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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Fallout

Logan woke up to his phone ringing. He had gone home and just went back to resting. Being out of the
hospital was a relief, but he still wasn’t up to his full strength. Most of the exterior wounds had healed,
and he was able to breathe, talk, and stand, but he was still feeling a little sore and weak from the
attack. Feeling around on his bed, he couldn’t find the phone and it kept vibrating more and more
viciously. Groaning, he finally opened his eyes and threw pillows off the bed until he found the device.

He wanted to be angry at whoever was calling him so early, but his screen showed him that it was
Serena calling. Sighing, he’mastered his frustration. He didn’t want her to be even more wary of him
and his temper! “Hello,” he said into the phone. “Logan did I wake you?” she asked, her voice
concerned. Logan sighed. “Yes, but I should be getting up anyway,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of work to
catch up on.”

“I’m sure Carson handled it while you were in the hospital,” she said. Logan swallowed the instinctive
growl that rose in his throat. He still didn’t like that she spoke of Carson so familiarly. “Yes, he knows
what to do.” Logan forced the words out. “I know it is early,” Serena went on. “I wanted to let you know
that the kids and I are leaving for a while.” “Leaving?” Logan asked, sitting up the rest of the way. He
pushed his covers back and got up, finding a t-shirt to throw on. “Sorry, that sounded final.” Serena said
with a chuckle. “Olivia, Oliver, and I are going back to Starseeker for a while. We haven’t spent much
time with my family, and I think it would be good for all of us.” The way she said ‘all of us,’ Logan knew
that she was referring to her too. He nodded, even though she couldn’t see him. She was probably
right. He had to focus on the pack and Moonshine. He also had to focus on mending bridges with Holly
and preparing for the baby. “I think that is a good idea,” he said slowly. The words almost stuck in his
throat. He really didn’t want her to go!

There was so much left unsaid and undone. His dream still haunted him, and he felt like he hadn’t even
started to thank her for saving his life! He hadn’t been able to earn back her trust or even her

forgiveness. Logan still had a lot of confusing thoughts and feelings towards her. He wondered if

that would settle and go away in her absence or if it would get harder for him. “I wanted to let you know
personally,” she said, “Adriana and Dana know, obviously, but circumstances being what they are…”
she trailed off. “I appreciate the call” Logan said. He grunted as he pulled his t-shirt on. His ribs still a
little sore. “I also wanted to call to remind you to take it easy,” she said. “You heal fast, but you’re still in
a fragile state.” Logan chuckled. “Fragile, am I?” he asked playfully. Serena giggled on the line. Logan
smiled, glad that he could still get that reaction from her.

“For another few days, at least,” she said. “I won’t be there to save you again, so be careful.” There
was true concern and sentiment behind Serena’s teasing. “Thank you.” Logan said. “I will take your
advice to heart.” “I’ll let you know when we are coming back,” she said. “Please do,” Logan said. They
said their goodbyes and Serena hung up. When he put his phone down, the news of her departure
really sunk in! Sighing, Logan sat back down on the edge of his bed. He felt like all the warmth in his
body was sucked away, his strength with it. She hadn’t said when she would be back, and she’d made
it sound like she was going to be gone for a while. Logan understood she wanted to spend time with
her family, but he felt like there was a lot more to it than that.

There had been an undertone in her words, something implying she needed space from him. He
couldn’t help but take that personally! “Babe, you’re awake,” Holly said, coming into the bedroom. She
looked around at the mess of pillows and blankets Logan had made, but she didn’t attempt to pick them
up or do anything domestic. Holly had never been the type to do housework. Even when Logan was
recovering from a deadly injury and major surgery, she couldn’t be bothered to help out around the

Getting off the bed again, Logan picked up the pillows and blankets, wincing each time he bent down.

“Yes, I’m awake,” he said. “It is so early,” she said. “You could have slept in.” That was her attempt to
be sympathetic towards Logan’s injuries. “I’m fine,” Logan said, throwing the pillows and blankets back

on the bed. “Were you on the phone?” Holly asked. Her voice was innocent enough, but Logan knew
that she was fishing for information. Sighing, he put his slippers on and headed down to the kitchen.
Holly followed right

“Yea, pack business,” he said dismissively. Holly scoffed. “We are going to have a baby together,
Logan,” she said. “I’ll be your Luna someday, that means you can tell me about pack business.” Logan
sighed. He hadn’t considered making Holly his Luna, even though she was pregnant with his baby.
That was a whole other conversation for another day. He wasn’t willing to fight with her on it, though.
“Serena is going back to Starseeker to stay with her family for a while,” he said. He didn’t confirm that it
was Serena on the phone, hoping that Holly would assume it was Adriana. Starting his day with an
argument, when he still wasn’t feeling his best, wasn’t what he wanted.

“Oh, she is?” Holly asked. Logan looked over his shoulder at Holly. She was smiling widely, both hands
on her stomach. “Yes,” Logan said. He offered no other details. Usually, Holly would pry for more, but
her big smile told Logan that she didn’t care about anything except that Serena was gone. “How long
will she be gone?” Holly asked. Logan shrugged and continued onto the kitchen.

He was getting himself some breakfast and Holly took a seat at the table, waiting for his answer. “I
guess she hasn’t confirmed a return date, yet,” he said with another shrug. Holly’s smile widened even
more. “Wow, that just made my day,” Holly said. Logan paused in his eating. “Why?” he asked, raising
an eyebrow at her. “Well, she is always meddling and getting in the way of things,” Holly said. “First she
demands bloodwork from me when her lab was the one that screwed up, then she’s always hanging
around you with her kids, like you owe them something.” Logan suppressed an eye roll, not wanting
Holly to think he was upset by Serena’s departure. He was upset, though. It bothered her that he was
part of the reason she was leaving and he couldn’t even talk to her about it!

“I don’t think that is her intention,” Logan said casually. Holly sneered.

“Yea, that’s because you aren’t a female,” she said. “We pick up on things like that. Subtle intentions,
hidden desires.” Logan stopped mid-chew, again, and looked up at Holly “Hidden desires?” he asked,
tilting his head to the side slightly. Holly rolled her eyes. “Don’t get too excited,” she warned. “Serena
took off, she left everything behind.” “It isn’t like she ran away, she will come back,” Logan assured.
Holly shrugged. “Whatever,” she said. “As long as I get a break from her. Speaking of, are you actually
going to start focusing on me and our baby?” “I will,” Logan said with a single nod. “I have a lot to catch
up on with the pack since I’ve been in the hospital.” “Carson has been handling that,” Holly said with a
dismissive wave. Logan nodded.

“True, I need to be updated on everything that happened, and it is time to begin focusing on how we
are going to deal with Moonshine and their attacks,” he explained. Holly scoffed. “That is boring,” she
said. “Your baby is so important to the pack, why can’t that be your focus?” “It is part of my focus,”
Logan said. He shook his head and went back to eating. Holly wanted to know about the pack
business, but then she got bored with it or thought it unimportant. Could Logan make her Luna? She
was pregnant with his child, but that didn’t mean she had to become Luna. He couldn’t very well put
another female in that position though, not when they were still together and raising a baby. He didn’t
want to think about it! Moonshine was the most pressing threat to the pack, and that was what he had
to resolve first. The rest could be fixed later.

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