Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Logan in Trouble

The scent Logan captured was bitter. It was a wolf scent, but he knew immediately that those wolves
didn’t belong to his pack or in his territory! Growling again, Logan lowered his head to the ground. He
sniffed the grass, catching their trail. It was another pack of rogues come to pilfer his territory. Instinct
taking over, Logan followed the trail, his mouth salivating with the idea of hunting and killing whoever
dared intrude on his territory! The trail took him back into the woods. Logan paused now and then to
smell nearby trees and rocks. They smelled strongly of scent marking, and it was a rancid scent to him.
The scent markings of anyone that wasn’t part of his pack elicited a growl from him each time. Intruders
were not something he could ignore as an Alpha! Based on where he was in the territory, he knew
there weren’t any patrols nearby. He would have to track the rogues and discover their location before
howling for backup. It was riskier, but if he called too early, he could alert them to his presence. The
rogues might have enough time to get away. As the scent grew stronger, he could tell he was getting
closer to the rogues. From where the trail was taking him, he knew they were headed to another store
house of

crops and grains.

Snarling to himself, Logan picked up his pace. He could tell the rogues were in wolf form. It helped
them move more quietly, helped them move more as a unit. In human form, they would be clumsier in a
group. Night time wasn’t the usual time for Moonshine Rogues to attack, but Logan had been getting
better at anticipating their moves and thwarting their attempts. Now, they were adapting. They were
changing their methods to become more aggressive, dangerous, and successful at stealing from Night
Sky. Growling at the thought, Logan began to run, keeping the trail fresh in his nose. He was closing in
on them quickly. They were moving with care, trying not to alert any nearby patrols of their presence. If
Logan hadn’t been running off his frustration and anger, he might not have encountered them at all!
They might have gotten away with their coup. He never thought he’d be grateful to have such a bad,

tense day! But here he was, in a position to protect his pack, when he wouldn’t be otherwise. When he
saw the bobbing wolf tails ahead, Logan knew it was time to make his move. He howled and called out
through the mind link.

Rogues, attacking at the Grain House, he called out to every nearby patrol.

The forest around him filled with howls of the wolves responding to his call. The rogues ahead of him
turned in circles. They formed a ring, their tails touching, so they could defend from where ever the
attack was coming from.

12:43 L

Chapter 65 Logan in Trouble They’re in position, proceed with caution, Logan warned. He closed in on
the group, growling and snarling. Showing them his teeth, Logan lunged at the closest wolf, grabbing it
at the nape of the neck. His teeth sank through thick fur and then punctured skin. The wolf in his mouth
whimpered and struggled. Logan lifted himself on hind legs and flung his adversary against the nearest
tree. Bones cracked, and the wolf whimpered again. Snarls and growls erupted from the rest of the
rogues. Logan wouldn’t have to hold them off long, just long enough for the rest of the patrol wolves to
arrive. He lowered himself down, springing again at the closest wolf. His body collided with the side of
another wolf, ribs breaking at the force of his tackle. The wolf whimpered and yelped, his breathing
becoming ragged and sharp from the broken ribs. Satisfied with himself, Logan howled in triumph, his
own pack responding in accordance. He turned to snap at one of the rogues that tried to nip at his hind
leg. He missed though, not getting a grip on his attacker. He turned again, trying to find another rogue
to latch onto, but he was struck from the side in the same kind of tackle he’d used before. Grunting,
Logan lost his footing and fell to the ground. He slid across the forest floor, growling and snarling.
When he stopped sliding, he sprang up on all four legs again. He snarled, glaring bright eyes at the
wolf that stood directly in front of him, teeth bared. Logan could feel that he had at least one broken rib.

The pain was manageable though. The area of the forest flooded with his patrol wolves. Logan howled
happily and lunged at the one who was staring him down. This wolf was the biggest and strongest of
the band of rogues he had encountered. Logan made a grab for the wolf’s throat, but he dodged out of
the way. With snapping jaws, the wolf caught Logan’s ear in his sharp teeth. Yelping, Logan twisted
free. The other wolf had the upper hand though, using his body to check Logan, causing the wind to get
knocked out of him. Another rib cracked. Whimpering, Logan panted, his breathing raspy. His legs
trembled as he regained his footing to face off with the wolf again. The other wolf growled, snarling and
spitting. Logan tried to shrug the pain off. He ran forward again, growling deep in his throat. His
breathing was too short though, and dizziness overtook him. His legs giving out, Logan fell hard on the
ground. He growled, trying to stand, but the other wolf was over him. In an instant, his adversary had
his jaws closed around Logan’s neck. Yelping and howling in pain, Logan felt his skin break, blood
spurting from the wounds. The other wolf wouldn’t release his hold, teeth sinking deeper into his neck!
Fearing he might lose consciousness, Logan tried to wiggle free. He couldn’t! With his loss of blood
and broken ribs, he wasn’t strong enough! He howled out again.



Chapter os fogan in Trouble

This time, his patrol wolves responded. Having already incapacitated the rest of the rogues, they
moved in as a pack, attacking Logan’s captor all together. They were able to tear him off the Alpha and
take him away to subdue him. Breathing heavily, and still losing too much blood, Logan shifted back
into his human form. He tried to sit up, groaning as the pain became too much. He grabbed at his chest
and side. Blood was streaming down his neck and chest, Light headedness took him over again.
“Alpha,” one of the patrol wolves said, running to his side. They’d started shifting back to their human
forms too. “I’m fine!” Logan argued, shrugging the younger wolf away. “You’re not,” he said, “We need

to get you to the hospital. You’ve got broken bones, and you’re bleeding everywhere.” “I will be fine!”
Logan snapped again. “Make sure the rogues are incapacitated, protect the territory.”

“It’s already done,” he was told. Sighing, Logan nodded. He was injured badly, he could tell by the light
headedness that was overpowering his consciousness,

Dark spots began to appear at the edges of his vision. He groaned, his whole body getting heavier as
his muscles became weaker.

“Alpha!” the wolf near him called. His voice sounded muffled, like it was underwater. Logan shook his
head, trying to stay conscious. His vision cleared slightly and he found himself lying on the ground,
How he had gone from sitting up to lying down, he had no idea! His body was going numb, but there
was something in his throat. Logan coughed, blood spurting from his mouth onto his face and chest.

“Oh no!” someone nearby said. “The Alpha’s injured! Get the doctors! He needs medical assistance

Logan tried to say he was fine. He wanted the other wolves that were injured tended to first.

His body was getting cold. Other than the warm liquid that oozed down his neck, everything else was
getting cold. His vision blurred and he stopped being able to clearly hear what those around him were
saying. He saw blurred shadows of pack members moving around him and over him. He blinked, trying
to clear his vision, but it just got worse. When he sighed, his heart and lungs screamed in angry pain in
his chest. Closing his eyes, Logan was only partially aware that he was being moved. He felt multiple
pairs of hands on him and a vague floating sensation. He thought about

going to the hospital. It was the last place he wanted to be after his day! A part of him hoped that
Serena wouldn’t be the one to treat him because she was still mad at him!

There was nothing he could do. He was helpless and dying. Logan felt peace setting

Chapter 65. Logan in Trouble

over him. His body was completely numb to all pain and sensation. He had no concept of time or his
physical presence. There was nothing but calmness all around him. Was this what it was like to die?

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