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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Logan and the Kids

Logan found Olivia and Oliver in the backyard. They were pretending to be wolves again, howling at
the sky and running around on all fours. He smiled, choosing to watch them for a moment rather than
joining them. It didn’t take long for them to notice him, though. “Uncle Logan!” Olivia called. Logan
winced involuntarily. He was their father, and they should know that! Sighing, Logan pushed the gate
open and went inside. “I told you I’d come back to play,” he said. Olivia jumped at him and grabbed
onto his arm, clinging to him. Logan laughed. Oliver ran over and grabbed onto his leg, sitting on his
foot. “Oh no!” Logan cried. “You got me!” He made a groaned sound and dropped down on his knees,
rolling over and writhing on the ground. The kids jumped back, laughing. Logan groaned again and
then closed his eyes. He held his breath and stopped moving. “Logan?” Oliver asked, nudging him with
his foot. Logan didn’t move. “Logan, you’re okay, right?” Olivia asked. She knelt down and pushed at
him. “You’re not hurt, are you?” Oliver asked, dropping down on the ground on his other side. Opening
his eyes, Logan growled loudly and sat up quickly. The kids screamed and ran off as he tried to grab
them. Olivia was quick, and she escaped his grasp. Oliver wasn’t as fast, and Logan’ caught him,
pulling him into his lap and tickling him. Oliver squealed, wiggling around and laughing uncontrollably.
Olivia ran up behind Logan and jumped onto his back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Don’t hurt him,” she wailed. Logan laughed, releasing Oliver. The kids ran away from him, laughing
and beckoning him to follow them. Logan ran after them, chasing them through the yard until he felt too
tired to keep running after them.

He slumped down on the grass, leaning back against one of the trees. Olivia and Oliver flopped down
on their backs on the ground beside him, panting to catch their breath.

Logan looked at them, really looked at them and studied them. He’d never let himself see how much
they did resemble him as a kid. Oliver was a dead ringer, and Olivia wasn’t too far off, despite being a
girl. He didn’t review his own childhood photos that often, but now that he knew what to

Chapter 92: Logan and the kids

look for, it was hard to miss! “Are you sad, Uncle Logan?” Olivia asked, sitting up. Logan shook his
head. “I’m not sad,” he said. “I just wanted to know what you two think of me.” Olivia giggled and rolled
around in the grass. “You’re so goofy!” she said. “Yea, and fun to play with,” Oliver said. “You make us
laugh,” Olivia added. “And you like our drawings,” Oliver said. Logan’s heart swelled in his chest. He
liked hearing what they thought of him. It made him sad and happy all at the same time. Sad that he
couldn’t claim them as his kids! At least, not yet. “We love you very much,” Olivia said. “Yea, even when
you are being goofy;” Oliver said. Logan smiled, unprepared for how the tears that welled in his eyes.
Sniffling, he tried to wipe the tears away before the twins saw them. “Did we hurt your feelings?” Olivia
asked, throwing herself across Logan’s chest and hugging him. “No, not at all,” he said. “You said some
really nice things.” He held his arm out and Oliver hugged him too. “We didn’t want you to cry,” Oliver
said. Logan side, kissing the top of both the twins’ heads. “They aren’t sad tears,” he assured. “They
are happy tears.” “Crying can be happy?” Olivia asked, looking up at him. Logan smiled and nodded. “It
can,” he said. “Sometimes happiness and sadness can mix together. It can make you cry while you still
feel happy.” It was the first moment Logan experienced where he felt like he had something to offer his
children, a real teaching moment. And they were his children! Nothing would ever really change that.
Even if he never got to claim them as his kids. If Serena met someone else and gave them another
father figure, Logan would always be their father and they would always be his kids. “I love you guys
too,” he added, kissing them both again. The energy in the twins bubbled over again and the two of
them got up and started playing again. Logan watched them for a while, happy to see them play, argue,
make up, and then play again. They really were great kids! He couldn’t take any credit for that. He
understood that who they were was entirely based on Serena being their mother. He wished he could

Chapter 92 Logan and the kids

take credit for it. He wanted to be an influence in their lives. He wanted to give them some of his
wisdom and show them his world as an Alpha.

Eventually, Logan got up and started playing with the kids again. They wanted to play tag and Logan
was ‘it’ first. He ran after them, and they scattered quickly. He danced around them, jumping at them
and pretending to catch up to them, but never actually tagging them. Logan allowed them to evade him
every time. The giggles and laughs filled the yard and Logan felt his own spirits lift. He was going to
enjoy these moments with them, even if he didn’t have them often.

When he felt like he was being watched, Logan looked up and sat Serena standing at the kitchen
window, watching. He gave her a quick smile and she nodded. “Come on, Logan come on,” Olivia said
grabbing his hand and dragging him with her. Olivia and Oliver brought him down to the dock. “Wait,
you two need lifejackets on if we are going onto the dock;” Logan said. Olivia pouted at him. “Do we
have to?” she asked. Logan raised an eyebrow at them. He wanted to indulge them, but he also had to
take on the role of father now. Serena was trusting him to when she wasn’t around.

“Yes, you do have to,” Logan said grabbing tow children-sized lifejackets. He helped them each put the
safety vests on. “They are so uncomfortable,” Olivia complained. “I know,” Logan said. “But they will
save your life in the water.” “Okay,” the twins grumbled. Logan went out onto the dock with them. The
sun was starting to set and the water on the lake was still.

“Sometimes when the sun is going down we can see fish swimming,” Olivia said, pointing down into the
water. Logan held both their hands, standing between them. He looked down and saw straight through
to the sandy bottom. There were some small fish swimming around, only visible because of the glassy
surface and the low lighting. There was no glare on the water. “Very cool” Logan said. “Will you go
fishing with us?” Oliver asked. “We can do that, sometime,” Logan said. He wasn’t sure how much he
wanted to commit to them, because he knew when they returned to Night Sky, things would be

“Mommy says we are going home soon, will you go with us?” Olivia asked. Logan nodded.

He sat down on the end of the dock, letting his feet dip into the water. Olivia and Oliver took their shoes
off and sat beside him. Their feet didn’t touch the water


though. Logan grabbed Olivia under the arms and dipped her down off the end or ine dock until her feet
touched the water. She kicked out, laughing and wiggling. “Me next!” Oliver said standing up. Logan
chuckled. He set Olivia down and repeated the action with Oliver. He laughed and splashed in the
water until Logan sat him down again on the dock. “That’s so cold!” Olivia whined. The twins leaned
against him, one on each arm. Olivia started humming to herself. Oliver was pointing to the clouds in
the sky as they changed shape. It seemed like the perfect ending to a not so perfect day. Logan was
sitting with his kids on a dock on a peaceful lakeside with the sun setting. He wanted so badly to tell
them he was their father, but he couldn’t! He wouldn’t betray Serena again, and he understood it could
do more damage.

It felt like his bond with Olivia and Oliver was so strong, he didn’t know if he had room in his heart for
another child. Holly’s child would always be in competition with the twins. They were his first kids, and
that was something he’d never overlook. “I think it is time to go find your mom,” Logan said with a sigh.
He walked the kids back to the grass, taking their lifejackets off. He hoped Serena had had enough
time to talk to her parents and come to terms with everything. It was getting dark and cold. The twins
would need to go inside. He knocked on the living room door from the deck. Santino opened it up and
the kids ran in. “Can we talk?” Santino asked. Logan nodded and Serena’s brother joined him outside.

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