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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Fishing

Serena woke up early to the sounds of her mother making something in the kitchen. Her parents had
been overwhelmed with joy when Serena asked if she could come stay with them for a while. Since
she’d arrived, she’d spent more time with her brother than she had since she was a child, and her
parents had kept the kids occupied almost every minute of the day. Serena had nothing but play time
with them. Thomas and Charlotte took care of the cooking and the house, and her mom even did her
laundry! Part of her felt like she was a kid again, herself. She was greatly enjoying having the quality
time with her whole family, not having to worry about the pack or emergencies, or when Logan might do
something else strange. Stretching, Serena looked out her bedroom window. She groaned. The sun
had barely started to rise! Dragging herself out of bed, she went down to the kitchen, finding her father
with his fishing pole and tackle box. The kids were at the breakfast table eating and there were two new
kid’s fishing poles next to them. “Oh good, you’re up.” Thomas said, winking at her. “Going fishing?”
Serena asked, taking the coffee her mother handed her. It was an automatic gesture every time she
entered the kitchen in the mornings now. “That was the plan, why else would we be up so early?”
Thomas asked her. Serena chuckled. “Want to come, mommy? We got new fishing poles!” Olivia said.
“I see that,” Serena said. “I could use a day on the lake.” “Great,” her father said. “I still have your old
fishing gear.” Serena raised an eyebrow. “I’m sure I’ve outgrown that,” she said. Laughing from behind
her, Santino entered the kitchen, getting his own cup of coffee. “You can barrow mine, sis,” he said,
patting her on the back as he walked past her. “Thanks,” she said. “But, weren’t you planning to go?”
she looked at the clothing Santino was wearing. He had clearly been gearing up to go out on the boat.
“I’ll go next time,” he assured. “Have a day on the water with your kids.” “Okay,” she said with a smile.
Serena went upstairs and quickly changed into clothes that were appropriate for fishing. She sighed,
taking a quick look at herself in the mirror She hadn’t been fishing in a long time! Although Serena
really loved her life in Night Sky, she had forgotten just how amazing

it was to be in a household filled with family. With just her, the kids, and Dana, it wasn’t the same. At
her parents’ house, there was always warm food available, plenty to do, all kinds of warm hugs and
friendly smiles. Everyone always had advice, and they way they all learned to move around each other
in a perpetual, graceful dance. She missed that. Even Santino’s gesture of letting her go fishing
instead…she missed that closeness! The kids had never been on a boat before, and they were thrilled
to speed through the waters until they got to the best fishing grounds. Thomas slowed the boat way
down so they wouldn’t scare the fish as they approached. “Go fast again,” Olivia said. “We will go fast
on the way back,” Thomas assured her. Already, the twins were damp with spray from the motor.
Serena shook her head, laughing at them.

“Want to learn how to bait your hooks?” Serena asked, opening the tub of nightcrawler worms they’d
got as bait. The twins each held out their rods to her.

“Be very careful, kids,” Thomas said, “those hooks her sharp. Never touch one, okay? If you need
something, get your mother or me.” “Okay,” the twins mumbled. “That’s right. Don’t wave them around,
either,” Serena warned. “Always make sure no one is next to you when you drop your line. You don’t
want someone else to get hurt with your hook.” The nodded. “Those are worms,” Olives said, making a
face as Serena pulled one out. “Fish like worms,” she said. Thomas handed her a knife and Serena
swiftly cut the worm in half.

“Eww,” Olivia said.

“It’s okay, the worm can’t feel anything,” Serena said. “Now, you just put the worm on the hook like
this…” she showed them. “Can I go next?” Olivia asked. Serena shook her head. “You let me or
Grampy bait your hooks today, okay?” she said firmly. Olivia nodded. Once the twins had their lines in
the water, Serena sat in the seat next to her father. She turned it so she could watch them while also
keeping her line in the water.

