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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Missing the Kids

Another morning dawned, and Logan woke up staring at his ceiling. He listened to the rest of the
house, noting how desolate and quiet it was. Serena and the twins had moved out a while ago, but he
still waited to hear the sound of the twins’ footsteps pounding down the halls or the sounds of their
hushed giggles from inside his closet. There was nothing. Since Serena had taken them back to
Starseeker, he had been listening more intently every morning, just hoping to hear a sound of them. It
was silly, wishing for them to be there when he knew they weren’t. In his mind, he had this fantasy of
waking up one morning to hear them running though his house, like Serena had come back and
brought them to see him first thing.

Thinking he was going crazy, Logan sat up and stretched. Holly was still asleep. He had been careful
not to disturb her in the mornings. She’d become so high maintenance since telling him about the
pregnancy. Even before, Logan would have considered her high maintenance, now she had gone of
the charts! He couldn’t really blame her, the whole time she’d been pregnant, he’d been colder to her.
He had pushed her away, too confused about his own thoughts and feelings. On top of that, he had
been spending more time with Serena and the twins, chasing down false ideas of Serena being with
another man. Of course, Holly had reason to be high maintenance. It didn’t make Logan feel any better,
though. If anything, it made his relationship with her more strained.

He knew he had to do right by her, because he had equally contributed to the pregnancy. No matter
how he felt about it, he had decided he wasn’t going to leave his own child without a father. Heading to
the kitchen, he got himself some coffee and breakfast. Flo was sitting in the living room, laughing at
something. Logan joined his mother. “What’s so funny?” he asked, seeing his mother sitting on the
couch with her phone. “Oh, I just got a few pictures from Serena,” she said, handing her phone over.
Logan smiled as he saw the pictures of the kids holding fish. It looked like they were on a boat fishing.
“Why is she sending them to you?” Logan asked, raising an eyebrow at his mother as he handed the

phone back. “I asked her to keep me updated while she was away,” Flo said. “Why?” Logan asked. Flo
shrugged. “I like those kids,” she said. “Besides, Serena is a member of this pack. She might hail from
Starseeker, but she belongs here, now. I wanted to make sure she was doing alright. Her sudden
departure was…unexpected.”

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Chapter 77 Missing the kids

“For you.” Logan grumbled. “What was that?” his mother asked. He shrugged. “I lost my temper on her,
she thought it was best to get the kids away for a while,” he admitted with a sigh. He sat down next to
his mother. “I’ve told you that temper of yours is no friend,” Flo pointed out. “I know,” Logan said,
shaking his head. “Well, at least it looks like they are keeping busy and having fun,” she said. She
scrolled to the next picture and burst out laughing again. She tilted her phone towards Logan, and he
grinned at the picture. It showed a blurry Oliver jumping away from a fish that had wiggled out of his
hands. Logan felt a pang of sadness strike him. He wished he could have been there with them to see
that in person! “Those kids do have something,” Flo said. “It was like they brought a whole new life to
the pack.” “Don’t all kids do that?” Logan asked. Flo shrugged. “I think it takes a special kind of child to
win the hearts of everyone they meet…almost anyone,” she said. Her eyes drifted upwards. Logan
knew she was referring to Holly.

“I wonder why they are so charismatic to everyone here,” Logan said, thinking allowed. Flo shrugged
again. Her subtle smirk told Logan she had a few theories of her own, but his mother was unlikely to
share even if he pried. Since day one, the twins had belonged. They had slipped right into Night Sky as
if they had always been there. Logan had the strangest though blossom in his mind. Serena didn’t
know who their father was. At least, she said he wasn’t in the picture. Maybe there was a reason she
had come to Night Sky instead of returning to Starseeker. If she was looking for their father, or hoping
to find him… If the twins were related to someone from Night Sky, Logan thought that could be one
reason they fit right in and felt like they belonged. A connection through blood would be very strong,

whether they knew it or not. Some werewolf instincts went much deeper than normal perception. “It is
okay to miss them,” Flo said. “I know they aren’t part of our family, but they are still part of the pack.” “I
know,” Logan said. “I’m rather fond of them. I have my own child to think about, though.” “Right,” his
mother said with another one of her suggestive undertones. Whatever she thought she knew, Logan
was deadly curious. “What is that supposed to mean?” he asked. She gave him an innocent look.
“Nothing,” she said. “You’re right, you do have your own child to worry about. I hope you never forget



Flo’s deeper meaning was lost on Logan for the time being,

“I wont’ he assured “Logan?” Holly called to him from upstairs, Sighing, he left his mother and went to
see what she needed

What is it?” he asked from the bottom of the stairs. “Can you bnng me breakfast?” she asked. Her
voice was soft, sweet even. She did that when she wanted something. Logan rolled his eyes. “Sure,”
he said. Breakfast in bed was one of Holly’s newest demands, almost every moming. Logan tried to be
out of the house and at his office as often as possible to avoid waiting on her when she woke up. In the
kitchen, he methodically put together breakfast for her. She was still too early in her pregnancy to be
showing, but Logan had noticed she hadn’t been experiencing

other symptoms like morning sickness, cravings, or anything. He had noticed that she had become
much more temperamental and quicker to anger. She’d also become more demanding. If Logan tried to
deny her anything, she would get all fussy and claim he didn’t care about her or their baby.

She had said more than once that he needed to step up and take care of their child. It wasn’t even born
yet, and already, she had him going above and beyond taking care of her and the small fetal clump of


Logan knew it could be hormones that were making her act that way, so he tried to ignore most of it.

When he brought breakfast to her, he found Holly wearing lacey lingerie. She bit her lower lip and
patted the bed beside her. Logan set her breakfast down. “I have to get to the office,” he said, blowing
off her attempts at seduction. “Seriously?” Holly asked, her sultry look becoming harsh in an instant.
“You’re always working! You never have time for me anymore.” “I also have a rival pack breathing down
my neck and wanting to kill us, steal our resources, and take over our territory,” he remined her. “I have
a lot of priorities to juggle. I made you breakfast, though.” Holly sneered, grabbing the sheet and
covering her over-exposed body. Clearly, the request for breakfast was just a ploy to get him upstairs
so she could attempt to seduce him

“I’m not even hungry, anymore,” she said, crossing her arms and turning away from

“Holly, you have to eat something,” Logan argued. “It isn’t good for the baby.” She scoffed

“So now you do care?” she asked “Of course, I care,” he said sharply “I have a pack to manage and
can’t be here every

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second of the day. I wish I could, but I can’t right now.” Holly sniffled,

Logan could tell that her tears and crying were fake. She did that a lot now too, and he was better at
determining whether her tears were real or fake. When she couldn’t get a rise out of him with anger and
bitter remarks, she would try tears.

“Just go!” she snapped. “I didn’t realize that being pregnant would make you never want to touch me
again!” Logan sighed. He left the room.

He had no idea what she was actually mad about anymore. Was she mad that he had rejected her
sexual advances? Was she mad that he had to work to keep the pack safe? Was she mad that he
wasn’t devoting every moment of his time and attention to her? He couldn’t figure her out!

Even though Serena had secrets, Logan felt like he always knew where he stood with her. He realized
suddenly that he missed Serena just as much as he missed the twins! It was an odd feeling, making his
heart beat faster. How he had missed it, he didn’t know. Why he missed her so much…he didn’t know.

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