Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 78

Chapter 78: A Meeting of Alpha’s

“Another attack?” Thomas asked Serena as they all sat down for lunch. “It has been happening more
and more frequently,” she admitted. “I’ve been treating so many wolf bite injuries.” “I had no idea
Moonshine had gotten so out of control” her father said, shaking his head. “Perhaps we should talk
about something else,” Charlotte suggested, nodding towards the kids. “Did you tell Grandma about the
fish you caught?” Serena asked the kids. They nodded.

When lunch was finished, Serena joined her father and Santino on the back deck. Charlotte was
playing with the kids in the yard, so they could talk without being overheard.

“You said Moonshine has been sending in raiding parties?” Thomas asked her. Serena nodded.

“Logan figured out they were doing a systematic raid for resources at the store houses, never hitting
one more than once. It helped him anticipate some of the attacks and prevent a lot of damage.
Unfortunately…that didn’t help him when he was ambushed.”

“An Alpha, ambushed?” Santino asked, looking concerned. “He’s fine now,” Serena said. “I saved his
life.” She looked down as she spoke, but she felt Santino watching her. Remembering that night was
confusing and terrifying. Knowing that the Alpha of her pack would have died without her…it was a
responsibility she hadn’t been prepared for. She’d handled it better than anyone, but her heart still
ached when she thought about how close he had come to death.

“That is a whole new level of seriousness,” Thomas muttered.

“Something has to be done, Dad” Serena said. “I’m surprised Logan hasn’t reached out to you.” “If he
won’t reach out to me, I’ll reach out to him,” Thomas said with a nod. Serena

smiled. She left them to go play with her kids and her father called Logan. Logan heard his office phone
ringing while he was still unlocking the door. He hurried to open it and picked up the phone. “Hello?” he

“Alpha Logan?” the masculine voice on the other line asked. Logan thought it sounded familiar, but he
couldn’t place it.



“Speaking,” he said “This is Alpha Thomas from Starseeker,” the other male said. Logan swallowed. He
had the irrational fear that Thomas was calling him to tell him something bad had happened to Serena
or the kids!

“Thomas, it is good to hear from you,” he said, his throat drying up.

7 have recently heard that Moonshine has been giving you a considerable amount of trouble,” he said.
Logan sighed, partially relieved. “Serena,” he muttered. Thomas chuckled.

Yes, my daughter has given me a full update. I am glad you’ve recovered under her care,” he said.
“She is very skilled,” he said. “I’d like to meet with you. Come to Starseeker. Santino and I can work
with you to come up with an offensive plan against Moonshine,” Thomas offered. Logan felt elated at
the chance to see Serena and the kids. Also, a chance to put some distance between him and Holly.

“I’ll make the arrangements,” he said.

“I’d like to surprise my grandkids with your arrival” Thomas added. “They have been missing you.”
Logan smiled into the phone. His heart tugged pleasantly, knowing they missed him too. He noticed
that Thomas didn’t say anything about Serena missing him either, though. He wondered if that was

because she didn’t talk about him like the twins did. “I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Logan said. “We’ll see
you soon.” Thomas said. “I’m looking forward to it,” Logan said before hanging up. The moment the
phone was down, dread filled him. Already, Holly hated that he had to go to his office so much. How
would she react to him going to Starseeker to see Serena’s family? He couldn’t think about it! What
mattered was that he was going to meet with Thomas and Santino to come up with a plan in order to
combat Moonshine. That was important to his pack, Starseeker, and the Federation! Holly would have
to understand

“Are you serious?” Holly asked while Logan was packing. Apparently, he had given her 100 much credit
when he thought she would understand.

“Holly, this is pack business,” he said. “We can only prevent more Moonshine attacks if
we work together with Starseeker. Alpha Thomas and his son Santino are going to be strong allies, and
I need their help. Think of the safety of the pack, our home, the future for our baby.” Holly huffed, but
she sat on the edge of the bed. Logan made a mental note to use that argument more often. Holly
couldn’t argue if he mentioned the baby’s future,


Chapter 78 A Meeting of Alpha’s

“I’ll just miss you so much,” Holly said. “And who will take care of us, protect us?” “My mother will look
after you,” Logan assured, taking her hand in his. “Carson and the rest of the warriors are ready to
defend everyone in the pack to the death, including you and our baby.” Holly gave him a weak smile.
“You’ll hurry back?” she asked, looking at him with big eyes. Logan nodded.

