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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 97

hapter 97: Campaign Hospital

Serena found Adriana at the hospital. She had already started gathering up equipment. Someone had
told her that they needed to set up a campaign hospital. “Serena, welcome back,” Adriana said, smiling
and waving “Is this it?” Serena asked. “We‘ve got trucks bringing tents and equipment out there now,”
Adriana said. “There are gas generators to supply electricity for all of the equipment, and Logan
already called ahead with the coordinates.” “That’s….very efficient of him,” Serena said with a chuckle.

“How was your time away?” Adriana asked, grasping Serena’s upper arm. Serena smiled. “It was nice
to see my family,” she said. “Cut short by Logan’s arrival with the plan to go to war.” Adriana smiled
brightly. “Was is at least nice to see Logan?” she asked. Serena rolled her eyes. “Aren’t you supposed
to ask how my seeing my parents was?” she asked. Adriana shrugged. “I assume it is always nice to
see your family,” she said. “But you said you needed space from Logan. I imagine a surprise visit would
have elicited some emotion.” “I think we have more important things to worry about right now,” Serena
pointed out. She nodded to some nurses wheeling monitors into the lobby.

“Oh, now you are just being coy,” Adriana said. “Which means that something did happen.” She winked
at Serena. “Can we focus, please?” Serena asked. Adriana smirked. “Yea, let’s get this done. You go
out to the sight and oversee the hospital setup. I’ll stay here and make sure the right equipment gets
sent out” Adriana said. Serena nodded.

“I will text you if anything comes up,” she said. “Beta Carson said he would get food and blankets.”
“Good, let’s put this thing together,” Adriana said.

Serena hitched a ride on the next truck heading out to the hospital sight. Already, there was a huge,
white event tent set up on the grass. Hospital staff were carrying equipment from the trucks into the
tent. There were several mechanics setting up the gas generators. Serena went to talk to them first.

“How long do these generators run?” she asked, pointing to the generator.

Chapter 97 Campaign Hospital

“Each one will run for about ten hours when the tank is full and when powering the max amount of
voltage they can support,” the mechanic said. “Good,” Serena said. “I want there to be enough backup
fuel to refill each of these generators four times on sight at all times. We need to be able to rely on our
equipment as long as possible for an extended period of time.” “Yes, of course,” the mechanic said.
“And you’ll need to deliver new tanks every two days,” Serena instructed. A full tank and four refills
would last fifty hours, that was just over two days of power. They’d need hospital and food deliveries
every other day too. If they weren’t stocked enough for at least two days on all provisions and
equipment, they might run into emergencies they couldn’t handle. There was no greater emergency
than waiting around for equipment they didn’t have!

Serena left the mechanics to set up the generators and went into the tent. Some of the nurses had
started setting up the hospital beds and privacy screens.

“Put the beds over here,” Serena said pointing to the far wall. “These are recovery beds. The surgical
tables need to be at the tent entrance closest to the Moonshine pack territory. Get the gurneys and
backboards outside.” “Alright, Serena,” a nurse said. “Actually, set up a couple relay stations from the
edge of Moonshine territory with gurneys and backboards. If anyone gets majorly injured, they might
need to be transported. I want those relay stations manned with EMTs and basic ambulance supplies,”
she said. Several nurses and EMTs nodded, running around to get the job done. She hoped no one
would be that injured, but at least they would be prepared to assist anyone that was so badly injured
they had to be carried back while also providing them with enough medical equipment to keep them
alive. “When the generators are up and running, hook the monitors up and test them, but then turn it all
off until we need them. I don’t want to needlessly burn through fuel on the generators,” she said. She
got several nods, and everyone went back to work. Serena went outside to where the trucks were
unloading equipment. She counted off how many trucks were there. Waving over one of the truck
drivers, Serena spoke to him directly. “Have three ambulances prepped and ready for take off with a

driver and two EMTs at all times,” she said. “I don’t expect extreme injuries, but on the off chance
anyone needs more than we can provide here, there needs a contingency plan to get them to the
hospital,” she said. The truck driver nodded. “I’ll make the arrangements,” he said. “Good. We are
preparing for war,” she reminded him.

Chapter 97 Campaign Hospital

Serena went back into the tent. She made sure that there were two areas set up for surgery. They were
screened off and she had nurses sterilizing them. The rest of the tent was set up for recovery and
minor injury treatment. There was a second tent that the mechanics hadn’t set up yet, but Serena
asked them to.

“I want this tent set up and stocked with the blankets that food that Beta Carson is sending,” she said.
“All the reserve medical supplies needs to be in here too. Sort it, label it, and inventory it. I want to
know how much we have of everything, so each time a deliver is made, they bring us exactly the
amount we used.” “On it,” one of the mechanics said.

“I want buckets of water to be brought up and set around the outside of both tents,” she added. The
brook water wasn’t sterile or filtered, but it would be better than nothing, and they were limited to what
water was available out in the wilderness. The relief hospital was coming together. Serena left the
nurses and mechanics finish their work. She went to the edge of the brook, nurses already collecting
buckets of water. She had a sinking feeling of what was to come. It was darkness, death, blood, and
pain. There was no way around it. Even if Logan, her father, and her brother went straight for Damon,
there would still be so many warrior wolves clashing on the battlefield.

Most of them would come in with minor injuries, at least that was her hope. The Moonshine wolves
were organized and well versed in fighting, but they were trained to be sneaky and covert. In direct
conflict they might not do so well. Serena would make sure that Logan understood the campaign
hospital would treat injured wolves from Moonshine too. She wasn’t going to let the territory be littered

with bodies and suffering wolves. She wondered if they’d fight about it. As much as she didn’t like
fighting with Logan, her stomach fluttered at the idea. She wondered if that was the passion stirred the
mate bond.

Shaking her head to refocus herself, Serena went back into the tent to make sure that everything was
still going well. “Can we get a delivery of spare scrubs?” she asked. One of the nurses nodded. “You’ll
all be working long shifts, and it will be better to have spare clothes to change into.” “Good call”
someone said to her. Serena nodded and went on to check the generators and equipment. “Are all the
lines hooked up right?” she asked. “They should be good to go,” the mechanic told her. “These are high
powered generators they can handle a lot.” “Can you check the equipment we have unloaded and
make sure it is enough?” she


“I’ll make the assessment,” the mechanic said.

“Good, thank you,” she said. “I know we will get confirmation before the Alpha leads the pack into war,
but for now, I want everyone to sit tight. I will have Adriana draw up a shift schedule so we can rotate
and everyone can get enough sleep. Please keep in mind that once the injured start flowing in, that
schedule will be suspended.”

There were murmurs of consent and agreement around the tent. Serena couldn’t help but feel like Luna
Flo should have been there, helping give the orders and set everything up. Logan was trusting her with
a lot more power and authority than she should have had.

She wasn’t even a full doctor yet. Adriana was her boss. It was weird. Knowing that they were mates,
she couldn’t help feeling like Logan was testing her in some way. Like he was trying to determine if she
would make a good Luna.

It was driving her crazy, analyzing and over analyzing everything Logan did, now that he knew the
truth. She needed to keep focused or someone could get hurt. She wasn’t about to let it be anyone in
Night Sky pack or anyone she cared about!

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