Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Another Attack

Dana was getting the twins cereal by the time Serena got up in the morning. She took a shower and
changed into some play clothes so she could have a good time, no matter what the kids wanted to do.
Dana had coffee waiting for her when she came out of the bathroom. “Thank you, you are a life saver,”
Serena said, sitting on the couch. There was a small kitchenette in their suite with a counter and two
bar stools. The twins were eating their cereal at the counter. “Mommy, can we go to the duck pond
again today?” Olivia asked. Serena sipped her coffee before answering. “Why don’t we do something
different today?” she asked. “Dana has never been to the city before. It would be nice to bring her
somewhere new.” “We could go to the museum,” Oliver suggested. “That sounds like fun,” Dana said.
A knock on their door cut their brainstorming short. Serena got up and answered the door. Logan was
standing there with a somber look on his face.

“We‘re not going out today, are we?” Serena asked. Logan shook his head. She stepped back to let
him into the hotel room. “There’s been another attack,” he said as soon as Serena shut the door.
“Moonshine has made another move.” “Again?” Dana asked. “Oh dear.” “We have to get back,” Serena
said. “I have to get to the hospital.” “I’ll start packing,” Dana said, going to get the kids’ stuff together
first. “Logan, is it bad?” Serena asked. The Alpha sighed. His expressionless face was harrowing to
Serena. “I had an idea of where they would attack next, so the patrols in those areas were heavier,” he
explained. “I was right, though, for where they would attack. Unfortunately, it was a more forceful
attack.” “Who’s injured?” Serena asked. “I didn’t get a list of names,” he said. “There are a lot though,
and we need to hurry.” Serena nodded.

“I’ll help Dana” she said. “Kids, finish your breakfast, we’ve got to get going.” “We‘re leaving?” Olivia
asked sadly. “I’m sorry, honey” Serena said, going over to put her hand on her daughter’s back. “The
pack needs us. We need to be there for them.” “Okay,” she said softly, It was a blessing that the kids
were aware enough to know that

Chapter 50: Another Attack being part of a pack was important and when bad things happened, they’d
have to put their wants on hold until the pack was safe again. “My mother said we can drop the twins
off with her and go straight to the hospital,” Logan said. “By the time we get back, the wounded will
have been moved.” Serena nodded, rushing into the bedroom to collect the luggage. In moments, the
five of them were back in Logan’s car. Dana did a quick checkout, and they were off. Serena kept
seeing Logan’s eyes start to his speedometer. He was trying not to push past the speed limit, but she
knew how hard that was for him. The Alpha should always be with the pack when an emergency came
up. She couldn’t imagine what thoughts and feelings of guilt were running through his head. His
expression was entirely unchanged since he showed up at their door. “Can we play a game?” Olivia
asked after they’d been riding in silence for a while. Serena smiled at her kids. “Of course,” she said.
She reached into their travel bag and handed them one of the toys she’d brought to keep them
entertained. Olivia and Oliver focused on that. Serena kept bouncing her leg. She felt helpless sitting in
a car when she knew there were pack members in the hospital that desperately needed her aid!

It was too much!

Serena watched the scenery flying by out the window. Everyone was silent again in the car. It wasn’t an
awkward silence this time, though. It was an anxious silence. Dana was looking out her window, Logan
was chomping at the bit to drive faster, and even though the twins were playing, they were quiet. They
seemed to sense the agitation in the room. When they passed back into pack territory, Serena sat up
straighter. They still had a ways to go, but she was chewing on the inside of her cheek, bouncing her
leg against the car floor. Dana was dropped off at the daycare. Logan swung by his house to drop
Olivia and Oliver with Flo. Serena moved to the front seat after dropping her bags off. “There haven’t
been any fatalities yet,” Logan told her. “Adriana and the medical staff are well versed in what to do.”
His attempts to ease her mind failed, but she gave a weak smiled and nodded. “It is so soon after the
last attack,” she muttered. “They’re getting desperate,” Logan said. “This is… an escalation…but one I
was almost expecting.” “What are you going to do about it?” Serena asked. She glanced at Logan. His
lips were set in a thin line, jaw tight. “I don’t know,” he admitted. They were silent again until they got to

the hospital. Serena jumped out before the car had even stopped moving. The waiting room was full of
Night Sky and Moonshine wolves that were in various

degees of pain and with injuries of different seriousness. “Good, you’re here,” Adriana said. “You made
good time.” “Where do you need me?” she asked. “Surgery is taken care of, only a few needed it,”
Adriana said. “Start with bandaging anyone in the waiting room that doesn’t need to be moved to a
private room.” Serena nodded.

She ran to the doctor’s lounge, getting her coat, stethoscope, and finding a nurse’s cart to load up with
bandaging and disinfecting supplies. There were several patients in the waiting room that had minor
injuries. Serena passed them over in favor of those that were actively bleeding or had limbs and joints
that were out of place. She grabbed a medical pad and wrote down notes – indicating if someone had a
broken bone or another kind of injury – sticking the notes on the patients as she went. The waiting
room was full of groans and moans of pain. Those that were actively bleeding took priority. Carson was
one of them, seated off to the side. Serena went to him first. “Are you okay?” she asked him.

“It is just a bite,” he said dismissively. Serena rolled her eyes. “I’ll be the judge of that,” she said.
Carson lifted his pant leg, revealing teeth puncture wounds. She got the antiseptic and began flushing
out the wounds. Carson growled in pain. “I thought doctors were supposed to be delicate,” he
grumbled. Serena shook her head.

“Not during an emergency,” she said. She finished flushing the wound and then used gauze to clean
and pack it. Once he was bandaged, she stuck a note on him indicating what his wound was and that it
was bandaged. Quickly, Serena moved on to the next bleeding wound. It was going to be a very long
night, based on the number of patients still sitting in the waiting room. Every now and then, a nurse
would come by and take someone who was bandaged or who needed x-rays and a cast, off to their
own private room. Serena’s focus was only on those she could treat in the waiting room, though.
Eventually, the number of patients in the waiting rooms started to dwindle. While Serena was treating a

few minor cuts and bruises, Carson hobbled over to her again. “You shouldn’t be on that leg,” she said.
“I can’t just lie still” he said, “Put me to work.”

“Carson, you can barely stand,” Serena said, “You’re not going to be helpful to me, or anyone, unless
you lie down and rest.” “Ouch,” he said, teasing her. Serena shook her head.

“I am working. Now is not the time to be flirting with me,” she told him firmly. “Go back to your room and
stay there or you’ll cause more damage to your leg.” Carson sighed, looking crestfallen. Serena moved
on to her next patient. It was a pack emergency; she didn’t have time to flirt and coddle the Beta who
needed to be resting! Her firmness got through to him, though, and he hobbled back to his room. She
sighed with relief, not wanting to have to worry about him falling and hurting himself more! “You’re good
to go,” she told the wolf she was working on. “Give this form to the nurse at reception.” She handed her
patient a discharge note. It wasn’t until the waiting room was completely empty that Serena saw
Adriana again. Her face was gaunt, she looked tired! “Everything alright?” Serena asked, meeting
Adriana at the nurse’s station. “It was a hustle today,” she said. “No Night Sky fatalities, but there are a
few who were seriously injured. It will take them a while to recover, and a couple that are still not out of
the woods yet.” “I can work extra hours, keep an eye on them if you need” Serena said. Adriana smiled

“We’ll all do our part,” she said. “Please tell me your trip to the human world was productive. I need
some good news.” “Very,” Serena assured. “Logan is a great negotiator.” “I’m glad to hear it,” Adriana
said. “Now, we both need to get some rest before putting in another full day tomorrow.”

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