Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Cold Shoulder

Serena glared at Logan as he stood on the front porch. Logan sighed, not sure how to open the conver
sation. “I think you‘re missing a few things,” he said, motioning behind him. The twins were standing the
with sheepish looks on their faces. “Olivia, Oliver! Get in the house!” Serena snapped. “When did you t
wo leave the yard?” “You weren‘t looking,” Olivia said. “We wanted to see Uncle Logan!” Logan raised
an eyebrow at Serena, but she glared at him deeper. “Get inside,” Serena
said, stepping out of the way. “Go to your
rooms and stay there until I come get you. I can‘t believe you two snuck
off!” “We wanted to show him our paintings,”
Olivia argued. “I don‘t care what you were trying to do,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. Logan
watched as she became a strict mother. He couldn‘t envision Holly ever being like that.


“But Mom…” Oliver started. Serena shook her head.

“Rooms, now!” she said, pointing up the stairs. “Your own rooms. You‘re in time out, that
means no playing with each other!” With their heads bowed, Olivia and Oliver plodded up the stairs. Lo
gan winced when he heard them slam their bedroom doors.

“What is going on!?” Serena snapped, rounding on Logan. Her eyes flared with anger. He held his hand
s up in surrender. “I had nothing to do with this,” he assured. “They came to my house with painting, sai
d they wanted to see me and show me their pictures.” “And you just let them?” she asked. “As soon as
I found out that you didn‘t know they were at my house, I
brought them back,” he said. He gave her a timidly hopeful look. Serena rolled her eyes and shrugged.
“This isn‘t okay, Logan,” she said. “I know,” he said, “That‘s why I brought them straight here.” Serena

observed him with a scrutinizing gaze, as if she was trying to figure
out if he was telling the truth or not. “Fine, thank you for bringing them back,” she said coldly. She tried t
o close the door, but Logan stopped it with his foot. “Look I might have been a little harsh earlier today.”
Logan said. “You might have been? Serena
asked, crossing her arms. Logan cleared his throat. “Alright, I was,” he said, “When your kids showed u
p, it reminded me that I‘m



supposed to be a role model and I shouldn‘t lash out like that.” “If you ever lost your temper
on them like that..” Serena trailed off, shaking her
head. Logan sighed. “I wouldn‘t,” he promised. “I promise I wouldn‘t.”

“Good,” Serena said. “They care about you too much for me to never let them see you again. But for no
w…it is going to take time for me to be okay with this.” Logan sighed in dismay.
He felt frustrated again, but he knew he had to keep his cool, otherwise Serena might never let him
see the kids again! Even if he couldn‘t make things right with her or go
back to being friends, he wanted to be a part of the twins‘ life. They had brought him so much
joy since coming to the pack! “I‘m not going to push it or rush it,” Logan promised with a nod. “They wa
nt me to play with them and read with them, though.” “I know,” Serena said, looking back
over her shoulder at the stairs. “I don‘t want them to be denied that. Right now, I can‘t be around you an
d it is going to take a while for me to trust you with them alone.”


“I understand,” Logan said with a nod. Again, he felt the frustration curl in his stomach and threaten to c
ome out as a growl. He mastered the impulse though, kept himself under control. “I appreciate you brin

ging them back,” Serena said, thought her voice didn‘t sound very appreciative. Logan nodded. “You‘re
welcome,” he said. “I know there isn‘t anything I can say or do to take back what I said or did.” “No, ther
e really isn‘t,” Serena said, raising an eyebrow at him. Logan gave a humorless smile. “I‘m
going to try, though,” he said. Serena rolled her eyes, clearly unimpressed with his efforts. Logan sighe
d heavily again. If he didn‘t sigh, he might snap at her, and that was the last thing he wanted to do! “Wh
atever you do, can you do
it somewhere else?” she asked. Logan scoffed. “You‘re not going to make this easy, are you?” he aske
d, crossing his arms. Serena shook her head.

“Logan, you insulted my integrity, questioned my professionalism, and you accused me of betraying yo
u,” she said. “I know Alphas can feel possessive, but that was crossing a line. On top of all that, you did
it in a violent rage. I have to think of my kids, always. If they ever saw
you like that, or if you ever treated them like that…the damage would be irreparable.”

“I know,” Logan said, biting the inside of his lip. “I‘d never let that happen with them or in front of them.”
“I hope so.” Serena said. “When I believe that, well, then we can talk about playdates.” Lagan nodded.




“Thank you,” he said. His mood wasn‘t improving
based on the conversation, but he was doing everything he could
to keep his anger and frustration under control. “If they ever some to see you again, call me first,” Sere
na said. “That way, I know where they are and I know your intentions for returning
them to me.” “Of course,” he said with a nod. Serena‘s face and eyes still wouldn‘t yield in any amount
of kindness towards him. He supposed he deserved it, but

it didn‘t make him feel any better. Had he really messed things up that badly with her? From
the look she gave him, he didn‘t think she‘d forgive him any time soon. Of course, that just made him m
ore upset. He was still confused about his feelings towards her and
Carson, but he didn’t want her to be mad at him
either! It just added to the confusion. “I‘ve got to go,” Serena said. She stepped back. This time when s
he closed the door, Logan didn‘t
stop her. He stood there while the door was closed in his face. Yes, he deserved that. His mood still
terrible, he stomped off the porch. Crossing his arms, he walked back to his house for the second time t
hat day, still irritated with how the day had gone. Everything that had happened had just brought his mo
od from bad to worse. He wasn‘t explosively angry anymore, but he was far from happy or pleased abo
ut anything. He had messed things up with Serena, had made accusations of his Beta –
which he knew he‘d have to apologize for later –
and he had turned the kids away. They could have been the only thing to improve his mood. But he‘d
wanted to do right by Serena, so he had done the responsible thing and brought them back.

The sun was starting to set. Holly would be home
by the time he got there. He supposed another way to do right by Serena
would be to talk to Holly about his concerns of being a father. Just trying to explain things to the twins h
ad reopened that concern, and he knew there was just no way he was ready to be a father! He imagine
d that talking to Holly would leave to yet another argument he didn‘t want to have today. It had to be do
ne, though. Things were so tense already, what was one more relationship to put pressure on today.

Logan chuckled cynically to himself. He had been on the war path all day, why stop


The sky was clear –
orange, pink, and purple hues decorating the horizon. It would be a good night for a run, if nothing else,

of him. It wasn‘t entirely his fault! Alphas were born with certain traits like being controlling, possessivene



If he was going to make his father proud and be the Alpha that Night Sky deserved, he was going to hav
to start getting better at controlling it. The whole day had been a perfect example of an
Alpha abusing his strength! He knew that. He would not go down in history as an out of control Alpha! H

It was that simple. Logan was a better man, a better Alpha, than the creep that had taken over another p
had to live up to that, though, and remind his pack, and the individuals, that he was right for the job.

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