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Kids from One Alpha Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 79 Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 79

Chapter 79: What to do About Moonshine

“All-out-war,” Thomas muttered. “That does have a ominous sound to it.” “Then again, force is all Alpha
Damon has ever responded to” Santino said. Logan sighed, looking between the father and son. It
made him nostalgic for the days he and his own father worked alongside each other. He wondered if
Holly were to have a boy, would he have similar moments with his own son?

“My pack is strong,” Logan assured. “Moonshine has depleted their resources. That already gives us
an advantage. With Starseeker on our side, it would only increase our odds.” “But at what cost?”
Thomas asked, eyes falling to the floor. Logan crossed his legs. “This is another reason I have been
hesitant in seeking your involvement,” he admitted. “Damon and his pack are weakening, but that
doesn’t mean they are weak or can’t do plenty of damage.” “I understand your concerns,” Thomas said.
“We aren’t going to leave you to handle this yourself, though,” Santino promised. “Alpha Damon
crossed a line. He nearly killed you, and it isn’t just petty power grabs anymore, he is endangering the
lives of females and pups by raiding your resources.” Logan chuckled, appreciating Santino’s
enthusiasm. They were about the same age, so he could relate to Santino on an emotional level. The
eagerness to take a stand, the desire to show what he was capable of. One thing Logan had that
Santino didn’t was experience. He felt the weight of his experiences rest on his shoulders like added
years that Santino didn’t have. “My pack is perfectly well cared for and fed,” Logan assured. “Though, if
Moonshine continues, they may not always be.” “Well, not to sound selfish or anything, but my sister
and niece and nephew are also at risk with Moonshine coming after your pack,” Santino pointed out.
“Yes, Serena’s involvement does give us a personal interest in the matter,” Thomas echoed the
sentiment. “I would never let anything happen to her, to any of them,” Logan promised, sitting up
straight and nodding for emphasis. “That is a bold statement to make,” Santino pointed out, raising an
eyebrow at Logan. Pursing his lips, Logan crossed his arms over his chest. “Isn’t that what one is
supposed to say when someone expresses concern over a loved one?” he asked. Santino smirked at
him. “That’s enough,” Thomas said, ending the argument before it started.

“Sorry, Dad” Santino said. Logan didn’t like the way Serena’s brother kept looking at him. It reminded
him of how his own mother kept giving him glances and making pointed comments. Santino obviously
suspected something that Logan wasn’t aware of. He wondered how much Serena had told her family
about him and his recent behavior towards her. It made him uncomfortably suddenly, sitting in the
home of a female he’d lost his temper on, made horrible accusations to, and acted like a controlling,
possessive jerk!

After all that, she’d still saved his life, and he’d just let her leave without putting up any kind of fight or
giving her a genuine apology! He hoped that Thomas and Santino didn’t know all that, that they weren’t
judging him or silently seething. Thomas’s comment about wanting to surprise the twins with his
presence would lead him to think otherwise…but Santino’s looks and remarks…

Logan sighed, shaking his head to get past the insecurity. “Serena and my pack doctor Adriana have
spent time updating our medical facility. All the equipment and supplies has been fully updated and
renewed. With my staff and updated facilities, we have the ability to treat and care for any wounded,
including any overflow from Starseeker,” he offered. Thomas nodded. “Good,” he said. “We aren’t
lacking resources, but if we are going to take on Moonshine directly, it would be easier to set up an
encampment within Night Sky territory. Yours does border theirs.” “Yes,” Logan said with a nod.
“Probably why we have seen most of the aggression.” “I do apologize for never stepping in or offering a
hand before now.” Thomas added. “I honestly didn’t know how bad it had gotten.” “I fear that we were
only prolonging the inevitable,” Logan admitted. “The attacks are more frequent and more desperate. If
we were to lose any ground at all, they’d be coming here next.” “My fear as well” Thomas admitted.
“So, that’s it?” Santino asked. “We are really going to go to war with Moonshine? They were our

“Were,” Thomas said.

