Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Visiting Memory Lane

“Woah,” Serena muttered, looking up at the treehouse. The area around the base of the tree was more
overgrown than it had been the night they spent there. “You remember now?” Logan asked sharply.
Serena sighed, nodding. “Of course, I remember,” she said gently. Logan glared at her, crossing his
arms over his hips. “So, go ahead and explain yourself,” he snarled. “You seem to think that your
reasons are somehow acceptable. I think I will be the judge of that.”

“I don’t think you will find anything I have to say justifiable,” Serena admitted. “You don’t know what it
was like for me or why I made the decisions I did.” “Which is why I am asking you to explain,” Logan
hissed. “This is your one chance.” Serena shook her head. “Logan, I could explain over and over my
reasons for everything. I doubt you’ll agree with them regardless,” she said. “You have hindsight. I had
to make those decisions in the moment.”

“And when exactly did you decide to lie to me?” he asked. He sounded so betrayed. Serena felt guilty
for that. She’d never wanted to hurt or betray him. If she’d gotten the DNA test results back sooner, she
could have said something. By the time she had confirmation he was Olivia and Oliver’s father, things
with Holly and her pregnancy accelerated, then Logan confessed not being ready to be a father, and he
had accused her of falsifying lab results.

She could make all the excuses she wanted, but the truth was, she had betrayed him. She wasn’t
going to admit that to him, though! He was going to be irrationally angry, and she was going to stand by
her decisions. “I stand by my decisions,” she said. “The way events unfolded, maybe it was just meant
to be that way,” she said. Logan growled. “You still haven’t told me anything I want to hear or answered
any of my questions,” he pointed out. Serena gave him a humorless smile.

“Alright, you want to go down memory lane, lets go all the way back,” she said. Before Logan could
stop her, Serena went around the tree and found the boards nailed to the trunk.

Swiftly, she climbed up into the treehouse. When she looked down, Logan was still on the ground.

“Memory lane starts up here,” she shouted down to him. Logan growled loud enough for her to hear,
but then he started to climb up into the treehouse. It was a small space, and when Logan arrived,
Serena found herself much closer to him than she wanted to be. She pressed her back against the
furthest wall.

For a moment, her memory blossomed with reminders of that night! She wasn’t drunk now, and Logan
was so close, she could smell him much better in the enclosed space. Closing her eyes, she
remembered how he’d removed her dress, his fingers tracing her heated skin, his teeth nibbling on her
skin. For a moment, Serena lost herself to that memory. It was a good one, regardless of what had
come after. “So, this is where it happened,” Logan said, seeking confirmation. “Yes,” Serena admitted.
She opened her eyes. For the time being, Logan also seemed subdued with the memories of the night
they’d spent there. “One night,” he muttered, shaking his head. “That’s all it takes,” Serena said
teasingly. Logan glared at her. He wasn’t ready to accept her teasing. “It was a good night.” Logan
scoffed. “I dimly recall,” he admitted. “I was in the middle of a med school class when I got my
pregnancy test results,” she told him. “It was a life-changing moment. There were a lot of
considerations I had to think about.”

“And it never once crossed your mind to reach out to me?” he asked. “Well, no, it didn’t,” she admitted.
Logan snorted and shook his head. “You really are selfish, aren’t you?” he asked. Serena creased her
brow. “Maybe,” she said. “But honestly, it wasn’t about me, it was about the kids. I mean, I didn’t know I
was having twins at that point. I didn’t reach out to anyone. Not that that will make you feel better, but I
didn’t tell my parents or my brother, no one.” “Why?” Logan asked, tilting his head at her. Serena
sighed. She had to give him that answer, but she wasn’t sure he’d receive it well. “The truth?” she
asked. Logan nodded. “I didn’t know who the father was,” she said bluntly. Logan scoffed, crossing his
arms. “That’s…wow…” he said. For a moment, it seemed like his anger was gone, replaced by shock.
“I mean, it wasn’t like we exchanged names or anything,” she reminded him. “I didn’t even see your

face that night.” “I know, I know,” Logan said waving her off. “But even after you found out you were
pregnant, you didn’t know that it was from the night we spent here?” Serena shook her head.

“I know, that doesn’t sound very good,” she said. “But I was in the human world, going to medical
school. I had a good time when I wanted to.” Logan shook his head. “I don’t want to know,” he hissed.
Serena nodded. Visiting Memory Lane gotten to where I wanted to be, finally gotten into medical
school and was making a name for myself.”

“At some point, you must have realized that it was me you were with that night,” Logan said.
“Otherwise, why all the secrets and lies?”

Serena let out a long, slow breath. She closed her eyes, thinking again about the night they had spent
there. Even through the alcohol haze, it had been one of the most amazing nights she’d had with
anyone. It was no wonder the result was conception of twins! “The first time we met when you helped
us move into the house,” Serena admitted. Logan’s eyes flared with rage.

“That’s how long you’ve known!?” he asked. “All that time you hid this from me!?”

“No,” Serena said, shaking her head and holding up her hands in surrender. “That was when I knew
you were the one from the masquerade. It was subtle. I guess I got enough of your scent on me that
night…” she trailed off, blushing slightly. Logan’s eyes had lit up with interest. The mood shifting to a
different kind of tension for a moment.

“I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure. You were with another woman, I had no idea if you even
remembered me. At that point, it was a guessing game,” she said. “I had to be careful not to do
anything that could damage your reputation or hurt my kids.”

Logan sighed heavily and nodded. He relaxed ever so slightly. “Alright, I guess I can understand that,”
he said begrudgingly. “I was so mad when I found out,” Serena said with a mirthless chuckle. “I wasn’t
ready to face that truth.” Logan snarled, the anger returning to his eyes. “You were mad?” he asked.

“And how long did you seethe while keeping the truth from me?” Serena shook her head. “Things
weren’t that simple, Logan!” she snapped. “You want to come down hard on me for keeping this a
secret, but you don’t even know what I went through! You have no idea how confusing it was to watch
you with another woman, planning to have a baby with another woman while finding out that you were
the father of my kids!” Logan took a half step back as Serena yelled at him. He growled a warning at
her, be she waved it off.

“You seriously think I enjoyed keeping my mouth shut!?” she asked. “Holly made it clear from the start
that she was threatened by me! What would it have done to your relationship with her, to the pack, if I
had told you the truth? By the time I knew…” she trailed off shaking her head again. Serena wrapped
her arms around herself, bowing her head so she wouldn’t have to look at Logan. “Serena, I need you
to tell me everything,” Logan said. “All the way back to the

beginning. I still don’t understand why you wouldn’t have mentioned any of this. You never even told
your family!”

Sighing, Serena kept her eyes on the floor of the tree house. Every time she moved it rocked a little,
clearly unstable after so many years of being left unattended.

“The night after we spent together, I got my acceptance papers to medical school,” Serena said, going
back. “I left and never looked back.”

“That’s it?” Logan asked when she didn’t continue.

“No, that’s not it!” she snapped, glaring at him. “How could you possibly understand? You were born to
an Alpha and Luna, but you were an only child and the successor, you could never understand!”

“For once, Serena, stop hiding behind your secrets and just explain this to me!” Logan growled. His
anger was ebbing back, she could see it in how he tensed his whole body. If she didn’t give him

answers, she worried what he might do in that small space!

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