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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 64

Chapter 64: The Nursery

When Logan got home, the front hallway was filled with half open boxes of baby things. There was an u
nassembled crib, a changing table, tons of toys, a swing, and a pop–
up playpen. Everything in the hallway was a new addition. None of it had been there when the twins ha
d come over. Holly must have brought it all home with her!

From upstairs, Logan heard Holly and her
friends moving furniture around, scraping it across the nice hard wood floors of his house! Every time h
e heard a scrape, he winced.

Flying up the stairs, Logan found Holly and her friends in the bedroom Logan had

allowed the twins to stay in. Most of the furniture
in the room had already been shoved out into the hallway. One of Holly‘s friends had paint chips and w
as pressing colors to the wall,
asking Holly what she thought would look good. “What‘s going on?” Logan asked from the doorway.
All of Holly‘s friends stopped smiling and giggling. “There you are, baby.” Holly said, sashaying across t
he room. She threw her arms around his neck and tried to kiss him. Logan pulled away. “What are you
doing?” he said, nodding towards the half empty room and the furniture in the hall.

Holly released him, putting her hands on her
belly. “Well, it is still early, but this pregnancy won‘t last forever. I wanted to get a head start on the nurs
ery,” she said, beaming at Logan.

Logan glared at her friends. “Can we have a minute?” he asked them. They looked to
Holly for permission. “Go on,” she said.
“I want you guys to pick out the color scheme and find a good mural to paint on the wall.” “Will do,” they
gushed, heading out and going down to the living room. Logan looked at the furniture that was in the h

allway. The beds the twins had used so recently. Something in him really hated seeing the furniture he
associated with them being cast aside. “Where are you going to put all this stuff?” he
asked, motioning to those
beds. It didn‘t escape him that Holly had chosen the twins‘ room to become the nursery.

The room Serena had stayed in was closer to theirs, but Holly had clearly wanted to make a statement
about kids with Logan. “There‘s plenty of room in the attic, you can drag them up there later,” Holly
said dismissively “Holly, it is months until the baby arrives,” Logan argued, “Why do we need to do alla

this now?” “I‘m just trying to be prepared,” Holly said, pouting. Logan kept thinking back to Serena tellin
g him that she thought Holly was hiding something. He didn‘t think that was possible, not with how proa
ctive Holly was being about getting things ready for
the baby. “Is everything alright with the baby?” he asked. Holly smiled and laughed. “Why wouldn‘t it be
?” she asked with a shrug, going back to folding baby clothes into a new dresser she‘d bought for the

“The hospital called me today,” Logan said. Holly stopped folding and glared at
the wall in front of her. “That meddling little tramp!” she snapped. “She just couldn‘t mind her own busin

“Holly, if it is about the baby, it is our business. I have every right to know,” Logan pointed out. Holly sne

“This is my body!” She said, turning to Logan with tears in her eyes. “I know what
is going on in my body. I don‘t need you or anyone else telling me what to do about my own body!” Log
an sighed. He‘d known she was going to take things so personally. “I believe you do,” he said calmly. Fr
ustration wouldn‘t help in this situation, and it was already turning into a fight. He hadn‘t even started th
e conversation yet! “I want you and the baby to be healthy, though.” Saying the words, he knew they w
ere true. Even though he wasn‘t ready to be a parent, he still wanted Holly and the baby

to be okay. Holly shook her head. “Everything is fine,” she assured. “Trust me.” He nodded. “Okay, but,
Holly, you‘re tearing the whole house apart,” he said. “Can‘t you wait until we can get someone to help?
” “I thought you were going to help,” she said, smiling at him suggestively. Logan shook his head.

“I have way too much to
do for the pack these days,” he said. “Setting up a nursery isn‘t a priority of mine right now.” That was t
he wrong thing to say! Holly put her hands on her hips and glared at Logan. “This is our baby!” she
snapped. “You have to make us a priority! The pack can wait!” Logan‘s anger and frustration flared agai
n! Holly never understood his position as Alpha! “I‘m Alpha!” he shouted
back. “My greatest obligation and responsibility is to this

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Chapter 64 The Nursery “No, your greatest obligation is to your family, to me and our
baby!” Holly put her hands on her stomach again. “How can you stand there and say
there are more important things?”

“That is the burden of being Alpha,” Logan reminded her. “No matter what I want for myself, what else I
have in my life, the pack comes first!” Holly rolled her eyes. “Why am I even having a baby with you?” s
he asked. “Why are you?” Logan countered. Holly‘s jaw dropped open. “I can‘t believe you
just asked that!” she hissed, throwing a pair of balled up baby socks at him. “Dol have to dignify that wit
h a response?” “Maybe,” Logan said with a shrug. “You told me you were on
birth control, we‘ve never talked about kids or starting a family. You‘ve never seemed interest in it…” he


Holly‘s eyes blazed. She was
furious, sputtering for words for a moment. “I love you, Logan,” she spat. “When I found out I was pregna

Logan sighed, shaking his head. “It has been a bad day,” he
said. “Get this room put back together and put the nursery stuff into storage.” “No!” Holly snapped. “Loga
part of it.” “What does that mean?” Holly asked as
Logan turned away. “Logan!” she cried to him. He was already walking down the stairs, not willing to arg
wolf. The freeness of fur in the night air was a huge relief after his stressful, tense day. With a howl, Log
out into the open fields, and into the smaller brush of the crop fields. The scents of the night were intoxic


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Chapter 64 The Nursery The Alpha slowed
his pace to a walk, sniffing the air. There were other wolves nearby. He swerved in a different direction, p

That was the last thing Logan wanted to do on a night like this! The faster and
farther he ran, the further away his troubles became, that was what was important to him. Picking up his
on the ground, Logan rolled in the grass, the blades scratching his back and fur. His tongue hung out
of his mouth as he panted and yipped with pleasure, like a lovesick
puppy! A scent in the air caught Logan‘s attention. He stopped rolling around, falling onto his side. He st
any potential threats to his presence. Something didn‘t smell right! Logan growled in the back of his thro
sniffed the air, his joy vanishing rapidly. He heard something out of place. Angling his ear backwards, he
belong either. Something was happening!

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