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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Going in Circles

“You should have told me,” Logan said again. Serena inched away from him as much as she could in
the enclosed space. He was fuming, nostrils flaring, breathing heavily Serena regretted bringing him up
into the treehouse. She couldn’t escape if he lost it on her, which he was dangerously close to do. “We
are going in circles here, Logan,” she said. “I didn’t tell you because you had other priorities and I have
to think of my kids first!” Growling, Logan grabbed the windowsill in the tree house. He shook the wood.
It was fragile and aged, unused and unkept. The entire tree house trembled, and Serena grabbed the
nearest branch in an attempt to keep herself steady. “Stop it, Logan!” she snapped. “You’ll bring the
whole tree house down.” “Do you really think I care about this place anymore?” he asked, rounding on
her with fury in his eyes. “This place means nothing, the time we spent here means nothing!” Serena
gasped. “Is that really how you feel?” she asked, creasing her brow. Logan growled and kicked the
treehouse wall, his foot going right through the wood and leaving a hole. “Do you care how I feel?” he
countered. “You haven’t done anything with any regard for my feelings. Why start now?” “Logan!”
Serena snapped. “I’ve already explained to you. This whole thing has been confusing enough for me as
it is. Do you think I could risk the twins being just as confused as me, if not more so?” “I’m your Alpha”
Logan said. Serena rolled her eyes. She had wondered when he was going to play that card. “You
have a duty and a responsibility to me as leader of the pack.” “Maybe that’s true, but I also have a duty
and responsibility to my kids,” she said, crossing her arms. Logan scoffed. “Now, you sound like Holly,”
he said. “What did you just say to me!?” Serena snapped. She took a step forward, ready to lash out at
Logan, but he met her head no with a glare and sharp eyes. “I said you sound like Holly,” Logan
repeated. “All she does is go on and on about how I spend too much time worrying about the pack and
not enough about her and our baby.” Serena chuckled mirthlessly and shook her head. “That is not the
same,” Serena said. “I didn’t tell you because I knew what your obligations were and I knew it would
tear you in too many different directions.” Logan snorted.

He sighed, looking away from Serena.

“Then, should I be thanking you?” he asked. Serena scoffed.

“You shouldn’t be punishing me!” she said. “Weren’t you the one punishing me?” Logan asked back.
“You were mad that I was never around to help you or support you or raise the twins, so you had to
pretend that they were better off without a father!” “Oh, Logan, now you are just being petty!” Serena
hissed. Logan looked taken aback, like she’d slapped him. “Don’t project your issues with Holly onto
me and the past you didn’t even know we had.”

“I’m not projecting!” Logan insisted vehemently “I get it,” Serena said more softly. She thought if she
could appeal to him emotionally, then maybe his rational thoughts would kick in. He was still acting so
out of control and off the rails!

“Get what?” he asked, crossing his arms.

“You’re feeling insecure about your relationship with Holly, you’re feeling like you aren’t ready to have
kids, and now you have to accept our baby with Holly and finding out you have older twins. It is a lot to
handle,” she said.

“It is, but that is not what I am upset about,” Logan said, throwing his arm out to the side. “I am upset
because you chose not to tell me. Even after you knew the truth, you made that choice without me.
You‘ve made every choice about the twins without


“And what would you have me do, Logan? Hop in my time machine and go back to the moment I found
out I was pregnant? If I told you I’d tried to find out who the father was back then, would it change how
you feel now?” With each question she asked, she stomped her foot on the floor. “Look, I get that you
can’t go back in time,” he said. “I get that you think you made all the right choices, but you’re already at
the end of the story. You went through it all, you had all the knowledge for weeks. I’m only just finding
this out. What am I supposed to do with any of this?” “I don’t know, Logan,” Serena said. She sighed.

The two of them fell into a tense, awkward silence. Logan kept gently kicking his foot against the
damaged all and Serena kept looking down at the forest below them. She wanted to get out of the
treehouse, but she knew that if she tried to leave, Logan wouldn’t let her!

Sighing, Serena wondered what the twins were up to. She reflected back on everything they’d been
through since arriving in Night Sky. Had she just told Logan when meeting him that she knew him,
maybe things would be different, but she doubted it.

If anything, the twins would have been pulled back and forth between her and Logan until the truth
came out. Holly would still be pregnant, and there wouldn’t be any way

around that.

“Logan, if I had told you that I knew you, that we spent a night together here, you wouldn’t have bonded
with the twins like you have,” she said. “From the start, it would have been a question of whether you
were their father or not, but it wouldn’t have made things any less complicated than they are now.” “I
don’t think that is true,”Logan said. “I have adored the twins since the momenti met them. Do you think
that would have been different if I had the slightest inkling that they were mine?”

Serena shrugged. “We can’t know,” she said. “I mean, think about it. Think back to before you knew
them, before you knew me. If I had told you that first day that we had a you really think that
you would have gone above and beyond to get close to them? You probably would have pulled away
until you had your answers.” Logan shook his head. “And still, you seem to think so poorly of me,”
Logan said. “I’m not a bad guy. I know | have a temper, but you should know me better than that by
now.” “Yea, Logan, now I do! At the time, you were just some guy I’d had a one night stand with,” she
said. Logan winced. “That’s harsh,” he said. “It isn’t how I feel about you now,” Serena said. “I think of
you as a friend, and I am so

grateful that you have bonded with the twins.” “A friend?” Logan asked. “A friend? You have the
audacity to call me a friend? You kept something life changing, one of the most important things I could
ever learn, from me!” “Okay, maybe I was premature in using that term,” she muttered. “So, have you
just been testing me since you met me? Trying to figure out if I’d be a good father?” he asked. “Has
anything between us been real?” Serena sighed again. “No, that isn’t…” she trailed off. “I wasn’t testing
you, but I have been listening to everything you say and watching how you are with me, with Holly, and
with the kids. I had to know who you were if I was ever going to figure out when and what to tell you
and Olivia and Oliver.” “I can’t trust that,” Logan said, shaking his head. “I can’t believe that you haven’t
been testing me.” “And here we go again,” Serena, said throwing her hands up. “You are right back to
saying that you can’t trust me or believe me because I didn’t tell you every little detail of my personal
life! You know, it wasn’t until you yelled at me in the hospital that I really knew I couldn’t tell you the
truth, and here you are, doing it again!” “What are you talking about?” Logan snapped. “You’re judging
me on how I’ve handled situations?” he asked. Serena scoffed. “I’m not judging you! I’m just looking out
for my kids! Something you don’t understand,” she insisted.

“You do not have the right to tell me that I can’t be around my own kids. You don’t have the right to
keep them away from me!” Logan hissed. “And how do I know you would have believed me?” she
asked. “You haven’t exactly been the most…accepting… when I give you distressing news.” “That is
not true,” Logan hissed between clenched teeth. “If you’d told me the truth when you found out…” “No!”
Serena snapped, cutting him off. She glared at him fiercely. “No. Based on what I know about you now,
I’m glad I didn’t tell you, because I would have run away from the pack if you’d made half the
accusations you have between our argument at the hospital and today!”

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