Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Preparing for War

“Are you sure you are fine taking care of the kids?” Serena asked Charlotte. Logan had gone on a walk
with them after breakfast to say goodbye. He had promised he was going go home with them, and now
he had to explain to them that it would be a little longer. Serena didn’t envy that conversation he had to
have with them. “Olivia and Oliver will be perfectly safe in my care,” Charlotte assured. “It isn’t like I
haven’t watched kids before, or your kids before.” “I know, mom, but this is different,” she said. “This
could be a while.” “I know that, they know that, and they are excited to be here,” Charlotte said. “I won’t
be taking them out on the boat to go fishing, but there are plenty of ways for us to entertain ourselves.”
“I’ll check in a lot,” Serena said. “There really is no need, but if you must,” Charlotte said. “Ready to
go?” Santino asked, coming down the stairs with a duffle bag. Serena nodded. “Just about,” she said.
“Logan isn’t back with the kids yet, and dad is wrapping up a few things. “Will you be riding with Logan
or us?” Santino asked, bouncing his eyebrows at Serena. She rolled her eyes and scoffed. “You guys,
for sure,” she said. “Car could be a bit crowded,” Santino said. “I’m fine with that,” she said. She really
didn’t want to be stuck in a car alone with Logan. “Mommy, mommy,” Olivia called, running through the
front door. She ran up to Serena and hugged her. “Did you have a good walk?” she asked. “Yes,” Olivia
said. “We are going to stay here with Grammy for a while.” Serena laughed, kissing her daughter’s
forehead. “I know,” she said. “Don’t worry, Grammy will fill you all up with cookies and treats when she
thinks I’m not looking.” “Yay!” Olivia said, wiggling free. “Give me a hug and a kiss goodbye, Oliver,”
she said. Oliver ran up and hugged her. Serena kissed the top of his head and then nudged him along
after his sister. “They will be fine with me,” Charlotte promised.

Chapter 96: Preparing for War

“Okay,” Serena said looking after the kids nervously. “We‘ve got to get a move on,” Thomas said,
popping his head in through the front door. “Let’s go, let’s go.” Serena hugged her mother goodbye and
grabbed her bags. She passed Logan in the front hall and nodded at him. He offered a smile and then

left the house behind her. When they arrived back in Night Sky, Serena, joined her father, brother,
Logan, and Carson at Logan’s office. “Oh, a whole family affair;” Carson said, shaking hands with
Santino and Thomas. “We decided it was time to join forces,” Thomas said. Logan was at his desk,
pulling out maps. “About time,” Carson said with a nod of approval. “Welcome home, Serena.”

“Thank you,“ Serena said. She was careful not to make eye contact, though. The last time they had
talked, he had grilled her on questions she didn’t want to answer. Those questions were all out in the
open now, at least between her and Logan.

She didn’t want him to start up again. “We have a lot of work to do,” Logan said. “I guess going to war
does take some preemptive planning,” Carson said, pulling up a chair near Logan’s desk.

“This is the most updated map I have of Moonshine territory,” Logan said, pointing to the border of the
territories. Santino and Thomas leaned in to look. Serena stood on the opposite side of the desk as
everyone else. “You don’t need to be here for this, Serena,” Thomas said. “You’re not going to be
fighting alongside us.” Serena sighed. She should have known that would be her father’s response. He
always started to shut her out when there was pack business to go over. Serena looked to the door.
“No, I need her here,” Logan said. Serena turned around to look at him, arching an eyebrow. He gave
her a subtle smile. She nodded in thanks. He knew about her feelings about her family. It was nice that
Logan was attempting to make up for the way her father acted. “What do you need her for?” Thomas
asked, sounding skeptical. Serena looked down, self-consciously. “We are going to need to set up a
relief hospital close to the area of engagement” Logan explained. “Serena can tell us the best place to
do that.” “Show me where, and I’ll let you know it if works,” she said. Logan nodded. Serena waited
while the Alphas, Santino, and Carson discussed the best way to cross over into Moonshine territory.

Ihapter 16 treparing for Wat

“Il should be as close to the main village as possible,” Carson said, “We‘ve got to draw them out while
our stronger warriors go straight for Damon,” “I want to go for Damon,” Logan said,

“That’s not wise,” Thomas argued, Logan growled, “Alpha Damon has been raiding my territory and
nearly killed me in a recent attack.” I ogan pointed out. “I want to take him down personally.”

“We aren’t taking him down,” Santino said, “Well, we are removing him from power, but you know we
can’t kill him.” Logan scoffed,

“I don’t plan to kill him,” he said, “I do want to hurt hit though. Perhaps put him in such a precarious
situation that his medical staff needs to perform some miracle healing.” He winked at Serena, Despite
herself, Serena blushed, “Just show me where there is a space big enough for the hospital,” she said
quickly. “I want to meet up with Adriana and get started on that.”

“There is an open area here,” Logan said, pointing to an open field on the map. Serena shook her

“We’ll need access to water” Serena said, “What about here?” she pointed to an open area bordering a
brook. It wasn’t as close to the Moonshine territory border, but it was the water Serena needed,

“That will work,” Logan said, “Adriana has all the equipment for getting the campaign hospital setup.”

“Thanks,” Serena said, “Are you...when are you all going in?” she was concerned now, thinking about
how her father and brother could get hurt. Logan seemed to be on a mission to destroy Damon, and
that wasn’t good either! He could get hurt too, and she didn’t want that, not when he had just found out
about his own kids. “We need to gather the troops,” Carson said. “It could take a while to rally
everyone.” “And then you’ll march in?” she asked. “We’ll make sure the hospital is good to go first,”
Logan assured. “Fully staffed and equipment ready.” “What else do we need to do to prepare?” Santino
asked. “Get extra food and blankets for the hospital,” Serena advised. “Yea, I’ll take care of that”
Carson said. He collected a few folders and left. Serena sighed. She didn’t like the ominous feeling of
going to war. So many people she knew and cared about were going to be on the front line. It felt

rushed to her, like they hadn’t made a real plan. She knew that her father and brother wouldn’t act
without thinking things through. It still wasn’t easy to think about them being in harm’s way.

Chapter 96: Preparing for War “I don’t want you to get hurt,” Serena said. “Any of you.” She made eye
contact for each of them.

“We’ll be careful, Serena,” Thomas said. “Yea, you’re not getting rid of me that easily,” Santino joked. “I
plan on being around a long time to give you crap.” Serena smiled at her twin. “Okay,” she said. She
looked at Logan next. He moved around the desk and walked with her to his office door. “Get the
hospital setup,” he said, opening his office door. “We will take care of the rest.” “Logan, the last time
you faced off with these people, they almost killed you,” she said, her voice thick with concern. It
agitated her to think of him being in danger again, especially since he was the father of her kids! “That’s
not going to happen again,” he assured. “Besides, if it does, I know you will be there to save me.” He
touched her arm. Serena looked down at his fingers. “You promise?” she asked. He smiled at her. “I
promise,” he said. “Go help Adriana.” She nodded and left. The chill of war was on the horizon. Serena
shivered, rubbing her arms with her hands to try and warm herself up. The day itself wasn’t cold, but
she could feel that things were getting bad. The air was thick with danger and with the promise of

Shaking her head, Serena tried to focus. The hospital wasn’t far. Mentally, she began making a list of
everything the relief hospital would need. Whenever she thought of medical equipment though, she
thought of wolves bloodied and injured. She thought of her brother, her father, and Logan! “Get your
head in the game,” Serena muttered to herself. She had to prepare herself for saving lives!

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