Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Interference

Logan and Serena rushed into the living room, finding that Olivia and Oliver had been jumping on the c
ouch. Their activity had knocked
a few of the picture frames off a nearby shelf. The frames and glass were broken on the floor. Serena p
ut her hands on her hips again. “Olivia, Oliver, get off the couch!” Serena said firmly.
Oliver slid off the couch, cheeks red with embarrassment. Olivia wasn‘t jumping anymore, and she
dropped down into a seated position on the couch. “Sorry, mommy,” Oliver said, still looking at the floor.
He tried to pick up shards of glass.

“No!” Serena said, reaching down and stopping Oliver from touching the glass. “I will pick
it up, but the two of you have to apologize to Logan and be more careful.” “Serena, really, it is okay,” Lo
gan said. Serena headed to the kitchen to get a broom and dustpan. It wasn‘t the first mess
she‘d had to clean up of theirs. It was the biggest and the only one that consisted of things
that didn‘t belong to them.

sorry, Logan,” Serena said, bringing the broom and dustpan back in. “Did you apologize yet?” she gave
Olivia and Oliver a harsh look. “There‘s no need;” Logan said, shaking his head. Serena looked at him,
raising an eyebrow.

“There is,” she insisted. Logan shook his head and Serena glared at him.
She looked back at her kids. “Apologize.” “We‘re sorry, Logan” Olivia said. “We didn‘t mean to break yo
ur things,” Oliver added. “Go to your room,” Serena said. “I want you two to stay up there until you can
play around the house
without breaking things that don‘t belong to you.” “That‘s a bit extreme,” Logan said. Serena glared at hi
m again as she swept up bits of the picture frames. “Go!” she said to her kids. Olivia and Oliver

bowed their heads. They took hands and headed out of the room slowly. Serena finished cleaning up th
e glass and frame bits. She picked up the pictures next and carefully set them aside.

“Serena, you didn‘t need to be so strict,” Logan said, following her into the kitchen as she disposed of t
he glass. “I don‘t need you interfering with how I raise my kids,” she said. Logan creased his brow.

“I‘m sorry, I thought I was helping,” he said. Serena scoffed, sitting down heavily at the kitchen table.

Look, they need structure, they need discipline, otherwise, they will just cause more

Chapter 32: Interference

trouble and break more things,” she said. “I know what kids are like,” Logan said dismissively. “No, you
don‘t!” she said. She was starting to rethink everything she‘d thought about Logan and his ability to par
ent. He was there for the good times, could comfort them and play, and have a good time. The moment
he needed to put his foot down, he would dismiss their behavior as being “childish.” “Serena, they are j
ust kids. They‘re playing around. If a few things get broken, that isn‘t a big deal,” Logan argued. “It is a
big deal,” Serena argued, looking up at Logan with irritated eyes. Logan shrugged, obviously not under
standing what the big deal was. “Logan, I need to be the voice of authority in their
lives. I‘m their mother.” Logan sighed, shaking his head. “Maybe you‘re right,” he said. “I know I‘m right,
” Serena said. “I‘m their mother. I’ve been their mother and only parent since the day they were born. I
don‘t need you or anyone else trying to interfere with how I parent.” Logan put his hands up, backing a
way slowly. “I get it,” he said.

“Do you?” Serena asked, her voice rising in anger. “Because you don‘t seem to have a problem making
excuses for them and writing off their behavior.” “Isn‘t that
what I‘m supposed to do, as a family friend?” he asked. Serena shook her head.

“No!” she snapped. “It is a child‘s natural desire to rebel against their parents. If they think you are their
alley, I will never get them to do what I ask ever again.” Logan sighed, bowing his

head. He sat down at the table across from her. “I‘m
sorry, Serena, I didn‘t mean to interfere,” he said. “Don‘t do it again.” she said.
“I need me kids to trust me, respect me, and recognize
my authority. If they think you‘ll bail them out, they will always go to you.” Logan chuckled.

“I‘m not there all the time,” he pointed out. Serena sighed. He was right. She was putting a lot of anger
on him, because she kept thinking of him in terms of being a father to her kids. If that day ever came, s
he wanted to know that she
could trust Logan not to poise the kids against her. Serena shook her head. Maybe she
was being a little ridiculous. Logan wasn‘t their father, at least not officially. He had no obligation to play
the role of the parent. Still, she didn‘t want him to get in the habit of being their friend over an authority
figure. “I‘m sorry, Logan, I was a little harsh,” she said. “I just…
it would be better if they saw you as an authority figure than as a friend. You are Alpha, after all.” Logan
nodded. 2/4

Chapter 32 Interference

“I understand your position,” he said. “They do make it hard to be mad at them, don‘t they?” Serena smi
perfectly cute and charming. Oliver works the ‘shy but deep‘ angle.” Logan chuckled. “They will become

Try as she might to avoid it, the way he continued to support her, she just couldn‘t break from that thoug
of her own.” “I guess you and
Holly should get on that,” Serena teased. Logan grimaced. “That won‘t be happening any time soon,” he

“Hello?” he asked. Serena couldn‘t hear the conversation. Logan was listening mostly, nodding on the p
put the dishes away. “I‘ll be right there,” Logan said. Serena turned as he hung up
the phone. “Moonshine got hit hard by the storm. Looks like they are causing trouble to make up for it.” S

“I‘ll see you later,” she said. “Later,” Logan agreed before departing. Serena finished putting the dishes a
the twins‘ room. They were playing on the floor quietly. “How are you two?” she asked. “Good,” Olivia sa
toys. Serena nodded. “I‘m sorry i yelled at you
earlier, twice,” she said. Both the twins looked up this time.
“It‘s okay, mommy,” Olivia said. “We still love you,” Oliver said. Serena chuckled. “I love you too,” she sa
quietly you guys are playing up here.” “We can be quiet,” Olivia said. “Good, that‘s what I like. You can r
chance to read for a while. She laid down on her bed, comfortably able
to relax for the first time in a long time. She kept sharp ears out though, to make sure that the twins were

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