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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Emergency Rescue

They were very far from the hospital and the rest of the pack. As Carson back the truck up, Serena
hopped out. “Nobody touch him!” she shouted, holding her arms up to keep the others back. She
dropped down on her knees by Logan, grabbing the small light from her pocket. She pulled back his
eyelids, flashing the light in them to test his responsiveness. She took his pulse and then listened to his
heart. “How far did you carry him?” she asked. They were out in the open now, but there was plenty of
woods nearby. Carrying a severely wounded wolf with broken bones and open wounds through the
woods was a recipe for disaster. The terrain alone could cause more damage without the proper
support on the body, not to mention exposure to so many contaminants.

If Logan’s wounds didn’t kill him, he could get serious infections from bacteria, viruses, and even fungal
infections out in the woods!

“Through those trees,” one of the patrol wolves said, pointing in a direction. “Yes, but how far?” Serena
asked checking the wounds on his neck that were still pumping blood out. He hadn’t bled out
completely, but Logan was in dangerous shape. “About a mile or so,” was her answer. Serena groaned
and rolled her eyes. Carson parked the truck as close as he could without running over them. Serena
had her hands on Logan’s abdomen, feeling around in the bruised areas. He had three broken ribs. His
breathing was so light and even though.

Her test on his pupils revealed that he was unconscious. He’d lost a lot of blood! So much that he
wasn’t even feeling the pain from his broken bones.

“Carson, get the gurney down here,” Serena ordered. The Beta obeyed without command. She looked
at the rest of the patrol wolves. “The rest of you, get spare scrubs out of the truck, clothe yourselves,
and run back to the hospital to tell Adriana that we are on our way,” she said. “Shouldn’t we stay and
help?” one asked her. Serena shook her head.

“The fewer of you there are, the better this will go,” she said bluntly. The patrol wolves scattered,
clothing themselves and taking off towards the hospital.

“We‘re really far away,” Carson said, putting the gurney on the ground beside her. Serena quickly
released the legs, dropping the gurney down to ground level. “Get the back board, we can’t move him
until he has full body support,” she told Carson, ignoring his comment. “Serena, is this as bad as it
looks?” he asked. Serena looked up at him. The concern


Chapter 67 Emergency Rescue on his face overpowering. Serena’swallowed. “It’s worse,” she said.
“Get the back board!” Carson nodded. He returned to the truck while Serena continued to check Logan
over. He was going to need a blood transfusion. She didn’t have the best equipment for it in the truck,
but there were some primitive tools she could use.

Carson laid the back board on the ground beside Logan, opposite the gurney. “We need to shift him
over,” Serena said. “Slowly, one inch at a time, don’t lift more than you have to.” Carson nodded,
getting Logan’s ankles. Serena put her hands under his shoulders.

She nodded to Carson, and they began to slowly shift him from the ground to the backboard. When he
was in place, Serena strapped him in. She grabbed the top and Carson grabbed the bottom. They were
able to lift him up and place him on the gurney without further aggravating his wounds. Logan groaned
and mumbled something unintelligible. Serena put a hand on his shoulder. She didn’t know how lucid
he was. “Logan, you’ve been severely injured” she said. “It’s Serena. I’m here to take care of you.
Carson is here too. We are going to get you into the medical truck and take you to the hospital. Adriana
has the whole team waiting, and I will look after you on the way.” He didn’t respond with anything more
than a wince. “Let’s get him back in the truck,” Serena said. She pulled the gurney back up into its
tallest position. The wheels weren’t that easy to push across grass, sticks, and leaves, but she and
Carson got it to the medical truck. The gurney was designed to be easy to load, unload, and collapse

without hurting the patient. She and Carson got it loaded, and then she climbed in after. “I know this is
an emergency, but please drive carefully and consciously,” Serena implored as Carson went to close
the back doors. “I will,” he said. Serena nodded. “Thank you for helping,” she added. Carson gave a
somber smile. “He’s the Alpha,” he said. “It is my job.”

“It is more than that,” Serena said as she connected the leads to Logan to monitor his blood pressure,
heart rate, and blood oxygen level. “Yea, it is,” Carson said. Serena nodded at him and he shut the
doors. She looked at Logan, her focus on her patient now that he was loaded and they were moving
again. Her first order was to stop the bleeding in his neck! That was the most immediate threat!
Grabbing gloves and some antiseptic pads, Serena got to work cleaning the wounds,

Chapter 67 Emergency Rescue

They were deep puncture wounds that had torn through his throat and

arteries. Logan would need some reconstructive surgery to save his voice. That was something that
would have to wait until they were at the hospital. In the meantime, she cleaned the wounds. There
wasn’t a lot of blood coming out of them anymore, despite it being an arterial bleed. That meant his
blood pressure was dangerously low, reflected by the monitor. His blood oxygen was low too. With one
hand, Serena wiped off the wounds on his neck. With the other, she secured an oxygen mask on his
face and turned on the tank. It would help with his blood circulation, assuming he even had enough left
in his veins!

Serena shook her head at how ignorant the patrol wolves had been to move him rather than hold the
wounds closed with their fingers until help arrived! She couldn’t do anything about that now! Serena
stuffed cotton packing into the puncture wounds once they were clean. She applied pressure to both
sides of his throat, adding more cotton when they bled through. With the proper application of material
and pressure, the bleeding slowed considerably. She kept the packing in place and taped it down. With
her hands free, Serena hooked Logan up to an IV of fluids. She shot the painkillers and the antibiotics

into the IV. Pulling off her bloody gloves, she replaced them with a fresh pair. She found antivirals and
antifungals to put in his IV back as well, covering all the bases to prevent Logan from succumbing to
some infection or virus.

In his unconsciousness, he winced and moaned. Serena felt his head. He was burning up! She pulled
some ice packs out of the cabinets, cracking them against the edge of the gurney, and placing them
around Logan’s head, shoulders, and arms. She pressed them right to his skin everywhere she could.
Although she knew he would need throat surgery, Serena wanted to make sure he wouldn’t start
bleeding again. She took the bandages and packing off, cleaning his neck again before stitching up
each puncture wound. She used a light gauge suture that would be easily removable when he went
into surgery, but would at least keep him from bleeding on the ride.

She put on new bandages and turned her attention to his broken ribs and the bruises that covered his
chest and abdomen. “How is it going back there?” Carson asked. “I’ve stopped the major bleeding,”
Serena reported. “He is far from being out of the woods, yet.”

Changing her gloves again, Serena probed the broken ribs. She wouldn’t be able to confirm without x-
rays and an MRI, but she was almost certain that none of his major organs or arteries had been
skewered with bone shards. The ribs were in bad shape



though, the bones broke in several places! He would need surgery to mend the pieces in his chest too!

He’d really taken a beating! She checked his head again. His skin wasn’t as hot. Either the antibiotics
and other medications were working, or the ice packs were. Possibly a combination of the two. Serena

was feeling a little better about Logan’s stable condition, for the moment. He still needed a lot of work,
but the most life-threatening injuries had been handled.

“I’m about to get on the road. I’m going to pick up the speed when we are on the smooth pavement,”
Carson warned her. “Good, we need to move faster,” Serena said. The monitor began beeping, letting
her know that Logan’s blood pressure was dropping, along with his heart rate.

“Serena?” Carson asked.

“Just drive!” she snapped. If they didn’t hurry, Logan wasn’t going to make it!

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