The lake was calm, perfectly mirroring the forest around them on its glassy surface. A low mist hung
around the shoreline. There weren’t any other boats on the water this morning. “If I catch a fish, can I
bring it to show Uncle Logan?” Olivia asked, looking over at her mother. “Maybe you should just draw a
picture of it for him,” Serena said. “We can also take pictures of you with your fish.”

“Okay. I’ll catch the biggest fish for him!” she said. “No, I’ll catch the biggest fish!” Oliver argued. The
competition was on! Serena laughed, looking over at her father. “Logan, the Alpha of Night Sky?” he
asked. She nodded. “The kids have grown quite attached to him,” she explained. “For some reason, he
has taken it upon himself to be involved in their lives.” “That’s good, isn’t it?” Thomas asked. “Having
someone to help out.” Serena shrugged. “He is having a baby with another woman,” Serena said. “I
don’t want them to get too attached only to have him…” she trailed off.

“It doesn’t sound like he is the type to abandon something he has committed to,” her father said. “I’ve
had enough dealings with him to know he is a good man.” “Mommy, I think I got something!” Olivia
cried, jumping up and down. Thomas grabbed the net and Serena ran to her daughter’s side. “Okay,
reel it in nice and slow,” she said. “You definitely got a fish on that line!”

They reeled in the fish and Thomas scooped it into the net. While Olivia and Oliver watched with glee,
Thomas took the hook out of the fish’s mouth. “Hold it up like this.” Thomas said, showing Olivia out to
hold the fish’s lip so it dangled down. Serena stepped back and took a picture of Olivia with her fish.

“Okay, now throw it back into the water,” Serena said. “Why?” Olivia asked. “I want to take it home and
keep it.” Serena laughed. “The fish belongs in the lake,” Serena said. Olivia pouted, but she threw the
fish back. “I really wanted to show Logan,” she muttered. Oliver caught a fish next. He got his picture
with the fish, but just after the shot was snapped, the fish wriggled and Oliver dropped it. It flopped
around on the boat floor. Both the kids screamed and ran around, rocking the boat. Thomas captured
the fish in the net again and tossed it back into the water. Serena had to hide her laughs as her kids
clung to her. “That was exciting.” Thomas said.

“Should we call it a day?” Serena asked. The sun was getting high enough that the fish would retreat
deeper into the water. A breeze had picked up too, shattering the glassy lake surface.

“Good idea,” Thomas said, starting the boat engine again and taking off. “When can we see Logan
again?” Oliver asked, resting his head on Serena’s lap. “We’ll see him soon,” Serena said with a sigh.
She knew how much her kids missed him. They asked about him every day. It bothered her a little to
see just how muc

they missed him. Already they were so attached! If she was being perfectly honest with herself, Serena
would say she missed Logan too. She hadn’t noticed it first, but it crept up on her at night, his face
being one of the last things she thought of before sleep. She hadn’t thought anything of it at first, but as
time went by, she knew it was because she missed him. Was that further proof that he was her mate?
She didn’t know. Whatever it meant, she couldn’t do anything about it. Even if he was her mate, would
he abandon Holly and their baby? Serena thought it was better not to know.

When they got back to the house, the kids ran inside to tell Charlotte about their fishing adventure.
Serena met Santino on the porch. “What has you so glum?” he asked her. Serena gave him an
innocent look, but he was her twin. He would always know what she was feeling. “I just miss home…”
she trailed off. Santino smirked at her. “You mean you miss someone at home,” he said. Serena rolled
her eyes. “Come on, you can tell me.” Serena shook her head. “It is far too complicated to verbalize,”
she said. “Well, at least let me help you take your mind off it?” Santino asked handing her a glass of
wine. Serena smiled. “Perfect,” she said. She sat on the porch swing beside her brother, indulging in an
afternoon glass of wine. They had a good view of the lake from where they sat. Santino put his arm
over her shoulders. “When you do need to tell someone, I’m here for you,” he said. “I know,” Serena
said. “Thank you.”

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