Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Second Date

“Serena, good afternoon,” Carson’s voice said cheerily into the phone. “Hey. Carson,” Serena said. She
had just gotten in from her shift at the hospital. Dana was already making the kids dinner, and when
she’d arrived, the phone was ringing. “Are you just getting in?” he asked. “You sound flustered.” Serena
chuckled. “Yea, I just got back from the hospital. What’s up?” she asked. “Well, I may have heard from
a little bird that you have a babysitter tonight,” he said. “So, I was wondering if you wanted to have
dinner with me.” “You’re asking me to dinner again?” Serena asked. “My cooking didn’t scare you
away.” Carson laughed.

Serena saw Olivia make a scrunched-up face. She thought it was about her own cooking, but she
made it again the next time Carson spoke. “Not at all,” he said. “I will be handling the food this time,
though.” Serena sighed. “I guess I could come over for a little while” she said. “Let me shower and
change, then I’ll come by.” “Great!” Carson said happily. “I’ll see you soon.” He hung up. “Are you going
to see Carson again?” Oliver asked moodily. Clearly, her kids hadn’t taken to him very well. “I am,”
Serena said. “Dana, are you okay to stay with the kids?” “Of course,” Dana said with a nod. “Thank
you,” Serena said. She showered and changed quickly, kissed the kids goodbye, and then headed out
to see Carson. When she got to his house, Serena was surprised by the setup. The lighting was dim,
and he had a candle lit dinner prepared. It smelled amazing, and her mouth started to water. Between
her own cooking and eating hospital cafeteria food, she hadn’t had a really delicious meal in too long!
“Wow.” Serena said as Carson took her sweater. “This looks amazing.” There was a pretty flower
arrangement at the center of the table. “Well, you are always working so hard, as a mother and a
doctor, I figured you could be spoiled for a night,” he said with a chuckle. Serena smiled, taking a seat
at the table. “Did you cook?” she asked. Carson shook his head. “No, but I had a few favors to call in,”
he said. Carson poured them each a glass of wine. Serena raised an eyebrow at him. “The kids aren’t

“That is true,” she said, accepting the glass and taking a sip. Not that she didn’t think she could drink
wine in front of her kids, but she was a little suspicious about what Second Date Carson had in mind for
their night. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to try anything,” he said, sitting down across from her. “I just
wanted this to be a nice, normal date.” “A date, is it?” Serena asked, smiling as she cut into the juicy
steak cut on her plate. “That’s what I’d like it to be,” Carson admitted. “You’re an incredibly strong
female, a great doctor, and a great mother. I can’t think of any other qualities that matter.” Serena
snorted a laugh and set her wine down. “I could probably cook better,” she teased. Carson rolled his
eyes and gave her a dismissive wave, sipping his own wine. They ate in silence for a while, and
Serena looked around Carson’s house. It was a definitely a bachelor pad. He hadn’t done much to
decorate the walls or get interesting furniture. She didn’t know how long he’d lived there, but he was a
lifelong member of the Night Sky pack. As Beta, he would have access to whatever luxuries he wanted!
What are you thinking about?” Carson asked her. Serena chuckled. “I was admiring your house, and
the simplicity of it,” she said. Carson nodded. “I don’t need much to be happy,” he admitted. “I’m not
one of those lush Betas that needs to show off my status with expensive furniture, fine art, and a big
house.” Serena nodded, biting her bottom lip. “I see,” she said. “I’ve offended you,” Carson said.
Serena shook her head. “No. My mother and father are Alpha and Luna. They live very comfortably,”
she explained. “I always assumed it was more of a pack lifestyle than a choice.” Carson shrugged. “It
could be,” he said. “I just didn’t adhere to it. Does that bother you?” “No,” Serena said, shaking her
head. “I enjoy simplicity. Something I lack a good deal in my life.” Carson laughed. “I imagine so,” he
said. Serena smiled at him, the candles flickering slightly. “But you still went through the trouble of
getting this flower arrangement and setting up this romantic dinner,” she pointed out. “Well, why can’t
romance be simple too?” he asked. Serena shrugged. “I guess there is no reason it can’t,” she said.
Carson nodded. “Good, How is everything?” he asked. “Delicious” Serena said, finishing off her last
bite of steak. “I’m almost sorry to be done.”

