Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Fighting Back

“Logan, when I told you there was something wrong with Holly’s bloodwork, you accused me of
falsifying the reports, don’t you remember that?” she asked. “I was angry,” he said. “Kind of like you are
now?” she asked. Logan scoffed and rolled his eyes. “You think I could believe that you’d accept what I
said about the twins?” she asked. “You accused me of falsifying data and reports. You questioned my
professionalism. It was a risk I wasn’t willing to take!” “I wouldn’t have disputed that…” Logan trailed.
Serena shook her head. “You say that now,” she said. “But you don’t know…the timing was all wrong.
You’d just found out Holly was pregnant. Don’t you think that it would have seemed more suspicious?”
“No, not something like this,” he said. “Is that why you were so reluctant to believe me about Holly’s
bloodwork?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “You are so ready to believe anything that has to do with
kids, your kids!”

“Maybe, I don’t know,” Logan said shaking his head. He sighed and crossed his arms Leaning back
against the treehouse wall. Serena turned her back on him. He watched her. Being back in the
treehouse, being so close to her, he could remember everything about that night. The way she tasted
when he ran his tongue over her skin, how beautifully she had surrendered to him.

He’d woken up alone the next morning. It hadn’t surprised him at the time, and he had actually been
grateful once he’d sobered up. Time went by, though, and he eventually started to wonder who that
mysterious woman had been.

One night in a tree house, and it had been impactful. He remembered it being such a great night.
Knowing that he had kids from that night… it didn’t make the memory any less sweet. Instead, it gave
him a strange sense of fulfillment. For years he had felt like something was missing, like everything he
had been working towards in his pack had been meaningless and directionless. Without a legacy, there
was nothing to pass on. He had been his father’s legacy. Although he’d been a young Alpha, the idea
of needing a successor and children had crossed his mind before. It had never seemed like the right

time. That could have been because part of him knew there was another part of him out of there. It
could have been another reason why he was so confused about Holly’s pregnancy. He’d felt a
closeness to the kids from the moment he met them. Was that because he had known they were his on
some level, or hoped they were his? “What are you thinking about?” Logan asked her, breaking the
silence. Serena




Chapter 87 Fighting Back

shrugged and rolled her shoulders back. “I don’t know what to do,” she admitted. “I really thought I was
doing everything right. I thought I was making all the right decisions, but I never imagined what would
happen when you found out.” “So, you thought you could hide this from me forever?” he asked, his
anger still simmering under his skin. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I fantasized about telling you in so
many ways. I kept thinking of what would happen after, and that was what bothered me.” “What do you
mean?” Logan asked. “I don’t think I ever thought of it in terms of lying to you,” she admitted. “I kept
telling myself I was waiting for the right time, but with all the stuff happening in your life…it just made
more sense never to say anything at all.” Logan growled, his hands and arms shaking again. He shook
his head before running his hands through his hair in an attempt to settle the tremors that shook his

“I told myself that I couldn’t lie to you about something you never asked about or wondered about,” she
explained. “I thought about telling you in so many different ways, because I wanted you to know, but I
could never figure out the right way to do


“Then you weren’t trying to protect the kids. You were just trying to protect yourself,” he accused.
Serena shook her head, still facing away from him.

“No!” Serena insisted. “My children have always been the most important thing to me, they have always
been what I think of when I make decisions. My choice not to tell you until the time was right has
everything to do with them!”

“They love me,” Logan argued.

Serena glanced at him over her shoulder, sneering before she looked away again. Logan sighed so
forcefully it came out a snort. He flexed his arm muscles, attempting to release some of his anger and
tension. It didn’t work. “I know they do.” Serena said. “That made things harder.” “How could that make
things harder?” Logan asked. “I’ve spent one-on-one time with them, I could be a good father.”

“I have no doubt about that,” Serena said. “When you were in the hospital reading to the twins, I knew
you were ready to be a parent. I could see it, even if you still didn’t feel it.”

“And you still decided to leave without telling me,” Logan pointed out. “I needed time to think” she
admitted. “Carson was asking questions about how | knew something was wrong the night you were
attacked…I hadn’t even admitted to myself yet that we were connected as mates.”


Chapter 87 Fighting Back

“You ran away, again,” Logan hissed. Serena shrugged with one shoulder. “I needed space,” she said.
“Getting hounded by Carson about questions I didn’t want to answer, seeing you every day and
knowing that whether I told you that you are Olivia and Oliver’s you couldn’t be a father to them…it was
just too much.” “So, you think I can’t be there for them, that I don’t want to be?” Logan asked. Serena

shook her head. “The answer isn’t as easy as what you want or don’t want,” she reminded him. “You
are Alpha, your obligation is to the pack. You think I don’t know that?” Logan was surprised that she
was bringing up his status as Alpha. He was so used to Holly discounting his position as not being
important. He was so used to her claiming that he had to find more balance. Serena, on the other hand,
actually got it! Holly had been raised by an Alpha too, but she had never understood. Serena did!
Logan wondered for a moment what it would be like to have her as a Luna, as his mate. One who
would understand him and understand being Alpha! “I know you understand it,” he assured. “Your duty
is to provide the pack with an heir. Someone to take over as Alpha for you some day,” she said. “I know
that Olivia and Oliver wouldn’t be accepted as your children, not while you had Holly as a mate, and not
while Holly has your child,” she said. “The pack will only accept her children as yours!” “That doesn’t
mean I can’t still be a father to Olivia and Oliver,” he argued. Serena shook her head, turning to face
him again. He saw her in a completely new light now. She was more beautiful than before! She had an
aura about her that told him how amazing she would be as a mate and a Luna. Serena was the mother
of his children. He hadn’t given himself the time to actually let the reality sink in!

All he had to know about her was that she was a good mother to his kids, that she had supported them
and raised them, that she was a brilliant doctor and that she had all the makings of a good Luna.

It angered him all over again to see who she was and what kind of life they could have had together
with their kids, had she only reached out to him and told him the truth! Growling, Logan threw his fist
into the wall, the whole treehouse shuddering. “Enough!” Serena shouted at him, glaring. Logan
growled. “Do not try to calm me down!” he insisted. “This, all of this, is your fault!” “Of course, it is!”
Serena said, throwing her arms up in the air. Logan rounded on her. “Everything is my fault when it
comes to you! You don’t believe anything I say, you don’t trust me, you take everything so personally!
Yet, you still come to me and confide in me when you need to!” “Stop it!” Logan growled. He took
several steps forward. “Do not try to turn this around!”

Chapter 87: Fighting Back

“If I ever thought, for a second, that you could be a good father, this entire conversation has me
thinking otherwise,” she snapped. “You kidnapped, me, nearly tore the treehouse down with us in it…”

“You’re entirely infuriating!” Logan roared at her. Serena smirked, crossing her arms.

“What are you going to do about it?” Serena asked. Logan snorted. He grabbed Serena’s upper arms
and pulled her closer, crashing his lips down onto hers.

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