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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 71

Chapter 71: An Awkward Attempt at Apology

Every time Serena went to look after Logan as he recovered, Holly stood there, looming over them. It
made her feel awkward and judged as she did her work. She peeled Logan’s hospital gown back,
opening it up over his chest and down far enough that he was almost entirely exposed in the front.
Keeping her eyes trained on the bruises down his abdomen, she gently pressed them, watching for
reactions of pain. “What are you doing?” Holly asked when Serena palpated Logan’s stomach. Her
hands were rather close to his exposed groin, but she was doing a proper medical examination.
Serena’s eyes flitted to Logan’s and he smirked at her. Shaking her head, Serena covered Logan up
again. “A medical exam, to make sure that there is no internal damage that we missed initially and to
make sure he is healing properly,” she said shortly.

“Holly, why don’t you go get me something to eat?” Logan asked. “You don’t have to be here for this.”
Holly rolled her eyes, but she left. “You didn’t have to send her away,” Serena argued. “I’m capable of
doing my job with an audience.” Logan chuckled. “Oh, I know,” he said. “I just thought it might be
awkward to be mostly naked in front of two females. That hasn’t happened to me for a while.”

Despite herself, Serena cracked a stiff smile. Logan was trying to joke with her, that meant he wasn’t
mad at her anymore, but she still hadn’t decided how she felt about


She’d been so concerned about him, had wanted to save him. She’d gone to great lengths to save his
life and even broken some rules of medical practice. Still, she wasn’t ready to forgive him yet. “Let me
change your bandages,” she said curtly. Logan’s smile faded. He gave a nod. She changed the
bandages on his throat first, an attempt to keep him from talking. Then she changed the bandages on
his chest. Nothing looked infected, and he was healing quickly, as was expected. “You‘re healing fast.”
Serena said, making a note on his chart. “You’ll be able to leave here soon.” “Great,” Logan said. He

winced as he tried to sit up. Automatically, Serena went to his side and helped him up. Then she
propped his pillows up behind him. He leaned back into the added support, His hospital gown had
fallen open again. Serena groaned and stepped back. Logan hastened to close it again.

You seem awfully eager to get me naked again,” he teased her, Serena shook he12:47)

head. “Please, don’t shame my profession by making it into something it isn’t,” she said sternly. “I’m
sorry, Serena,” Logan said. She knew his apology was for more than his jokes, but she still wasn’t
ready to forgive him. “You’re going to be fine,” she reiterated. She started walking away. “Serena, wait,”
Logan said. She paused, debating whether or not to turn back to him. Finally, she turned around slowly.
“Was there something else?” she asked. “I wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday,” he said. “It
wasn’t right for me to get so angry. Your personal life is your business. I had no right to make
accusations or call your professionalism into question.”

“No, you didn’t,” Serena said, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at him. His apology was
genuine, she knew that, but he was telling her things she already knew. He was going to have to do
better than that to win her over! “I was angry,” he said. “Out of my mind with rage. It was like a poison in
my veins. I even went and took on a whole pack of rogues just to prove something to myself.” He
looked down at the bandages on his chest.

As he spoke, his voice became hoarser, so Serena went to the water pitcher and poured him a cup of
water. He nodded in thanks when she handed it to him.

“That was stupid,” she said rigidly. Logan chuckled.

“I know that now,” he said. “But I was also told about what you did for me, to save me.” Serena blushed
slightly and turned her eyes away from him. It seemed almost too intimate to think about Logan have
her blood in his veins. It was a very deep exchange of fluids, and remembering it made her a little
uncomfortable. She’d done what she had to in order to save him, but she hadn’t wanted him to know!

“My job is to save lives, and I will do whatever is in my power to achieve that,” she informed him. “I
would have done that for anyone.”

Her words weren’t entirely true. As Alpha, Logan was entitled to more intense medical care. If she’d
had more than one patient to tend to, she wouldn’t have been able to risk giving them all blood and
losing consciousness. It was a very situation specific remedy. Logan didn’t need to know that, though.
“I understand,” he said, drinking his water and laying back on his pillows. “Did you have a good visit
with the twins this morning?” Serena asked. Logan nodded. “I’d like to see them again,” he said. “Bring
them by, anytime.” “I’ve got a lot of work to do,” Serena said. An Awkward Attempt at Apology

Holly returned to the room, her eyes immediately narrowing in on how close Serena was standing to
Logan’s bed. She still had a hand on the pillows she’d been fluffing.

“Every time I leave the room, this is the kind of thing I come back to!” Holly snapped. She dropped the
tray of food from the cafeteria onto Logan’s lap. He grunted. “Holly, I’d ask you not to be so rough with
the patient,” Serena said. “He may enjoy that in other situations, but right now, he needs to heal.”
Serena’s implication was not lost on Holly or Logan. The Alpha smirked, but Holly snorted and crossed
her arms over her chest. “How would you even know that?” she asked accusingly. Serena glanced at
Logan. He shrugged. “That was a joke,” Serena said. “But thank you for that lovely exchange of
images. I’ve got other work to do.”

“Will you bring the twins by later?” Logan asked as Serena started walking towards the door. She
looked over her shoulder.

“Sure,” she said in a non-committal tone. She didn’t want to make any promises. Her mood could
change throughout the rest of her day.

She left a sour looking Holly at Logan’s side. He was healing fast, but Holly’s moodiness and
confrontations would be sure to exhaust him.

“Every time I turn around, your off with Serena or her kids!” Serena heard Holly whine as she left.
“What are you trying to do to me?” Serena shook her head. So much drama! Every time she was
around Logan or Holly, there was some kind of drama. She was over it. She was over Logan’s
controlling behavior, short temper, and mixed signals. She needed a break! Although she was still
made at him, Serena knew that a positive environment would help him recover faster. Since she had
gone to such lengths to save his life, letting his health fail now would be such a waste! He wanted to
see the twins, and she had a feeling they would help improve his mood and speed up his recovery,
especially after all the time he spent battling Holly. Finishing her rounds, Serena filed her papers for the
day. She went to the phone at the nurse’s station and dialed Dana’s number. “Dana, I have a favor to
ask,” she said. “What can I do?” Dana asked. “Can you bring the twins by the hospital after daycare?”
she asked. “Logan wants to see them, and I’m sure they want to see him too.”

“Yes, of course,” Dana said. “We will be packing up and leaving here shortly. They drew a lot of pictures
today.” Serena smiled into the phone.

“Have them bring some of the pictures, too,” she said. “Tell them Uncle Logan wants to see their
artwork. An Awkward Attempt at Apology

“I’m sure they’d love to show him, too,” Dana said. “They’ve been talking about him all day.” Serena
thanked Dana and hung up. It worried her, how close the kids were getting to Logan, how attached
they were getting. He couldn’t be their father, even if he did know he was. Not with Holly and another
baby on the way. She didn’t want them to get hurt

She thought that it might be best for all of them to get away for a little while. She had so much work to
do, and she had to make sure that Logan was out of the woods completely, but Serena began to think
that an extended trip to see her parents would help put some distance between herself and Logan and
the twins and Logan.

They would play with Uncle Santino and their grandparents, being far too busy to ask about Logan or
miss him. It was a possibility; one the Serena was liking more and more.

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