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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 69

Chapter 69: The Dream

Logan wasn’t sure if he was asleep or dead. All he knew for sure was that he was no longer in the
woods where he had been attacked. He felt nothing, no pain, no anger, nothing

It was like his body didn’t exist anymore; he was floating through a mass of fluffy clouds, everything
else forgotten except for the lightness and freedom he felt. The clouds parted, opening onto a forest in
the night. It wasn’t the forest he’d been attacked in. It was at sunset, and the forest was glowing gold. It
looked magical. He saw Serena standing on the edge of the forest. She was haloed in the setting sun
light, looking almost like an angel as she beckoned to him.

Logan started towards her, but she didn’t see him. She stripped out of her clothing and shifted into a
wolf. In her wolf form, she continued to look angelic with the setting sun behind her. She raised her
nose to the sky, howling a lovely soprano note that caused his whole body to ripple pleasantly. From
behind the trees, two smaller wolves appeared running to catch up with Serena. They were the twins.
He knew it just by seeing them in identical wolf forms. They both looked just like him in his wolf form!

Watching them run further away, Logan tried to run after them. The lightness that he had felt before
evaporated and he felt like he was being dragged down by anchors on his arms and legs. He tried to
fight against it, but the more he fought, the heavier he became.

He was being dragged down to the ground! Groaning, he pushed harder, but it was no use.

In the distance, Serena and the twins were getting further away. The sun set completely, leaving him in
complete darkness. He couldn’t see them anymore! “Serena!” he shouted out after her. “What?”
another voice asked. Logan blinked his eyes several times. There were bright lights over him. He was
lying down in a bed, and when he tried to move, someone grabbed his shoulder. “Don’t move,” his
mother’s familiar voice said to him. “You had surgery recently.” Logan sighed, but he laid back on his
pillows. He looked around quickly, seeing his mother sitting beside him and Holly standing at his bed on

the other side. She had her arms crossed and was glaring at him. “Why are you calling out for
Serena?” she asked. Logan winced as pain welled in his chest. He groaned, crunching up slightly. “I
think the pain meds have worn off,” Flo said. “I’ll call a nurse.” “What happened?“ Logan asked. He
remembered fighting rogues, but beyond that, he

couldn’t remember anything! “You were attacked in the woods,” Holly said. “Serena and Carson
brought you in for surgery. Are you going to answer my question?” Logan raised an eyebrow at her.
“You want an answer for why my drug heavy brain conjured up the name of the doctor who dragged me
out of the woods and seemingly saved my life?” he asked pointedly. Holly rolled her eyes. Flo returned
and the nurse administered another dose of pain med. Logan was able to relax again.

“Don’t talk too much,” the nurse warned him. “Your throat has some healing to do.” Logan nodded to
her. She made a note in his chart and then left. “I’ve been sitting here for hours, exhausted and scared
out of my mind,” Holly whined. “You wake up, and the first name on your lips is some other woman!”
“Holly!” Flo snapped. Logan gave his mother an appreciative look. “What am I supposed to think?” she
went on. “We are going to have a baby together, and you’re thinking of some other woman!” Logan
closed his eyes, leaning his head back on the pillows. “You know very well that Serena saved Logan’s
life tonight,” Flo chastised. “Logan needs to heal and rest. If you’re just going to stress him out…” “It’s
alright, mother,” Logan said, touching her hand. She sat down and stopped fawning over him. “Are you
alright?” Flo asked him. Logan nodded. “I’ll be fine. The pain meds are kicking in,” he said.

“To conjure more visions of some other female?” Holly snapped. Logan glared at her.

“Judging by my various bandages and surgical scars, I’d say I almost died tonight,” Logan said sharply.
“It would be nice if you could show some affection and sympathy for once, rather than prattling on
about your jealous insecurities.”

Holly’s jaw fell slack and she crossed her arms. “I can’t believe you!” she hissed. “You’re making
excuses about why you’re dreaming of another female!”

“Holly!” Flo warned again. “This isn’t helping.” Holly ‘hmphed,’ but she took a seat on the other side of
the hospital room. She crossed her arms and legs and refused to look at either Logan or Flo. “How bad
was it?” Logan asked his mother. His voice sounded hoarse and harsh, his throat dry and raw. “A wolf
got you good in the neck,” Flo explained. “Tore through your throat and punctured an artery. You almost
bled out.” Logan absently brought his hand up to touch the bandage at his neck. He had vague The
Dream flashes of Serena leaning over him, feeling his forehead and bandaging his wounds. He couldn’t
tell if they were real or not, based on the other strange dream he’d had.

“You had several broken ribs,” Flo was saying. “There was some internal bleeding, but nothing serious.
None of your organs were punctured.” Logan nodded. “That’s good,” he said. “The surgery was to
repair your throat and your ribs. You’ll heal quickly since the internal damage was minimal,” his mother
said. Logan’s eyes flicked to Holly. She still wasn’t looking at them, head turned to the side. “I was so
far out in the woods,” Logan said. “How did anyone find me?” “You sent out a warning through the
mental link about an attack,” Flo reminded him. The details were a little fuzzy. Blood loss and
unconsciousness had a way of doing that!


“And Serena and Carson found me and brought me here?” he asked, trying to put the pieces together.
“Not exactly.” Flo said with a sigh. “What happened?” Logan asked, wincing as he propped himself up
on his elbow. “The patro! wolves that came to your aid tried to carry you back. They might have killed
you in the process if Serena and Carson hadn’t caught up with them and taken care of you properly,”
she explained. Sighing, Logan lay back on his pillows again. What a night! It certainly had the effect of
making him forget about his anger and frustration! “Moonshine is getting out of control” Flo said.
“Clearly,” Logan said, looking down at his bandaged chest. “Do you need anything?” Flo asked. “A few
minutes alone with Holly,” he said. Flo nodded. She stood up again, kissing her son’s forehead before
leaving the room. Holly was looking at him expectantly. Logan forced himself into a semi reclined sitting
position, despite the pain. “I’m not going to apologize,” he said. Holly rolled her eyes. “You can’t blame

me for whatever was going through my mind when I was dying. Serena saved my life, clearly that is
important.” Holly shrugged, but she uncrossed her arms and legs, seemingly willing to accept that. He
didn’t see any reason to tell Holly about his dream. It would only upset her more. “Please, don’t be mad
at me,” Logan said. He held his arm out to her. Holly was slow to smile, but she finally slid off her chair
and stood beside him, taking his hand. “I was so worried when they brought you in,” she said. “They
said you were in really

bad shape and didn’t know if you would make it.” Her eyes teared up, her lovely lips pouting. Logan
sighed. “I’m okay now,” he said.

“Apparently Serena had to give you a blood transfusion with her own blood on the way here! It was
such a risky thing to do. She could have passed out and been unable to treat you,” Holly was ranting.
Logan was only partially listening. Serena had given him her own blood to save him? He hadn’t been
expecting to hear that. It was risky, he didn’t need to be medically trained to know that, but it had also
saved his life.

He would have to remember to thank her, if she would ever speak to him again. In the back of his mind,
he could remember her speaking softly to him, reassuring him when she tended to him in the woods. It
was another memory that he couldn’t confirm.

“I should rest,” Logan told Holly. She nodded.

“I’ll come check on you soon,” she said. Logan smiled at her and lay back on his pillows. It had been a
long, long night! He couldn’t believe he had survived, and there was only one wolf in the whole pack he
had to thank for that!

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