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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 54

Chapter 54: A Mother’s Love

Charlotte showed up at the house bright and early the next day. A single phone call the day before,
where Serena had expressed wanting to talk to her mom, and the Luna promptly appeared with donuts
for the kids! “Morning, morning everyone,” Charlotte sang as she came into the house. “Grammy!”
Olivia said. “I’ve got donuts for you,” Charlotte said, setting the box of the warm pastries on the table.
Olivia and Oliver each grabbed one out of the box and started eating. “I’ve got coffee,” Serena said,
handing her mother a mug. She grabbed a donut for herself before they vanished in the kids’ mouths,
and poured herself some coffee too. *Wonderful” Charlotte said, taking a seat at the table. “I was
worried about you, dear. That call was…uncharacteristic.” Serena eyed the kids. “We’ll talk after Dana
takes them to daycare,” Serena said. Charlotte winked at her daughter and nodded. Olivia and Oliver
had their mouths smeared with powdered sugar. Serena wiped them off just as Dana arrived to take
them to daycare. “Oh, it looks like you had a special treat for breakfast,” she said. “Want a donut?”
Serena asked. “There are plenty.”

“Thanks,” Dana said, grabbing one from the box before heading off with the kids. Serena listened for
them to all walk down the front steps before she sighed and sat down at the table across from her

“Serena, talk to me, darling,” Charlotte said. Serena looked up from her steaming coffee at her mother.
She hadn’t felt close to Charlotte during her years in school when she was in the human world. Now
that her mother knew about the kids, she felt closer to her, but there was still a part of herself she was
keeping hidden and reserved. “I got confirmation on who the father of Olivia and Oliver is,” she blurted
out. “What?” Charlotte asked. “I thought you didn’t know who it was.” “I didn’t” Serena said. “I had my
suspicions, though.” “Honey, this is huge, why didn’t you tell me any of this before?” Charlotte asked.
Serena sighed again. “It is complicated,” she said. “I didn’t want to talk to anyone until I had answers. I

even sent the bloodwork out to a human lab.” “Why all the secrecy?” Charlotte asked. Serena wasn’t
sure how much she wanted to

tell her mother. She didn’t want to reveal Logan as their father, but she knew if she wasn’t careful with
her wording, her mother could narrow down who the suspects

were. “It has been over five years,” she reminded her mom. “I don’t know if this male remembers me, or
the time we spent together. There was a lot of alcohol involved. I didn’t want to make any accusations
or completely change another wolf’s life without the right proof to back it up.” “That’s understandable,”
Charlotte said, sipping her coffee. “You’re going to tell him now, though, aren’t you?” Serena shrugged.
“I honestly don’t know,” she admitted. “It isn’t that easy…” “Why not, does he have a mate and a
family?” her mother asked. Serena thought of how to answer that question. **Not exactly, at least, not
in the most traditional sense;” Serena said. “I just can’t

imagine how I would even start that conversation.” Charlotte chuckled “I think you can find the right
words,” Charlotte assured. Serena shook her head. “Yea, I can just walk up to him and say ‘do you
remember me from that one night stand all those years ago? Because, guess what, you’re a dad,” she
said with an eyeroll. Charlotte laughed. “I’d trust you to have a little more tact than that,” she said.
Serena shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said. “This is all very confusing, mom. I wasn’t really expecting to
have confirmation, but then I started wonder, and things started to make sense in ways I wasn’t
expecting.” “You might not believe it, darling, but I do understand,” Charlotte said. “It isn’t always easy
to be honest.” “So much time has passed,” Serena said. “I just can’t bring myself to uproot someone so
unsuspectingly.” “Can I ask who the father is?” Charlotte asked. Serena shook her head. “I mean, you
can, but I’m not going to tell you,” Serena said. “Why not?” Charlotte asked. “I want to tell him first,
before anyone else,” Serena said. “It would be awful if I told other people first, and then somehow he
found out through someone else.” “You think I’d tell anyone?” Charlotte asked, raising an eyebrow.
Serena chuckled. “I know you, Mom,” she said. “You’d tell dad. He’d tell Santino, and then who knows
where it would go from there.” “Okay, okay, you’re right,” Charlotte said with a smile and a chuckle. She

took another sip of her coffee. Serena looked down at her own coffee. She hadn’t even taken a sip yet,
and the

steam had stopped rising. It was getting cold. Now that she knew Logan was the father of her kids, it
only made her relationship more complicated. It hadn’t been any kind of relief or closure, especially
since she had to contend with Holly’s pregnancy. “What’s on your mind, Serena?” Charlotte asked.
“Mom, it is more complicated than just changing the life of someone I barely know,” she said, “Not just
because I don’t know if he’ll remember me, but because he does have a personal life. His girlfriend,
possible future mate, is pregnant.” Charlotte let out a whistle and shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she said.
“That does complicate things.”. “And this female…she isn’t one that I want to be in competition with.
She isn’t one want my children involved with,” Serena explained. “I see,” Charlotte said. “I’m guessing
this male is part of Night Sky?” Serena nodded. “Yes. I only discovered the connection when I came to
work here,” she added. “Have you thought about maybe coming back to Starseeker?” Charlotte
offered. “It could put some distance between you and give you the time to figure out what you want to
do.” “It isn’t about what I want,” Serena said. “It is about what is right. What is right for the kids, what is
right for their father.” Charlotte stood up and came around the table. She stroked Serena’s cheek.
“You’re so grown up, dear,” Charlotte said. “I’m proud of you, coming to that conclusion.” “Thanks,” she
said. “I just don’t know how to go about doing what I know is right.” “Maybe you should start with telling
Olivia and Oliver,” Charlotte suggested.

Serena thought about it. If they knew Logan was their father, they’d never keep it a secret. She could at
least tell them she knew who their father was, or ask them if they wanted a father. She had to time it
right. If she began talking like that to her kids and then she wasn’t ready to reveal the truth to Logan
yet…she knew the kids would start talking She’d already told Logan their father wasn’t in the picture, if
he found out that she’d told the twins she knew their father, that could cause him to ask questions. It
would lead to all the answers she didn’t want to give. So, Serena knew she had to time things perfectly.
Whatever she did, she knew it wouldn’t be comfortable for her or for Logan. “Thank you for being here,

Mom,” she said. “I’m always here for you, darling,” Charlotte said. “But, whatever you decide,
remember that the kids deserve to know where they come from.” “You’re right,” Serena said with a nod.
“I’ve kept too much from them their whole lives. They only just found out they were werewolves when
we came to Night Sky!” “Then, you shouldn’t hide anything more from them,” Charlotte advised. “You
know, it doesn’t matter if this male wants to be a parent or not. The kids deserve to know, and so does
he. You should confront him.” “I will,” Serena assured with a nod. “I just want the timing to be right.”
Charlotte chuckled.

“I don’t think there ever is a right time for this kind of thing,” she said. “Perhaps you should just pull the
band aid off.” “Maybe I should” Serena said with a sigh. She finished her coffee with her mother, and
they are the last of the donuts. Serena was so glad that her mother had come through with support and
advice. She was also grateful her mother hadn’t pried for details when Serena had been reluctant to
give them.

Part of her knew that her mother wouldn’t stop there. There was a chance that her mother would snoop
and try to find out more information. Serena had to be sure no one would have that information until
she was ready to reveal it. “Thanks for coming by,” she told her mom as they walked out onto the front
porch. It was a bright, sunny day. “I’ll always be here for you,” Charlotte said. “That’s what a mother
does.” “I know,” Serena said. “I’ll see you soon.”

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