was hesitant to
promise the kids anything that she couldn’t make complete good on. This was a promise that involved

other people, but knowing Logan and Flo, she didn’t think they would mind. “I promise,” she said. “This
won’t be the last time you see them, and it won’t be the last time you get to play in this house.” “Okay,”
the twins said together. They started crawling towards her. Serena used her elbows to push herself
back out of the crawl space. It was slower for her than the twins, and they were getting antsy. When
she made it all the way out, Serena sighed and flopped down on the closet floor on her back. The twins
émerged next, sneezing and stamping their feet to get rid of the dust on their clothes. “Nice work,”
Logan said, reaching a hand out for Serena. She accepted it, and he pulled her to her feet. They stood
facing each other for a moment, and then he brushed his fingers through her hair. Serena cheeks
reddened, and she stepped away. Logan held up his hand, showing her the clump of dust she’d pulled
from her hair. “You’ll come visit us, right, Uncle Logan?” Olivia asked, stealing his attention. “I’ll come
visit,” he assured. “We always have so much fun together, that’s not going to stop because you aren’t
living here anymore.” “Okay!” Olivia said. “I should get them home and in the tub,” Serena said,
grabbing Olivia’s hand before she ran off. “Good idea,” Logan said. He walked with them down to the
front door. “I have to say, I think I will miss having the kids here.” Serena raised an eyebrow at him.
“Well, you’ll have one of your own soon enough,” she reminded him. Logan said, glancing back up the
stairs at the door of his bedroom. “Won’t that be something,” he muttered. “As you said, you’ll come
visit and play,” she said. Logan smiled. “Absolutely,” he said with a nod. Serena held one twin in each
hand and headed out of Logan’s house. The walk back to their house was quick and easy. When she
walked through the front door, she sighed with relief. It was nice to be home, and to actually have a
home! “Come on, kids, you need to take a bath,” she said.

“Awe, mom!” Oliver complained. Serena had a feeling Oliver would be a little nervous in the bathroom
since that was where they were when the tree fell on their house. She wanted to make sure that he
was safe and comfortable, though. That he had a positive experience in the bathtub. “Go pick out your
jammies,” Serena said. “I’ll fill the bath.” The kids ran to their rooms, and Serena filled the tub part way
with warm water. She

threw in some bubble bath and added some of their favorite bath toys. The twins ran in the bathroom
naked, tossing their pajamas at Serena. “Get in, get in,” she said. Olivia fearlessly plopped into the tub.
Oliver was more hesitant, but he climbed in after his sister. Serena hummed softly, sitting on the toilet
as she folded the kids’ pajamas and laid out their robes and towels. They’d started a game that
involved their toys being held at high heights before being dropped into the water, making bubbly

“Wash your faces,” please,” Serena said when she noticed the twins were getting pruned. She waited
for them to wash their faces and then she had them stand up so she could dry them quickly and wrap
them in their robes.

“I’m so clean!” Olivia said. Serena smiled, handing her daughter her pajamas. It was good to be home!
She wasn’t worrying about taking too long in the bathroom with bathing the kids, or worried about how
much noise they were making. Still, she liked the idea of having a home with a full family one day.

With the kids in bed, Serena took a moment to appreciate being back in her own home. The first night
wasn’t as relaxing as she thought! Every creak and sound made her sit bolt upright in bed, listening for
a tree to come crashing through the roof again!

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