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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Recovery

The next time Logan woke up. Holly had returned. She was sitting by his bed reading a magazine.
Logan sighed, turning slightly on the bed to get a better look at her. She didn’t look up from what she
was reading, just kept bouncing the foot on the leg she had crossed over the other. Holly had been
good for him and good to him. He hadn’t always agreed with her, and he didn’t like the catty, jealous
behavior she was exhibiting, but she had still stuck by him. Besides, she was going to have his baby.
That was something that, no matter how mixed his own feelings were, he couldn’t just walk away from.
“You’re awake,” Holly said, looking up from her magazine. Logan gave a nod, then winced as his throat
smarted. “Could you get me some water?” he asked. Holly sighed, looking displeased at needing to do
him a favor. She nodded though and left the room. While Holly was gone, the hospital room door
opened again and Dana came in with the twins.

“Logan!” Olivia said, running up to the side of his bed. He smiled, propping himself up as much as he
could. “You’re hurt.” “I’m okay,” he assured. Oliver came up beside Olivia. “You sound funny,” he said.
Logan motioned to the bandage on his throat. “My neck got hurt,” he said. He looked at Dana. “Please
tell me that Serena knows they are here.” He didn’t want her children visiting him to cause more
tension between them. Dana smiled and nodded. “Yes, she knows,” Dana assured. “She couldn’t bring
them herself with work, so I offered to stop by before bringing them to daycare.” “Thank you,” Logan
said. “Mommy said she saved your life,” Olivia said dramatically. Logan chuckled, hiding the wince as
his chest screamed in pain from his laugh. “She did,” he confirmed. “Your mother is a great doctor.”
“When will you get out of here and come play with us?” Olivia asked. “I’ll be better soon,” he promised.
“Olivia, why don’t you show Logan what you brought him,” Dana offered. She took a seat in a chair
across the room.. “Oh year!” Olivia said. She produced a book. “Can you read with us?” Logan smiled,
feeling lighter and happier than he had in a long time. Using what strength he had, he reclined himself
on the pillows.

“Hop on up,” he said, patting the bed beside him. Olivia and Oliver climbed onto the bed, each one
sitting on either side of him. They snuggled right up against him as he flipped the book open to the last
page they’d left off on. Despite Oliver’s dislike for books, Logan had noticed that he listened and
enjoyed them when he read to the kids. It warmed him to know that Oliver liked him and was
discovering an appreciation for books through him. Logan began reading while Dana worked on a
knitting project she had in her purse. Holly returned to the room and stopped dead in the
doorway. “What is going on?” she asked, looking down her nose at the twins. Olivia made a face at
Holly and Oliver curled into Logan a little bit. “Olivia, don’t be rude,” Dana said firmly. Olivia sighed, but
stopped making her face. “Holly, the twins wanted to make sure I was doing okay.” Logan said. Holly
walked to the table beside him and set his water down hard enough to cause it to splash over the edge
of the cup. “They aren’t your kids, Logan!” she snapped. She put her hands on her stomach. “You’re a
meanie!” Olivia said, standing up on the hospital bed. “We can visit our Uncle Logan whenever we
want!” she crossed her arms firmly. “Olivia, that isn’t very nice,” Dana said. “I think we should get going
to daycare.” Dana collected her things and grabbed Olivia’s hard to help her off the bed. “Yes, I think
that is a good idea,” Holly said snidely. Dana had a twin on each arm. She missed Olivia turning around
and sticking her tongue out at Holly, but Logan didn’t miss it. “Thank you for bringing them for a visit,”
Logan said with a wave. “We’ll come back with mommy to finish the book,” Olivia said with an assured
nod. Logan looked down, seeing the book still in his lap. He put the bookmark in and traded the book
for his water on the table next to his bed. “Uncle Logan?” Holly asked, raising an eyebrow. Logan
sighed. “They picked that up on their own,” he said. “Serena has a brother, I’m guessing they think all
adult males that aren’t their father or grandfather are called ‘uncle.” “Well, maybe you should correct
them,” Holly said. “I don’t understand why it bothers you so much that I have a relationship with the kids
of the pack,” Logan said. He took a drink of water, soothing his dry, cracked throat. Holly scoffed,
throwing her arms up in the air. “It isn’t all the kids of the pack, though,” she said. “It is just those two!” “I
see it as practice,” Logan said, giving her a smile. Holly rolled her eyes. “I don’t think you realize how
humiliating this is for me,” Holly complained. “You cry out for some other female in your sleep, having

been weirdly attached to her since her Recovery arrival in the pack. Now you’re spending time with
your kids like you’d rather be a family with them!”

Logan shook his head. He lowered his pillows so he could lay down again. It hurt to sit up too long, the
muscles in his chest still damaged from the surgery and the broken bones. “It isn’t like that, Hoily,” he
said. “They don’t have a dad. I guess I sympathize, because I lost my father young.” Holly shook her
head. “It isn’t fair to them. You can’t be a father to them, especially since you are going to be an actual
father to our baby,” she pointed out. “Besides, Serena seems like she has all

help she needs from her parents. Dana. Adriana, and even Carson.”

At the mention of Serena and Carson together, Logan was reminded why he had been so angry at her
in the first place. It seemed so long ago that he had been yelling at her and making unfair accusations.
Sighing, Logan knew he would have to apologize. He would have to make a real apology if he was
going to set things right. He couldn’t just thank her for saving his life. It had to be genuine.

“Are you even listening to me?” Holly asked. Logan realized he hadn’t been. Whatever she was ranting
on about, he had zoned out thinking about Serena. “Yes, I’m listening,” he lied. “I know I can’t be a
father to them. I just like them. They are great kids with a promising future in the pack. And they like
me.” “You shouldn’t encourage that,” Holly admonished. Logan shrugged, drinking more water. The
more he talked, the more his throat ached. “Holly, you are acting like because we are having a kid, I
can’t be involved in any other child’s life. You’re acting like because we are together, I can’t have
contact with any other female. I’m a pack Alpha, so that just isn’t possible. You have to accept that,”
Logan told her shortly. Holly scoffed, turning away from him. “What about your responsibility to me and
our family?” she asked. “I have to balance it out,” he said. “And I will. I’m not going to abandon you or
our child. Nor am I going to abandon the pack. “How noble of you,” Holly said sarcastically. Logan
sighed. “Can we discuss this more, when I’m not laid up in a hospital bed?” he asked. Holly looked at
him over her shoulder, rolling her eyes. “Fine, whatever you want,” she hissed.

Left alone, Logan had some time to think things over. He could admit that he had acted irrationally,
letting his anger lead him around. He’d have to apologize to Carson too. Thinking about how Serena
and Carson had worked together to save his life, he owed them both. 3/4 Recovery Despite his
confrontations, they had both come to his aid. More than that, Carson had known to go to Serena to
help him. It was exactly what he would have wanted to happen, and his Beta knew him well enough to
know that. He couldn’t keep being mad at both of them when they had gone to such great lengths to
ensure he lived.

Besides, with the ever-growing threat of Moonshine, it seemed petty to be fighting with his Beta and
one of the pack doctors. They all needed to be on the same side to stand strong against Moonshine.
He knew it was a little controlling to have had an outburst about a relationship they had both denied.
Either way, more important things were happening. Logan knew that as Alpha, he had to put his own
grievances on hold until the pack and territory were safe!

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