“You‘re not done yet,” he said. “I’ve got dessert too. How do you like chocolate mousse?” Second Date
Serena’s eyes widened for a moment. “Wow,” she muttered. “You really did go all out.” “Then again,

sometimes romance shouldn’t be simple,” Carson said. He retreated to the kitchen and came back with
two dessert plates, each one holding a slice of seven-layer mousse. Serena’s jaw dropped slightly.
“That looks…amazing,” she said. She wasn’t sure how she could eat the whole thing! “Don’t be shy, dig
right in,” Carson said, grabbing his own fork and taking a big bite. Serena cleansed her pallet with a sip
of wine, and then took a bite of the mousse. It was the perfect amount of fluffy and sweet, practically
melting in her mouth. “Oh my,” she muttered through the bite, swallowing. “This is great service.”
Carson grinned at her with chocolate smudged teeth. “Tell me a little more about yourself,” he said
when they were done with their desserts. Miraculously, Serena had been able to finish the whole
mousse. “Okay,” she said softly. “I’m a werewolf from Starseeker pack, I have a twin brother. My mother
and father are Alpha and Luna, and I have twin kids.” Carson smirked at her. “I know all that already,”
he reminded her. Serena gave a reluctant smile. She wasn’t sure what to tell Carson. Most of her
experiences since coming the Night Sky had been work related. She didn’t want to just talk about work.
She didn’t want to just talk

about her kids. She also thought it would be inappropriate to talk about Logan and Holly with the Beta
while on a date! “Olivia, Oliver, and I recently moved back into our house,” Serena said. “It is nice to
have our own space again.” “You found it difficult to live with the Alpha?” Carson asked, raising an
eyebrow and topping off their wine glasses. Serena shrugged. “Not in the strictest sense,” she said.
“Raising kids in someone else’s household is always complicated.” “Yes, that sounds right,” Carson
said. “Holly didn’t give you too much of a hard time?” “Fortunately, we weren’t around each other
much,” Serena said with a sigh. Carson chuckled. “She can be difficult,” he said. “That’s not…” Serena
trailed off. She didn’t want to get a reputation as a gossiper. “She’s just not very practiced with kids.”
After finishing her glass of wine, Serena decided it was getting late enough for her to go home. The
kids would already be asleep, but she didn’t want to stay late and give Carson the wrong idea. “I should
get going,” she said. “If you must,” Carson said. He stood up and retrieved her sweater. “I hope you’ll
join me again for another date.” He walked her to the front door.

“I did have a really great time tonight,” Serena said. “Thank you from the break from my routine, and
the delicious food. I’ll be full forever.” Carson laughed. “Next time, we can do something with the kids
again,” he said. “I want them to be comfortable with me too.”

“That would be great,” Serena said. She didn’t know if she wanted to start dating Carson, but he was
nice to her, and he wanted to get to know the kids. She couldn’t live like a nun just because she was
concerned about telling Logan about the kids they shared! Still, she had her reservations about getting
in too deep with the Beta. Eventually, she would have to tell Logan the truth, and when she did, if she
was involved with Carson, it could hurt him and Logan. More than that, it could cause unnecessary
tension between them. “Carson, I really like spending time with you, but I’m sort of in a place where I
need to take things very slow,” she said. “For my kids, because I’m still focused on establishing my
career.” Carson put his hand on Serena’s shoulder. “I get it,” he said. “I’m not in a rush, and I’m not
going to pressure you.” She felt herself blush as she smiled at him. He did make her feel really good!

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