“They left he Federation, remember?” Logan pointed out. “I don’t want to hurt any innocent wolves who
are only there because they have nowhere else to go.”

“Then we do this neatly,” Thomas said. “We go straight for Damon and his most loyal underlings.
Everyone else is spared, at least until we can discover where their loyaltieslie“That makes sense”
Logan said with a nod. “Anyone who is below Damon or those he trusts most…they won’t have the
authority to gather the troops. They will be too lost and confused to rally enough force to gyercome us
before we gain the upper hand.”

“You don’t think Damon has been planning for this or anticipating this for a while!” Santino asked.
Logan rolled his tongue around in his mouth as he thought. “I think he is prepared for this,” Logan
admitted. “Though, I don’t think he has considered what kind of force we can muster and I don’t think
he would anticipate us going directly for him and his most loyal wolves.” “Damon is the type to send
underlings to do his dirty work,” Thomas concurred. “He will send the pawns into battle, and we have
enough warriors to keep them occupied while we slip in from behind and go directly for him.” “It is a
good plan,” Logan said with a nod. He turned towards the front door when he heard a car pull into the
driveway. He heard the kids talking along with car doors slamming. They didn’t come through the front
door though. The voices faded, and Logan heard them again from the back of the house. He wanted to
go out there and see the kids and Serena. His heart practically burned for it! He stared at the door off
the living room into the backyard. “Enjoying the scenery?” ‘Santino asked, reminding Logan that he had
an audience. He looked back at Santino’s grinning face. “You’ll get your chance to see them,” Thomas
added. “I don’t know, it seems like we are done here,” Santino said. “Besides, I want to see Serena’s
face when she finds you here.” Logan rolled his eyes. “I doubt she will care much,” Logan muttered,
though he was hopeful. Santino laughed and shook his head. “Sure, sure,” he said. “Okay, okay.”
Thomas said, jumping in again. “I think we should act on this Moonshine matter immediately.” “Agreed”
Logan said. “Fine, fine,” Santino said. “When I go back to Night Sky, you are welcome to join me so we
can set up the encampment. You can send for your warriors after that.” “That sounds like a plan”
Thomas said. Logan nodded. “Well, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, Logan, what are your
intentions for my sister?” Santino asked. Logan raised an eyebrow. “I don’t understand,” he said. “Well,
you’ve gotten awfully close to the twins,” Serena’s brother said. “One might think you have…other

intentions.” The suggestiveness in Santino’s tone was not lost on Logan. “She saved my life,” Logan
said. “I don’t think I could ever repay her for that.” “It sounds like you’ve been interested in her a lot
longer than that,” Santino pressed. 3/4

Thomas sighed and left the room. Logan knew that meant the meeting was over, but Santino wasn’t
letting him get off so easily. “I helped her out when she transferred in,” Logan said vaguely. “The twins
got attached, and I enjoy being around them. Other than that, I’m not sure what you want me to say.”
“Alright,” Santino said, not looking convinced. Logan felt himself getting angry. He clenched his fists at
his sides to prevent himself from lashing out. “You do know I am involved with another female, right?”
he asked. “One who is pregnant with my child?” Santino stopped smiling. “No, I didn’t know that,” he
admitted. “Funny how she only comes up now…” Logan growled and rolled his eyes. “I know you have
a certain loyalty to your sister, and I think she is a wonderful female; strong, independent, a good
mother,” Logan said. “I can’t dwell on anything that might have happened, should circumstances be
different.” After talking so much, Logan cleared his throat, touching the scars again. He still wasn’t able
to carry on long conversations without his throat going dry. His voice would still strain too easily, and he
couldn’t muster the same force in his words as he used to “I understand,” Santino said. “Wait here, I’ll
get you something to drink.” Logan nodded.

“Thank you,” he said as Santino left for the kitchen. Logan got up and went to the mantle to look at
family photos.

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