Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Going Home

“You‘re really leaving us?” Adriana asked,
stopping by to see Serena before her shift ended. Serena smiled. “You got my time off request?” she as
ked. Adriana nodded. “I did,” she said. “I‘ve got to admit, I‘m not all that surprised.” “I‘m sorry it was sho
rt notice. Why isn‘t it a surprise?” Serena asked, falling into step beside Adriana as they headed to the l
ocker room. It was the end of the day, time to shower, change and go home. “Your work with Logan wa
s top notch, but I imagine it was pretty stressful too,” she said. “I can see why it would be important for
you to step away, visit your family, spend some quality time with your kids.” “Yes, I think it is needed,” S
erena said, smiling at her friend. “Honestly, it is more than that. There has been
some drama with Holly and Logan, especially with Holly being pregnant and Logan having a relationshi
p with my kids.” “Oh, I think everyone who visited Logan‘s room during recovery is aware of that,” Adria
na said with a chuckle. “Anyone that was on the floor during his stay is aware of that.” Serena‘s cheeks
reddened in frustrated embarrassment. It just furthered her need to get away for a little while. “What ab
out you and Carson, the two of you were spending some time together,” Adriana said. “That didn‘t go s
outh already, did it?” Serena chuckled and shook her head. She opened her locker to get a fresh chang
e of clothes. Adriana‘s locker was directly behind hers, so they stood back–to–
back. “Carson and I were just spending some time together,” Serena said. “It wasn‘t anything serious or
romantic. Though, Logan took it very personally. Another reason 1 need to step away. I don‘t know why
he feels so possessive over me…” she trailed off. If her suspicions about Logan being her mate were t
rue, then she knew exactly why he was behaving that way. Even if he hadn‘t put the pieces together yet
, he might know it on a subconscious level, a biological level that he wasn‘t fully aware of. “I don‘t envy
being stuck between Logan and his baby mama, or the Alpha and the Beta,” Adriana said with a sigh. “
Hence my need
to take a step back,” Serena said. “I completely understand. Don‘t worry about the paperwork, I‘ll take c
are of it,” she assured. “Thank you.” Serena said, stripping her clothes off and wrapping herself in a tow

el. “Just, don‘t stay away too long, and please
call me and update me on anything and everything” Adriana said.

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Chapter 74 Cong Home “I will,” Serena said. She headed to the showers to clean herself off and chang
e before going home When she was done, Adriana was still in the shower. She
called a quick goodbye to her friend and boss before collecting her things and heading out. On her way
to her car, she called Dana. “Are you home yet?” she asked. *Just getting there,” Dana said. “The
twins had a long day and are exhausted.” “Good,” Serena said. If they went to bed early, she could pac
k for them and they could all leave early in
the morning. “I‘ll get started on dinner when I get there,” Dana said. “That is much appreciated,” Serena
replied. “The kids and I are going to be taking a little vacation starting tomorrow.” “Do you need me to c
ome along?” Dana asked, a note of concern in her voice. “Not this time,”
Serena said. “We are going to visit my parents and brother. I will have more help than I know what to d
o with.” “Great” Dana said with a sigh of relief. “I don‘t think the daycare would be able to cover for me.”

“I understand, it is last minute, but the timing just seemed right. I will see
you shortly. I‘m on my way home too,” she said. “See you soon,” Dana said. Serena hung up and got in
her car. When she got home, the kids were already eating. Dana made up a plate for Serena,

and she sat down with the kids. They looked tired, but they were always able to muster energy for their
mom. “So, what did you do today?” Serena asked. “I played hopscotch,” Olivia said. “I drew a huge sco
tch board!” “That sounds exciting,” Serena said. “Did your
friends play too?” “Yes, but I beat them all,” she said with a satisfied nod. “How about you, Oliver, what
did you do today?” Serena asked, turning to her son.

“I drew,” he said. “And I played on the slide.” Serena looked at Dana. From the sounds of it, Oliver still
wasn‘t making lots of
friends or feeling like he fit in very well. When they were done eating, Serena sent the
kids upstairs to play until she was done with dinner.

“Is Oliver doing okay at daycare?” she asked. “He is fine,” Dana said. “He plays with the other kids whe
n he wants to, but you know him, he likes to be on his own.” “I know. I just wonder if I should be worried
,” she said.



Chapter 4 Geng Hone

“Not at all,” Dana said as
she started cleaning up dinner. “He is the quiet artistic type, but that doesn‘t mean he doesn‘t have frien
ds or doesn‘t have fun.” Serena nodded, relieved to hear it.

She got the twins in the bathtub while Dana finished cleaning up and started packing their things. “Rem
ember how we talked about going to see Grandma and Grandpa?” Serena asked them. “Are
we going?” Olivia asked excitedly. Serena nodded. “Yes, we are going to leave tomorrow,” she said. “B
efore you go to bed, I want you to grab any
toys, games, books, or art supplies you want to bring with us.” Olivia stood up in the tub, dripping with s
oap and water. She tried to get out, but Serena stopped her. “After your bath,” she said, encouraging
Olivia to sit back down again. Olivia glared at her mother, but she complied. “Will Uncle Santino be ther
e?” Oliver asked. “Of course,” Serena said. “He
will want to see the two of you, and he‘ll have lots of games to play.” “Good, he is a lot of fun,” Olivia
said with a nod.

Serena finished their baths and sent them off to collect the things they wanted to bring with
them. She hadn‘t given Adriana a firm return date, so she knew the
kids would need plenty to keep them
occupied. Not that her mother and father would let the kids get bored. They would provide all the entert
ainment, toys, and games needed.

When the kids were packed, Serena went to their rooms to tuck them in. Olivia and Oliver were so tired
, they didn‘t even ask to be read too. Serena tucked them in and kissed them goodnight, grabbing
their suitcases and bringing them downstairs. She packed her own bags and set them by the door too.
Dana was enjoying a cup of tea in the living room. “I‘m sorry for the short notice,” Serena
said. “Please, don‘t worry about it,” Dana said, pulling a knitting project from her purse. “I‘ve got plenty t
o keep myself busy.” “Good,” Serena said. She sat on the couch beside Dana. “I heard you had a roug
h few days at the hospital,” Dana said, giving Serena the space to talk
about it. “Having the Alpha mortally wounded and his life literally being in my hands alone...that was str
essful” she admitted. “He pulled through, though, and I know I did everything I could for him.”


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Cha le 34 (Mig Home

“Is that why you are taking time off?” Dana asked. Serena sighed. “I‘m due for a break,” she said. “My pa
and I‘ve hardly spent any time at home since I returned from the human world.” “It sounds like the timing

Serena headed to bed shortly after. She knew she wouldn‘t start feeling relief until there was enough ph
turning while she was trying to sleep, thoughts running through her head. Carson‘s questioning had real
want anyone else in the pack to become suspicious of things with her and Logan.

Holly had suspicions. Serena could chalk those up to jealousy, but if Carson was noticing something too
she shook her head and rolled over again. She had just wanted to return to pack life, have a normal job,
in a particularly volatile situation, between Moonshine, Holly, their
baby. His outburst at her had shown just how stressed he was becoming. She didn‘t want to burden him

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