“I’ll be back soon,” he said. He tried not to look like he was rushing off, but the reality was that he was
looking forward to having a break from Holly. Guilt gnawed at his stomach for even thinking that! He

couldn’t help it. He had been missing Serena and the twins, with no way to see them or talk to them,
and suddenly he was being given the opportunity for both!

Logan said goodbye to his mother and he got in his car. It was a few hours to get to Starseeker, so he
stepped on the gas and took off. It had been a long time since he had sat down with Alpha Thomas and
Santino to discuss Federation matters. Since Moonshine had left the Federation, the packs had
somewhat gone back to governing


Old alliances were fragile and hardly honored anymore. It wasn’t a good way to live in such close
quarters. Logan had been concerned the Thomas would see him as too young to deal with, that he
wouldn’t be respected or taken seriously. He had thought Alpha Thomas would look down on him for
not being able to defend his own!

That clearly wasn’t the case, and Logan was glad Thomas had reached out to him. When Logan
arrived at Starseeker, Thomas and Santino were waiting outside in front of the house for him.
“Welcome to Starseeker,” Thomas said, shaking his hand. “Thank you for inviting me,” Logan said with
a nod. Santino, Serena’s twin, gave him an odd look, but shook his hand. “Come inside,” Thomas
invited. “We can meet in the living room and talk while the others are out.”

“Out?” Logan asked. “Luna Charlotte has taken the kids and Serena out for the afternoon,” Thomas
explained. “It will give us Alphas time to talk.” Logan nodded.


He was a little disappointed. He’d wanted to see the twins and Serena as soon as he could, but he had
to prioritize the pack matters first. Moonshine was the threat and the real reason he was there.

Logan made himself comfortable in the living room.

“You should have reached out to me, the moment these attacks became more than you could handle,”
Thomas chastised. Logan sighed.

“I know,” he said slowly. “I figured you would see me as weak.” Thomas scoffed and shook his head,



Chapter 78 A Meeting of Alpha’s “I know the Federation has been greatly weakened, but I still honor
the agreement we all made,” Thomas said. “I would like to as well,” Logan admitted. “I know my father
was more involved..” he trailed off. Thomas waved Logan’s concerns away. “You father was a great
Alpha, and he taught you everything you need to know about being an Alpha,” Thomas assured.

“How have you been able to keep the attacks so quiet?” Santino asked. Logan sighed heavily.

“We keep prisoners,” he said. “Anyone who crossed into our territory never makes it


“That’s ominous,” Santino muttered. “I was hoping that eventually they would run out of rogues…”
Logan trialed off again, touching the scars on his throat. “Yes, Serena said you had a bad run in with
them.” Thomas said. Logan nodded. “She saved my life,” Logan said, a note of admiration in his voice.

“If Moonshine sent a band of rogues in that were willing to attack and Alpha, they have become far too
bold and something must be done,” Thomas said. “It is the same kind of boldness that Alpha Damon
showed when he started the unrest that led to his takeover in the first place,” Santino reminded them.
“You think he is planning something bigger?” Logan asked. “Like another take over?” “I don’t want to
speculate,” Thomas said. “We aren’t going to let it come to that.” Logan nodded. Speaking to other

Alphas that understood the responsibility of running a pack and the priorities of pack safety was
refreshing to Logan. He regretted not reaching out to them sooner. Clearly, Thomas and Santino could
give him the support he’d been lacking from within his own pack! “I don’t like to suggest all-out-war.”
Logan trailed off again. “Force could be our advantage when teamed together,” Thomas said,
thoughtfully looking at the ceiling. Logan caught Santino giving him another odd look. He turned his
eyes to the other male and raised an eyebrow. Santino smirked and looked away.

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