Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The Talk

“Logan, …” Serena tried to talk, but Logan shot her a fierce glare. “Shh!” he hissed. She closed her
lips. This was a bad situation! At least before, Serena had known that Logan had nothing to be mad
about. Now… now she was concerned that there was nothing she could say or do that would keep him
from exploding. She was trapped in a confined car with him. If he really wanted to lash out, or totally
lost control, she would be unable to stop him. Rather than scream at her or rage, which is what she
expected him to do, Logan started the car engine and peeled out of the driveway, tires screeching and
the gross smell of burning rubber filling the air. “Where are we going?” Serena asked. Logan shook his
head, indicating he wasn’t ready to say anything. “Say something! You can’t just kidnap me!” “Kidnap
you!?” he spat, glaring at her again. Serena sighed. “You really think so little of me?”

Guilt curled in Serena’s stomach. She wanted to be mad at him, but the reality was, she’d gotten
caught keeping secrets. He had every right to be mad at her, and she already knew how he could react
when he was mad.

“Logan, I know you have questions…” Logan scoffed at her attempts to placate him. Serena sighed
again, looking out the window. Logan was driving too fast. Trees blurred by. She had no idea where he
was taking her, but he drove with purpose. Each corner he took, she grabbed the door handle, thinking
the car would roll over and they would fly off the road. “Can you slow down?” she asked. “I’d like to
make it home to my kids alive!” Logan growled.

“Your kids,” he grumbled under his breath. He was still processing everything, and until he had made
some kind of sense of it, Serena gathered she wouldn’t get through to him at all. He did ease up on the
gas pedal slightly.

“Thank you,” she said, an attempt to keep the mood as calm as possible. She wasn’t that happy with
him just showing up unannounced or his current reaction to the situation. She didn’t want to feed his

anger with more anger, though. He had questions, and he had the right to have questions. “You should
have told me you were coming” Serena said, keeping her voice calm. “So, you could continue to cover
this up?” Logan snapped. Serena swallowed. She looked out the window again. “No, because part of
the reason I left Night sky was to put distance between us. It would have been respectful of you to give
me a heads up,” she said. Logan snarledes

his knuckles turning white with how strongly he gripped the steering wheel. “Your father asked me to
come and devise a plan to fight Moonshine,” Logan explained. “He said he wanted to surprise the
twins. I didn’t think much beyond that. I’m sorry my desire to please your kids was an inconvenience to
your secrets.” Words tumbled out of his mouth so quickly that Serena almost didn’t hear everything he
had to say. They tripped over each other, but she understood the general sentiment.

“It isn’t about that…” she said, trailing off.

Logan took another sharp turn. The tires screeched again, and Serena yelped with how far off the road
the tires veered. He was still driving way too dangerously. “Can you just tell me where we are going,
and I’ll drive so we both get there in one piece?” she asked. Logan growled, clearly not liking that idea.

The next turn he took brought them onto a dirt road. At the speeds Logan was driving, Serena felt her
brain rattling in her skull as the car bounced around uncomfortably. It was not the kind of car designed
to go off road! Groaning, Serena held her head in her hands and leaned forward slightly. He might not
have been yelling at her and saying horrible things, but he definitely wasn’t in control of his anger.
“Logan, slow down!” Serena demanded. The Alpha slammed on the breaks so hard that Serena nearly
smacked her face off the dashboard. If she hadn’t already been holding her head, she wouldn’t have
been able to thrust her arms out and catch herself before impact!

“Are you trying to kill me!?” she snapped, sitting up and glaring at him. Logan was staring out into the
trees. The dirt road had ended and there was nothing but forest around them. He cut the engine.

Clearly, Logan had only stopped because the road did, not because Serena had asked him to.

“We’re almost there,” he said. He got out of the car and came around to Serena’s door. She didn’t fight
him as he grabbed her elbow again. If she ran from him now, it would make this worse, so, so much

She would be compliant, as long as he didn’t threaten her, her kids, or harm her in any way. Logan
pulled her along into the forest. There were no trails, and in human form, it was harder for Serena not
to trip over roots and stumble.

“Can you please tell me where we are going?” she implored again. Logan grunted.

“You’ll know when we get there,” he assured her.

The forest in this area was so overgrown that Serena couldn’t imagine what was out there that far! She
thought things looked a little familiar, but if she had been out there, it had been so long that all the trees
and plants had changed.

She sniffed the air, trying to catch anything familiar. It smelled like a forest, and three was nothing more
notable than that.

“Logan, can we stop so I can text my parents?” she asked. “I want them to know we are okay and that
I’ll be coming back soon.” Sighing, Logan stopped and released her arm. Serena sighed, pulling out her
phone. She sent her mother a quick text saying she and Logan went for a drive to talk some things
over but she would be back soon. She also told Charlotte to let the twins know Logan would play with
them when they got back. She had no idea if Logan would be in any mood to play with them, but she
knew the kids would want to see them. After the conversation they were about to have, she thought
time with the kids might actually help his mood. “Okay, I’m good,” Serena said, tucking her phone back
in her pocket. Logan grabbed her arm again. At least he wasn’t being too rough. Her elbow was a little

sore from all the dragging around, but it wasn’t like he was gripping hard enough to leave bruises or
anything. “Maybe I’m a little out of line here,” Logan said, breaking the silence finally. “I feel like
everything in my mind is exploding, and I am going crazy with all the horrible things | can’t stop
thinking.” “Horrible things?” Serena asked swallowing. She was nervous again, suddenly. “You don’t
want to know,” he hissed, “not yet.” Serena sighed. She did want to know, though, because now her
own mind was conjuring horrible things. “Logan, please…” Serena said softly. Logan glared over his
shoulder at her. “Am I going crazy?” he snarled. “Have I completely lost my mind? That is the only
explanation I can come up with!” “You’re not crazy,” Serena said. “You don’t know the whole story!”
“That’s what we’re about to find out, isn’t it?” he asked. “I don’t know, are we?” Serena asked. “I don’t
know where you are taking me, and I have no idea what is going on in your head!” “Right, now you
know how it feels,” he grumbled. “For months I have been trying to get into your head, and you’ve
blocked me at every turn!” His fingers tightened on her arm and she winced. “There are reasons, things
you don’t know about,“ Serena argued. “I’m really looking forward to whatever explanation you think
could make up for all of this!” he snapped. “I confided in you, I asked you if there was anything I
needed to know, I ignored all the things my own mother and girlfriend said about you and the twins! I
trusted you!” Serena winced again as his fingers tightened on her arm once more. “Loqan, you’re
hurting me,” Serena said in a pained voice. He looked over his shoulder

at her again. She saw his eyes soften slightly, like she was finally breaking through to his rational mind!

“Do you know where we are yet?” he asked, stopping beside an old, large tree and dropping her arm.
Serena shook her head.

“This place doesn’t look familiar at all,” she admitted. Logan scoffed, shaking his head. He looked up.

Serena looked up too, following his gaze. She gasped, staring up at the treehouse she’d spent the
night of the masquerade in. The treehouse where it all began! “Now, it is your turn to explain,” Logan
insisted. I

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