Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Professionalism

“What the hell did you just say to me!?” Serena snapped. Her anger filled her, turning her face red and
making her hands shake. Never in her life had her professionalism been questioned, and it was all
because of some macho pissing contest that Logan felt like he needed to have! “How dare you
question my ability to do this job! How dare you question my integrity!” Her voice was rising in volume,
and Logan took a half step back. Serena stepped around the desk, closing in on him, her anger
causing him to step back again. “Serena, it is a serious accusation to claim that Holly is lying about
something medical,” Logan pointed out. Serena scoffed, crossing her arms. “It is a serious accusation
of accusing me of falsifying reports!” she shot right back. “And this has nothing to do with what I think
about Holly, this has everything to do with the fact that you think I’m dating your Beta, and some
controlling Alpha complex makes you mad about it!” Logan looked like she’d just slapped him in the
face. “Is that an admission?” he asked. Serena fumed, nostrils flaring. “NO!” She roared, throwing her
arms up into the air. “What the hell is going on with you?” she asked. Hands still shaking, Serena shook
her head. How could she ever tell Logan he was the father of her kids if he thought her capable of
falsifying reports and test results? She had a third-party lab do the tests, but it was still a huge
accusation. If he really felt that way, he’d never believe her about the twins. “What is going on with
me?” Logan asked. “Why wouldn’t you tell me that you and Carson are together? I thought we were

“Friends?” Serena asked with another scoff. She leaned back, sitting on the edge of Adriana’s desk.
“Friends? You have the audacity to say we are friends after you question my professionalism and claim
I’m capable of falsifying lab results?” Logan sighed, looking down at the floor. Serena didn’t care
anymore what was going on with him. He was frustrated and upset, that was obvious, but now he was
taking it out on her, and that she wouldn’t stand for!

“Logan, first of all, it would compromise my career if I ever did something like that,” she pointed out,
working to appeal to his rational mind. “As the sole supporter of my kids, I would NEVER do anything to
take that support away. Not to mention, the machines in the lab print out the reports automatically after
the blood has been tested. Do you know what kind of computer knowledge it would take to hack that
system and create an identical report on a desktop machine?” Logan shrugged, sighing.

“A heck of a lot more than I have!” Serena snapped. “You know, I am allowed to have friends in the
pack. More than that, even if there was something going on with me and Carson, which there isn’t, why
would it be your business?” “You’re a pack doctor and Carson is by Beta. I should know about those
interpersonal relationships,” Logan defended. Serena rolled her eyes. “My personal life is my personal
life,” she stated bluntly. “I can spend time with you want, and I can let my kids spend time with who I
want them to spend time with. I don’t owe you anything, Logan, and you have no claim on me or my

Logan’s shoulders sagged slightly. Serena felt satisfied at standing up to him, but suddenly she
regretted her words. If she’d told Logan the truth about being the twins’ father, then he would have a
claim to them, and who they spent time with would be his business. Shaking her head, Serena went
back to sit at the desk. She took deep breaths, calming herself down after her outburst. It was a little
out of character for her, but Logan had made her so mad! “I think you should leave,” she said after
Logan stood there silently for a while. “If you’d rather yell at me than focus on the health of your
girlfriend and your unborn child, then you’re of no use to me here.” Logan snarled, lifting his head and
glaring at Serena. She raised an eyebrow at him. “Besides, I still have a lot of work to do,” she added.
Logan snorted in annoyance, but he turned on his heel and exited the office. The moment he was
gone, Serena sighed a huge sigh of relief. The Alpha’s anger had filled the office with a suffocating
force. Now, she could relax and think about what had happened. She and Logan had had fights before,
but nothing so personal, nothing so raw. She’d never seen the full force of his temper, fueled by
jealousy, control, and possessiveness. That was not a side to him she wanted to see again. It was not
a side that she wanted her kids to see either. Olivia and Oliver loved him. She never wanted them to

cower before him. Shaking her head, Serena went back to her reports. She still had a full stack to go
through. She’d have to find a way to get Holly’s compliance, without Logan’s help. She couldn’t
understand why he had been so focused on her and Carson. It wasn’t like she didn’t have other friends
in the pack. She had Dana and Adriana, and she spent time with them and the twins all the time! So,
clearly, Logan’s problem was that Carson was male, or that Carson was his friend. It was just
testosterone and Alpha male headbutting. Serena didn’t like it. “Everything okay in here?” Adriana said,
popping her head through the office door? “Fine.” Serena said with a nod. She didn’t even look up from
her reports.

Nurses said they heard yelling when Logan stopped by,” she said. Serena looked up Professionalism
from her report this time. “Oh, that,” she said. “He had a few choice things to say about me telling him
Holly might be hiding something.” “I told you that was a conversation I didn’t want to have,” Adriana
said with a wink. Serena chuckled. “Yes, I should have expected something like that from him,” she
said. She sighed and set the folder she was reviewing aside.

“If you want to call it a day, I can finish up those reports,” Adriana said. “It has been a slow day. She
walked into the office and stood beside the chair Serena was in. Serena yawned and stretched.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “I don’t have many more to go through.” Adriana patted her shoulder.

“Look, I know the Alpha can be a bit abrasive,” she said. “Maybe you should go home early, relax,
spend some time with your kids.” Serena smiled up at her friend. “That sounds wonderful,” she
admitted. “Thank you.” Adriana nodded as Serena got up and collected her things. She was looking
forward to hugging her kids after such a hair raising fight with Logan. Again, the thought that she was
going to have to tell him the truth sent a shiver through her. Would he even believe her? She’d have to
time it right, with enough distance between this fight. Also, she’d have to make sure it didn’t seem like
some attempt to usurp his relationship with Holly Those were two new complications to the whole
problem! It gave Serena a headache to think about. She groaned, rubbing her temples as she went to

her car. Logan obviously had a lot of his own problems he needed to sort out. Whether they were about
his feelings towards Holly, being a child, letting Serena have other men in her life…she had no idea
where his anger originated from. She knew that whatever he was feeling and going through was a little
deeper than him thinking she and Carson were dating secretly. The idea that Serena would feel the
need to keep her personal relationships a secret was another thing she couldn’t understand. Logan felt
betrayed and paranoid that some of the people closest to him were keeping secrets and carrying on
behind his back. She knew that said more about him than it did about her, but it still bothered her.

When she got home, Serena she was happy to see that Dana already had the kids out in the yard
playing. She smiled to herself, leaving all the bad energy about her argument with Logan and her
confusing day at the hospital in the car. Sjepping out to greet her kids, she put on her ‘mom hat,’
forgetting about anything 14

that bothered her or that could drag her down. She was there to enjoy her kids. Opening her arms, she
invited them to hug her. Olivia and Oliver threw themselves at her, nearly knocking her over. Serena
laughed, hugging them tightly. She loved her kids, and she was committed to giving them the best life
ever, with or without their father in the picture!

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