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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Jealousy and Drawings

“Is Uncle Logan going to get to go home now?” Olivia asked when Serena met the kids and Dana
outside the hospital. “He’ll be able to go home soon,” she said. “Did you bring pictures for him?” “Yea!”
Oliver said excitedly. He pulled his backpack off to indicate that was where the pictures were.

“Thank you, Dana. I’ll stay with the twins. You can head on home,” she said. Dana nodded.

“I’ll have dinner for you when you get home,” she said.

“Great, thanks,” Serena said. She took the twins hands.

“Logan said he would read to us more when we came back,” Olivia told Serena. “Can we stay and read
with him?” “Why don’t you start by showing him your pictures,” Serena said. “We don’t want to tire him
out too much.” She walked the twins to Logan’s room while Olivia chattered about her day and why she
hadn’t wanted to go daycare. Serena listened, but she was also concerned about what Holly would do
when she saw the twins again. She’d already made it clear that she didn’t want to see Serena or the
twins in Logan’s room again. When they got to the door, Serena knocked lightly. The voices muffled
behind the door stopped. “Come in,” Logan called. Serena took a deep breath and pushed the door
open. Immediately, Olivia and Oliver ran in, cheerily saying hi to Logan. Holly sneered, walking
backwards to get out of their way as they ran at the table. “You came back,” Logan said, smiling. “Yes,”
Holly said moodily, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. Serena remained by the door. She shut it,
but stayed back. She had nothing left to say to Logan, but she was there because she had told him he
wasn’t going to be alone with her kids until she could trust him again. “We drew all kinds of pictures
today,” Olivia said. Oliver took his backpack off and pulled the zipper open. A whole pile of pages fell
out onto the bed, scattering around. Logan laughed. “Ugh, playing family with kids that aren’t even
yours, again,” Holly sneered. Logan didn’t respond, but Serena glared at Holly. She didn’t like how
Holly was so rude and made assumptions about her and her kids. The fact that Logan was their real

father made things more confusing. Holly didn’t know that. If she did, Serena knew she would throw a
massive tantrum, one that could get her kicked out of the pack, or worse!

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Chapter 72 Jealousy and Drawings Watching Logan look at the pictures the twins had drawn, Serena
knew that he was ready to be a father. Whether or not he believed it. She knew, just by watching them,
that he had spoken true when he said he would never lose his temper at them. She trusted that to be
true, but she didn’t want to let go over her anger at him yet. It hadn’t been the twins that he had been
yelling at or making accusations at. It had been her at the end of his wrath. She would have to forgive
him in her own time. Olivia and Oliver were holding up their pictures one at a time, showing Logan what
they’d painted. He was very good at guessing too, which was something a parent was good at. It took a
parents’ eyes sometimes to see what a child drew or painted. “Is this another wolf?” Logan asked
Oliver. “I like the wolves,” Oliver said. “I want to be one.” “You will be, someday,” Logan assured. “And
this one is you,” Olivia said, holding up a picture. Logan’s brow creased. Serena chuckled, she
imagined that Olivia’s rendition of other people wasn’t quite accurate. “Who else is in this picture?”
Logan asked, pointing to other figured on the paper. “That’s me, running around as a wolf,” Olivia said.
“An Oliver.”

“Who’s that?” Logan asked, pointing to the final figure. “That’s mommy,” Olivia said. Holly went over to
the bed and looked at the picture. Her eyes darkened and she snatched the picture away from Olivia.
“Hey!” Serena snapped, stepping forward to come between Holly and Olivia “Why do your kids think
you and Logan are so close?” she asked, waving the page in front of Serena’s face. Serena looked at
the image, seeing that Olivia had drawn her and Logan with their arms around each other. It was an
innocent enough drawing for a young child. The fantasy of their mother and her friend. Serena sighed,
shaking her head. “Kids will be kids,” she said. “They don’t see things how we see them.” Holly scoffed
and tossed the drawing back on the bed. “This is why I don’t think you should be spending so much
time with them,” Holly snapped at Logan. Serena went to the end of the bed so she wasn’t standing

between Holly and Logan. She beckoned the kids towards her, and they crawled to the end of the bed.
“They are already getting confused, thinking that you and Serena are together or something.” Holly
said, putting her hands on her hips. “Holly, kids don’t understand adult relationships,” Serena defended.
“It is nothing to get so upset about.” “Can we read now?” Olivia asked. Serena shook her head,
silencing her child. “Really, Holly, they’re just kids,” Logan said.

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Chapter 72 Jealousy and Drawings

“You’re siding with her now too?” Holly asked, pointing an accusing finger at Serena. “Oliver, why don’t
you get your drawings and your backpack” Serena said. “It is time we should be going.” “Yea, it is long
past,” Holly spat at them. Shyly, Oliver got off the bed. Logan handed him the pictures, and he put them
back in his backpack. Once again, Serena felt like she needed to get away! The twins’ attachment to
Logan was just going to aggravate Holly more. It wasn’t good for her and her baby, and it wasn’t good
for the twins to be around. “I’m sorry our visit was cut short, again,” Logan told the twins. “We will read
together again, soon.” “Promise?” Olivia asked, crawling up the bed to hug him. “I promise” he said.
Oliver went to the side of the bed and Logan ruffled his hair. “You should probably get going, now,”
Holly said, speeding their departure along. Serena sighed, taking her kids’ hands and heading out of
the room. “Thank you for bringing them by,” Logan asked. Serena nodded, but she didn’t turn around.
She made a mental note to herself to make sure Holly wasn’t around the next time Logan saw the
twins. Although, she imagined that the closer Holly got to having her baby, the more she would be
around Logan and the more she would cling to him. “What do you think about taking a little trip?”
Serena asked the kids as they headed home. “A trip where?” Olivia asked.

“To stay with my parents for a little while,” Serena said. “Without you?” Oliver asked sadly. Serena

“No, no, all of us, as a family,” she said.

“Can Logan come?” Olivia asked. Serena sighed. She couldn’t tell her children that one of the reasons
she wanted to leave was because she wanted to get away from Logan. “Logan isn’t a part of our
family,” Serena said. “He is a good friend, but there is a difference between friends and family.”

“Can he be part of our family?” Olivia asked. Serena didn’t answer right away. It was a lie to tell her
kids that Logan wasn’t part of their family. He was their father! She couldn’t tell them that without it
getting back to him though, so she had to keep playing the part of them thinking he was just a friend
“Logan has his own family with Flo, and Holly, and the baby that they are going to have,” she
explained. “Can we all be a family together?” Oliver asked, looking up at his mother hopefully…



Chapter 72: Jealousy and Drawings

Serena smiled at them.

She would love nothing more to be a complete family with their father, but she’d never want Holly to be
a part of that. “I didn’t think you liked Holly,” Serena said. “She can’t be part of our family.” Oliver said
firmly. Serena hid her smile. Her kids were good at picking up on things like who was nice and who
wasn’t. “Well, then, Logan can’t be part of our family, because his family is with Holly,” she said. Both
the kids became sullen the rest of the walk home. She felt bad for letting them down, for dashing their
hopes that Logan could be part of their family. Technically, he was their family, but as long as Holly was
in the picture, Serena had no intention of combining them.

It made a complicated situation more complicated, because if Logan ever found out the truth, she knew
he would never forgive her! “So, do you want to go see my parents for a while?” Serena asked. “And
Uncle Santino?” Olivia asked. “Yes, absolutely,” Serena confirmed. “That sounds like fun,” Oliver

“I think it would be too,” Serena said. The twins ran inside to wash up for dinner. Whatever Dana made
smelled amazing all the way out on the porch!

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