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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Jealous Anger

“What is it, Serena?” Logan asked coldly when she called him. Serena cleared her throat. She stuttered
a little. Logan rolled his eyes. Another pack member had recently told him about Carson’s day with the
twins and his other dinner date with Serena. Logan thought it was strange that she hadn’t mentioned it
to him at all, that Carson hadn’t said anything either. He didn’t know why she would want to hide the
fact she was seeing someone else from him. It had bothered him, especially after he’d confided in her.
He thought they were friends, but clearly, she did not value or respect him the same way he did her. “Is
this a bad time?” Serena asked. Logan grunted. “Not really,” he said gruffly. He couldn’t help the tone in
his voice. There was too much anger and emotion he had towards her at the moment, and he couldn’t
temper it because he hadn’t had a chance to sort through it all. “Okay, well, something has come up. I
was hoping you could come by the hospital and we could talk about it,” she said. She was being
pleasant enough. Logan wondered if she was finally going to fess up about her relationship with
Carson. He wondered why Carson hadn’t told him either. Not that the Beta’s relationships were his
business, but as friends, he would have thought Carson would have let him know if there was a
romantic interest in his life. It still bothered him that the two of them were dating in the first place! “I
might be able to spare a few minutes this afternoon,” Logan said tightly. “Thank you,” Serena said. “I’ll
be in Adriana’s office. You can find me there any time.” “Alright,“ Logan said. He hung up quickly. She
was being so professional and friendly It grated his nerves even more!

Growling to himself, Logan pushed away from his desk, the wheels on his chair grinding against the
wood floor. One dinner had been odd enough, but he hadn’t thought any more had come out of their
spending time together.

Now he had found out that Serena and Carson had eaten a romantic dinner together and spent a day
with the twins! Logan had to admit that he was bothered by the twins spending time with Carson too.
He shouldn’t be, he had no reason to be, but it was there.

He’d been busy with Holly and Moonshine, and he hadn’t had the chance to make good on his promise
to see them. Logan felt guilty for not getting to see them, and hunt that Carson had found the time!
The Alpha amused himself with thoughts of giving Carson more responsibility so he wouldn’t have the
time to spend with Serena or the kids socially.

Sighing, Logan grabbed his sweat shirt and headed out of his office to the hospital. Whatever it was
that Serena wanted to talk to him about, he figured it would be better to get it over with.

He walked hurriedly, the brisk, chilly air cooling his anger enough that he knew he could at least talk to
Serena without exploding. As long as she was honest with him about things. He wondered why she
had to call him to the hospital to talk about personal relationships, but that was where he had opened
up to her about his concerns of being a parent. Maybe it felt like a safe place for both of them. Logan
arrived at Adriana’s office. She wasn’t there, but Serena was sitting at the best with a pile of medical
files. She had to pages on the desk in front of her. “Thank you for coming, Logan,” she said, standing
up. “I’m sorry if the timing is bad.” “The timing is fine, Serena,” he said, waving away her concerns. She
smiled at him, and he felt silly for being so angry at her before. She was a respectable, noble female,
and she wouldn’t purposely hide anything from him. She wasn’t the most forthcoming, but he still
trusted her to be honest. “Adriana and I were going through the bloodwork results from the annual
physicals,” she said, putting her hands on the pages on the desk. “Okay,” Logan said, realizing that
what she wanted to talk to him about wasn’t personal at all. He clenched his fists at his sides.

“Holly’s bloodwork came back strange,” she said. “Strange how?” Logan asked, fire returning to his
chest. “Well, it is identical to another female’s bloodwork,” Serena explained. “I called them both back
in to rerun the tests. The other female agreed, but Holly…she refused and hung up on me.” Logan
closed his eyes, sighing to keep his temper under control. He didn’t care about whatever stunt Holly
was pulling now! All he cared about was why Serena hadn’t told him about her relationship with

“There’s nothing else you want to tell me?” Logan asked, ignoring what Serena was telling him “About
what?” Serena asked, creasing her brows. “About you and Carson?” he asked bluntly “What about us?”
she asked. She was so casual about it that it baited him further. Logan growled, throwing a hand out to
the side angrily

“Stop lying!” he snapped

“Logan, I asked you here because I think Holly is hiding something, or at least not taking the health of
her baby seriously.” Serena said, holding up the paper.

“What would Holly have to lie about?” he asked. “I trust her. She wouldn’t have anything to hide.”
“Logan, look at these blood results,” Serena insisted, shoving the pages towards him. Logan snarled.
“Tell me about your relationship with Carson, first,” he snapped. Serena audibly swallowed.

“We don’t have one,” she said.

“That’s another lie!” he hissed through clenched teeth. “Did you really think you could hide it from me?
Why would you? I’ve always been honest and open with you!” “Logan, I’m more concerned about the
health and safety of your child right now,” she said, waving the papers in front of his face. “It is possible
that Holly’s sample got mixed up with this female, or vice versa, and I won’t know until I run their results
again. Either way, one of them wasn’t tested properly, so both should be tested again.” “So, the hospital
screwed up, and that means Holly lied and has a secret?” Logan asked, crossing his arms. “I think the
only person who has a secret here is you!” “Carson and I do not have a relationship!” Serena snapped.
“We’ve spent time together socially but…” she trailed off.

Logan rolled his eyes, taking that to mean she was hesitating in telling him the truth about her feelings
or the nature of their relationship. “I don’t think Holly is hiding something because there was a potential
lab mix up.” Serena said, getting back on topic. Logan hated how professional she was being

ll this. He wanted to get a reaction out of her, to force her into revealing what he thought he already

“Why, then?” he asked moodily.

“When I asked her for a follow up, she refused, not caring that the health of her baby was a concern,“
Serena said. “Refusing the test is purposeful endangerment of her

child, your child. That is why I think she is hiding something.”

“No, you‘re wrong,” Logan said, shaking his head. “I have the lab results right here,” Serena argued.
“Adriana heard me make the call.” Logan snatched the pages from her hands. He looked them over. He
had no idea what he was looking at, medically speaking, but the pages looked like they could have
been typed up on any old computer, or just photocopied and stuck in a random file, The only thing
different on the pages was the names at the top and the corresponding birth dates. From a science
perspective, it looked like the same blood sample had been tested and then recorded as the results for
two different females. That would have been a lab screw up, not something Holly had done. “Why
should I trust you?” he asked. “How do I know this is the truth? You‘ve hidden other things from me.”

“Logan!” Serena gasped. “I wouldn’t like about this. Not when it comes to my job, not when it comes to
a baby, your baby!”

For a moment, Logan was touched by her concern in regards to his unborn child, specifically. He
wasn’t ready to drop his anger though. He couldn’t deny that it was a little concerning that Holly was
refusing a follow up. She was more of an advocate for the baby than he was, but she clearly didn’t
have any idea how to put a child first. Logan tossed the papers back on the desk with a sneer. “I can’t
trust you, Serena,” he said. “You lied about your relationship with Carson. | think you are capable of
lying about this too, of falsifying results.” Logan watched as anger exploded in Serena’s eyes. “What
the hell did you just say to me!?” she snapped, losing all composure. Logan felt

a surge of triumph.

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