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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Another Trip

“Thank you for meeting with me,” Serena said to Logan when he joined her at the hospital. “I’m having
trouble with one of the medical equipment vendors. They want to speak to me directly.” “As in, in
person?” Logan asked. Serena nodded. She had anticipated the need to go back into the human world
when dealing with vendors, but it was another setback to the renovations she hadn’t wanted to
encounter. “I offered a phone call, but they think I am inexperienced and would like to speak to
someone in charge,” she explained. It was hard to admit, but she knew she didn’t have the experience
she should have for the current task. Logan was in charge of the pack, and Adriana was busy with her
half of the renovations. “Ahh, so we both need to go,” Logan said. Serena nodded again. “I’m
sure you’re busy, but we really need those new vital monitors,” she said. “It isn’t a problem,” Logan
said. He was being strangely distant with her. Serena had no idea what his problem was, but he wasn’t
being playful or friendly like he normally was. She assumed it had to do with the most recent news
about Holly. “Thanks,” Serena said with a smile. “I already talked to Dana, and she said she could
come with us to watch the kids. My parents are otherwise unable to do so.” “Good,” Logan said. “I’ll
make arrangements on my end. Serena smiled at him. The Alpha did not return the smile and stiffly
walked out. She couldn’t worry herself with whatever mood the Alpha was in. Her own job took
precedence, and Logan was not her responsibility, outside his medical care. Moodiness didn’t qualify.
Serena called it an early day to go back to Logan’s and get herself and the kids ready. She called Dana
to bring them back to the house to get packed too. “Can we go to the zoo again, and the park?” Olivia

“You will have plenty to do, don’t worry,” Serena assured. Logan and Holly were having an argument
down the hall, their bedroom door partially closed. When Serena went into her room to pack, she could
hear the argument through the walls. “I don’t want to stay here alone,” Holly argued. “You shouldn’t be
traveling in your condition” Logan told her, a hint of anger in his voice. “So, you’re just going to run off
with some other female and her kids?” Holly snapped. Serena heard the Alpha’s sigh and imagined him

rolling his eyes. “I’m not running off with her,” he said calmly. “This is pack business, necessary for the

Right, and it just has to be a full family outing,” Holly said in annoyance.

“There isn’t anyone to watch the kids, unless you want to,” Logan said. Serena knew she’d never let
Holly near her kids unsupervised, but she heard the slight challenge in Logan’s voice. “No, absolutely
not! They are disgusting!” Holly whined. Serena didn’t exactly like hearing someone call her children
disgusting, especially an expecting mother! “That’s what I thought,” Logan said. “So, stop making a
fuss.” Holly grumbled and they argument ended. Serena finished packing her clothes. She got a
backpack to put all her files, papers, and order forms for the medical equipment that she’d need for this
meeting. She’d called ahead and set up the appointment for her and Logan. It had taken some
convincing, but finally the company rep had agreed to the meeting. Another long drive into the city, and
Logan didn’t speak once. There was definitely something on his mind, but Serena had no intention of
diving into his mind. He was moody, that was clear, and she didn’t want to spark his unpredictable
temper. This time as they went into the human city, Serena didn’t have the same elation as before.
Things had shifted drastically in the relationship between her and the people she was living with. Logan
was being strange towards her, Holly was pregnant, and she’d had a date with Carson. It was all

Dana was sitting in the front passenger seat, and Serena sat in the back with the twins, keeping them
entertained with car games and singing. It was an awkward car ride, and even the kids could feel it.
Eventually, they fell asleep. When they go to the city, Dana took their luggage to the hotel and Serena
and Logan took the kids to stretch their legs and get something to eat. “We’ll be meeting with the
company rep in about an hour,” Serena said. “We’re lucky they agreed to meet us on such short
notice.” “Sounds good,” Logan said. “Logan, Logan!” Olivia called to him in a loud voice. He smiled,
and Serena was happy to see he wasn’t being standoff-ish towards her kids. It made her feel like there
was something about her that he was distancing himself from. “What is it, Olivia?” he asked, picking

her up. “Can you become a wolf now?” she asked. Serena cleared her throat as a few nearby
pedestrians stopped to stare at the child and her unusual request. “Olivia, we’re not playing that game
right now,” Serena said, taking Olivia from Logan’s arms. Logan gave her an appreciative nod. It was
clear he still didn’t know how he was supposed to react around humans.

Fortunately, Serena’s quick thinking got the gawkers to keep walking. “What did I do wrong, mommy?”
Olivia asked. Serena pulled her daughter and son to the side, setting Olivia down and getting them to
stand side by side. “Do you two know what a secret is?” Serena asked. They nodded.

“Something we can’t tell anyone else,” Olivia said. Serena nodded. “That’s right,” she said. “When we
are with the pack, you can talk about wolves. Everyone knows about them. When we are in the city,
wolves are a secret, okay?” “But why?” Oliver asked, always the contemplative one. “There are some
people that wouldn’t understand and might want to hurt anyone that can become a wolf,” she explained
as simply as she could for the kids. “That’s scary,” Olivia said. “It is,” Serena agreed. “That’s why we
don’t talk about turning into wolves in the human world, okay?”

“Okay, we won’t,” Olivia said, taking Oliver’s hand. “Good,” Serena said. “Alright, kiddos, what is it that
you wanted to show me?” Dana asked when she rejoined them. “We want to go to the park again,”
Olivia said, taking Dana’s hand and jumping up and down. “Alright, let’s go to the park,” Dana said.
“We’ll see you later for dinner,” Serena said to the kids. They were already focused on the park.

“We will be there,” Dana assured, waving to Serena. Serena nodded and waved back. “That goes for
you too, Logan,” Serena said when the kids and Dana were out of earshot. “What does?” he asked, a
ghost of a smile touching his lips. “Not mentioning wolves around humans.” Serena said. Logan gave a
dry chuckle. “Yes, I figured as much,” he replied. It was nice that he was loosening up a little bit. He still
wasn’t teasing and playful, but she’d got a smile reaction out of him, and she hoped that would make
their time together less awkward. They couldn’t exactly bring the twins to a business meeting. “We are
meeting this guy at his office,” she explained. “It is a few blocks down.” “Lead the way,” Logan said,

holding an arm out. Serena nodded and took the lead. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take care of this
without your assistance,” she said, feeling her inexperience weighing heavily on her. “It isn’t a big deal,
Serena,” Logan assured. “I handle this kind of stuff all the time.” “I know you do, I just…I wanted to be
able to handle it on my own,” she said. Logan chuckled.

“You‘re in a pack again, you don’t need to do everything on your own,” he reminded her. Serena

“You’re right. It still takes some getting used to,” she admitted. “But after this, I think that I’ll be much
better equipped.” “If you ever need anything…” Logan trailed off, his voice getting colder. Serena
paused and turned to look at him. “I know,” she said. “You’re the Alpha, it is your responsibility to
support the pack members.” Logan nodded. “It is,” he agreed. He sighed and kept walking. Serena
again wondered what it was that was bothering him. It couldn’t just be his impending fatherhood,
because he had been friendly and warm with her kids. Whatever was going on had something to do
with her specifically. Serena wanted to ask him, but she wasn’t sure what to ask. Should she ask him if
he had a problem with her? Should she ask him why he was so distant with her? Was it self-centered
of her to think the problem was her? She could ask how he felt about Holly and the baby, or just ask if
everything was okay in general. She didn’t want to upset him before a business meeting, though

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