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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Birdwatching

“Birdwatching?” Serena asked when Carson showed up at her door on her day off. “Yea, it is a fun
activity,” he said. “We can go outside, the kids will love it.” Serena looked over her shoulder at where
the kids were playing on the floor. She’d wanted to spend the day with just them, but now Carson had
shown up for a day together.

“Have you ever been?” he asked. “Not in any official capacity,” she admitted. “I guarantee fun,” Carson
said. “Kids, do you want to go birdwatching?” Serena asked, turning to talk to Olivia and Oliver.

“With Logan?” Olivia asked, jumping up. Serena stepped aside so they could see it was Carson at the
door. “Logan is busy today,” she said. “You remember my friend Carson? He wants us all to spend the
day together. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” “Okay,” Olivia said, less enthusiastically. Oliver remained
quiet, but they both pulled their shoes on. Serena turned back to Carson. “Logan promised he’d come
see them after we got all moved back in,” she explained. “He hasn’t had the time yet though, being
Alpha and all.” “I see,” Carson said with a nod. “Well, I will make sure we all have fun, anyway.” “Let me
get my shoes and a sweater,” Serena said. She grabbed what she needed and found Carson on the
porch with the kids. He was showing them how to use a pair of binoculars. “Do I need any special bird
watching equipment?” she asked. Carson shook his head. “Nah,” he said. “I’ve got two pairs of
binoculars, and I know all the best places to see birds.”

“Alright,” Serena said. She took the kids hands in hers. “Lead the way.”

Carson headed off the porch and turned to the left, bringing them in the direction of the tree line. The
intermittent forest spread throughout the pack territory was a great place to see wildlife.

“I’ll climb to the very top of a tree so I can see the whole forest,” Olivia was saying, chattering to
Oliver. “You can’t climb that high!” Oliver argued. “Mommy, can Olivia climb that high?” “Neither of you
are going to be climbing trees. We are going out to see birds,” Serena said.

*Birds are in trees,” Olivia pointed out. Serena chuckled. “She has a point,” Carson said. “Don’t
encourage her,” Serena teased. “I’ll be the one chasing her up trees.

“Over here,” Carson said, waving them over. He crouched down low next to a bush and put his finger to
his lips.

“Okay, you two, keep quiet,” Serena muttered to the kids in a whisper. Oliver nodded. Olivia made a
face, but she didn’t argue. Serena crouched down with the kids and Carson handed her a pair of
binoculars. “There is a woodpecker over there,” Carson said, motioning in the direction he saw the bird.
Serena looked in her binoculars first. She saw the woodpecker standing on the tree trunk with a grub in
its beak. “Do you want to see?” Serena whispered to Olivia. She nodded, and Serena picked her up,
holding the binoculars so her daughter could see. “How about you, Oliver?” Carson asked. He opened
his arms, but Oliver took a step back

“I’ll wait for Mommy,” he said. Serena set Olivia down and then picked Oliver up so he could see.

“Oliver’s a little shy,” she whispered, leaning closer to Carson. She didn’t want him to feel bad, but he
shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. Serena was happy he wasn’t taking it personally Kids were always
saying and doing things that could offend adults, but it was nice to see at least one who wouldn’t be
offended by her kids. When the woodpecker flew away, Carson led them off in another direction. “Can
we do something else, Mommy?” Olivia asked.

“Yea this isn’t as fun as being with Logan,” Oliver added. Serena could have slapped her forehead with
her palm, if she hadn’t been holding her kids’ hands.

“This is fun,” she said, “being out in nature.”

Carson looked back at the kids and smiled.

“Buowalching isn’t your thing, huh?” he asked. Olivia shrugged.

“You’re not very fun to be around,” she said. Again, Serena felt embarrassed

“Carson I’m sorry,” she said quickly “They obviously haven’t learned how to be polite.” Carson chuckled
and shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it, he said

“Obric you need to apologize to Carson” Serena told her daughter. “Hot stie snapped, I want to see
Uncle Logan. He is more fun!” Serena gave Carson an apologetic look

“Maybe we should call it a day” she said

“Good idea,” he said. If she didn’t do anything, Olivia would throw a full-on tantrum. As they headed
back to the house, Serena let the twins run ahead a little and play. Carson came up beside her. “I’m so
sorry,” she said to him. “I was having a good time.” Carson grinned. “I guess they’re a little too young to
appreciate a stand-still activity,” he said. Serena smiled and nodded. “It would seem so,” she said.
“Maybe a hike with snacks at the end next time.” “That sounds like a good idea,” Carson said. They
walked in silence for a ways. Serena enjoyed being near Carson. Every now and then, his shoulder
would brush against her arm, and it would always startle her. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling though,
and she found herself smiling and blushing a little bit every time it happened. Olivia and Oliver let
themselves into the house. Serena rarely locked the door. The pack was such a stable, friendly
community there wasn’t a lot of crime. It was easier to have the kids be able to get in when Dana
brought them back from daycare. Serena paused on her porch with Carson. She didn’t want to invite
him in because she wanted to have a chat with the kids about politeness. Carson didn’t make a move
to leave, though.

“Thanks for getting us out of the house,” she said. “I’m sorry it didn’t go the way you wanted it to.”
Carson shrugged. “Don’t worry about it, I have a good time any time I see you or the kids,” he said. “I
appreciate that,” Serena said. She bit her lower lip, smiling at him and flirting a little. Carson grinned.

“So, I’ll see you again sometime, then?” he asked. “Yea, we can plan something that the kids will like,”
she said. “I can help with that.”

“Great, I’m looking forward to it,” Carson said. He nodded and then left the porch. Serena sighed,
heading inside where the twins were playing on the floor with their toys again. “The two of you were
very rude today,” she said, letting the door close behind her. “Carson wanted to spend the day with us.”
“He’s no fun,” Olivia said. “We want to see Logan!” Serena rolled her eyes. “I know that, sweeties,” she
said, taking a seat on the couch so she could be close to them, “But Carson is mommy’s friend, and
you two hurt his feelings. I know neither of you like it when your friends hurt your feelings.” “No,” the
both grumbled.

“So, next time Carson invites us out to do something fun, I want the two of you to be on your best
behavior, okay?” Serena asked. The kids nodded in a non-committal way. Birdwatching Serena
sighed, letting them go back to playing together. She was embarrassed that they had been so blunt
about not wanting to spend time with Carson. She was starting to like Carson, which was complicated
in itself.

The fact that her kids wanted to spend time with Logan more made her want to tell them he was their
father. Now that he had confessed to not being ready to be a parent, Serena found herself in yet
another hard spot. With the kids busy playing, Serena leaned back on the couch and lost herself in
thought. Carson was nice. He liked the kids, he wanted to get to know them and her. He was solid, and
strong. Serena wasn’t sure she could ever have anything more with Carson because of her connection
to Logan. Whether Logan and Carson knew it or not, Serena knew the truth, and she wouldn’t feel right
being the woman between them in any capacity. She didn’t think it was fair to pursue a relationship with
anyone until Logan knew the truth. Telling him the truth was made more complicated by both Holly
being pregnant, and the fact that he didn’t want to be a parent. Serena sighed. She hadn’t ever planned
on seeing the father of her kids again. It would have been easy to go on with her life, settle down with
someone, possibly even her mate if she ever met him. Now, she was in a dangerous position and

someone was going to get hurt. She didn’t want it to be her kids! But how long was she willing to put
her whole life on hold for someone who didn’t want to be a parent?

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